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Volume 19 Issue 7 (July 2009)

GSA Today

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Industry is Not the Enemy

Judith (Judy) Totman Parrish1,*

Dept. of Geological Sciences, Mines 322, University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho 83844-3022, USA

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Recently, GSA Headquarters staff and offi cers have received what seems to be an increasing number of complaints from our members regarding our associations with industry, particularly the resources industry. I don’t want to paint with too broad a brush, but the gist of some of these remarks seems to be that these industries are inherently evil and that GSA should have nothing to do with them. The opinion seems to be that, by associating themselves with GSA, these “dirty” companies are attempting to “greenwash” themselves. Recently, this was discussed within the Executive Committee, and we are in agreement that these complaints represent a disturbing trend that threatens both the Society and, indeed, our entire profession. Thus, it falls to me, as your president, to explain why and to ask that you make yourselves more aware of how industry operates and how our association with industry has been and should continue to be benefi cial to us, to industry, and, ultimately, to society.


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