About the Rocky Mountain Section

Rocky Mountain Section

The Rocky Mountain Section has been a thriving part of The Geological Society of America since 1948. Please explore the links at right and below to learn more about the benefits we offer our Section members.


2019–2020 Section Officers

Officers (5 Members)

Terms: Chair, Chair-elect, Past-Chair, and Vice-Chair—1 year, Secretary—4 years


David Marchetti
Western State Colorado University


Sarah Keenan
South Dakota School of Mining & Technology


Harland Goldstein
U.S. Geological Survey, Denver

Second year of 4-year term 

Shannon Mahan
U.S. Geological Survey

Past Chair:

Thomas Williams
University of Idaho

Management Board (4 Members)

Includes the section officers and one voting member appointed by the chair.


Alexis Ault
Utah State University

GPPC Representative:

Matthew J. Kohn
Boise State University

GSA Councilors:

Ed Harvey, Marjorie Chan

Student Section

Sylvia Nicovich
Montana State University

Student Advisory
Council Representative:

Michael Frothingham
University of Colorado, Boulder

Membership 3,930 voting members of the Section as of December 2018.


In the United States:

The states of Colorado, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, Wyoming, and that part of Arizona north of 35 degrees North Latitude.

In Canada:

The provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan.

In Mexico:

The state of Chihuahua.