Geobiology & Geomicrobiology Division

Officers — 2017-2018

Chair Simon A. Darroch
National Museum of Natural History
Smithsonian Institution
Vice-Chair Rowan C. Martindale
University of Texas at Austin
Department of Geological Sciences
Secretary Lydia S. Tackett
North Dakota State University
Treasurer Victoria A. Petryshyn
University of California Los Angeles
Department of Earth, Planetary, and Space Sciences
Past Chair Marc Laflamme
University of Toronto at Mississauga
Department of Chemical and Physical Sciences

Terms of office shall begin immediately following the annual business meeting and extend through the next annual business meeting. The term of each office shall be two years. Only the Secretary and Treasurer may be re-elected to the same office for consecutive terms. The Nominating Committee shall nominate candidates every two years for the offices of Vice Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer.  The current Vice Chair will ascend to the office of Chair for the following term.

The annual business meeting of the Division is held during the annual meeting of the Society.

2017 JTPC Representative: Lydia Schiavo Tackett, , North Dakota State University
2018 JTPC Representative: Carie Frantz, , Weber State University

Membership: 613 Division affiliates as of 31 December 2015

GSA Councilor/Division Liaison Representative (appointed by the President):
Christopher M. Bailey, , College of William & Mary

Newsletter Editors: Simon A. F. Darroch, Rowan C. Martindale