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Specialized Research Grants

Recipients of special named awards are selected by the Committee on Research Grants from applicants to the graduate student research grants program. The committee considers all qualified applicants when selecting recipients for special awards.

Marland Pratt Billings and Katharine Fowler-Billings Research Award

The Marland Pratt Billings and Katharine Fowler-Billings Research Award encourages and promotes geological field work and related research in New England and adjacent regions. The 2014 recipient is James Farrell, University of Connecticut.

John A. Black Award

The John A. Black Award supports graduate student field-based research on coastal processes. All field-based coastal geomorphology research should be located in the USA, Puerto Rico or Canada. In the event there are no worthy graduate student field-based research projects in coastal geomorphology, the award may be used to support graduate student field-based research in volcanology. All field-based volcanology research should be located in the USA, New Zealand or Iceland. The first award recipient will be named in 2015.

Gretchen L. Blechschmidt Award

The Gretchen Louise Blechschmidt Award Fund was established for women in the geological sciences who have an interest in achieving a Ph.D. in the fields of biostratigraphy and/or paleoceanography, sequence stratigraphy analysis, particularly in conjunction with research in deep-sea sedimentology, and a career in academic research.  The 2014 recipient is Andrea Price, McGill University.

John T. Dillon Alaska Research Award

The John T. Dillon Alaska Research Award honors the memory of Dr. Dillon who was particularly noted for his radiometric age-dating work in the Brooks Range, Alaska.  Two areas which serve as guidelines for selection of the award are field-based studies dealing with the structural and tectonic development of Alaska, and studies which include some aspect of geochronology (either paleontologic or radiometric) to provide new age control for significant rock units in Alaska.  The 2014 recipient is Nicholas Bill, Oregon State University.

Diversity Award

This award is presented to the top student(s), based on application race/ethnicity status and overall quality of the research. The 2014 recipient is Md. Aminul Haque, University of Manitoba.

Robert K. Fahnestock Award

The Robert K. Fahnestock Award honors the memory of Dr. Fahnestock, a former member of the Research Grants Committee, who died indirectly as a result of service on the committee. The grant is awarded for the best proposal in sediment transport or related aspects of fluvial geomorphology, Dr. Fahnestock's field. The 2014 recipient is Melissa Foster, University of Colorado Boulder.

Robert D. Hatcher Research Award

The Robert D. Hatcher Research Award supports field-based research and geologic mapping through an annual award to an outstanding graduate student in the earth sciences to conduct research for that student’s master’s thesis of Ph.D. dissertation. Preference may be given to students working in the Appalachian orogeny broadly construed, but is not restricted to this region. The 2014 recipient is Ross Anderson, Yale University.

John W. Hess Research Grant

The John W. Hess Research Grant in Karst Research Studies supports student research involving any aspect of cave and karst studies aimed at providing improved understanding of how caves and karst work, including how these resources can be better managed. The 2014 recipient is Jacquelyn Cresswell, Texas A&M University Galveston.

Roscoe G. Jackson II Award

The Roscoe G. Jackson II Award funds one recipient per year in the field of sedimentology. The 2014 recipient is Kealie Goodwin, University of Texas at Austin.

Lipman Research Award

The Lipman Research Fund was established in 1993 and is supported by gifts from the Howard and Jean Lipman Foundation.  The purpose of the fund is to promote and support student research grants in volcanology and petrology.  The president of the Lipman Foundation, Peter W. Lipman, was the recipient of a GSA research grant in 1965.  The 2014 recipient is Emily Devers, Northern Illinois University.

John T. McGill and Carol G. Award

The John T. McGill and Carol G. Award, which is in the memory of John T. McGill, supports graduate student scholarships and research grants in engineering geology and geomorphology. The first award recipient will be named in 2015.

John Montagne Fund

The John Montagne Fund is awarded annually in support of research in the field of quaternary/geomorphology. The 2014 recipient is Nadine Orejola, Plymouth State University.

Bruce L. "Biff" Reed Scholarship Award

The Bruce L. “Biff” Reed Scholarship Fund was established to provide research grants to graduate students pursuing studies in the tectonic and magmatic evolution of Alaska primarily, and also can fund other geologic research.  The 2014 recipient is Benjamin Johnson, West Virginia University.

Charles A. & June R.P. Ross Research Award

The Charles A. & June R.P. Ross Research Fund is awarded to support research projects for graduate students, post-graduate students, and post-doctorate researchers in the fields of biostratigraphy (including, but not limited to, fossil age dating and the study of evolutionary faunal successions), stratigraphy and stratigraphic correlation, paleogeography and paleobiogeography, interpreting past environments of deposition and their biological significance, and the integration of these research areas into better global understanding of (1) past plate motions (plate tectonics and sea-floor spreading), (2) past sea-level events, including their identification and ages, and/or (3) climate changes and effects of those climate changes on the earth's inhabitants through geologic time. There should be, over time, a balance of money among the awards across these various subject sub-field categories depending on the merit of the annual project proposals. The 2014 recipient is Sarah White, UC Santa Cruz.

Alexander Sisson Research Award

Family members of Alexander Sisson established a fund in his memory to promote and support research for students pursuing studies in Alaska and the Caribbean.  The 2014 recipient is Thomas Neal, University of Kansas.

Parke D. Snavely, Jr., Cascadia Research Award

The Parke D. Snavely, Jr., Cascadia Research Award Fund provides support for field-oriented graduate student research that contributes to the understanding of the geologic processes and history of the Pacific Northwest convergent margin, or to the evaluation of its hazard or resource potential. The 2014 recipient is Rebekah Cesmat, University of Washington.

Harold T. Stearns Fellowship Award

Dr. Stearns established the Harold T. Stearns Fellowship Award in 1973 for student research on aspects of the geology of the Pacific Islands and the circum-pacific region.  The 2014 recipient is Alida Bailleul, Montana State University.

Alexander & Geraldine Wanek Fund

The Wanek Fund was established in 2002 to support research dealing with coal and petroleum resources, mapping, and engineering geology, marine resources, petroleum economics, appraisal, and evaluation, and the geology of phosphate resources. The 2014 recipient is Olivia Miller, University of Utah.

Lauren A. Wright & Bennie W. Troxel Student Research Award

The Lauren A. Wright & Bennie W. Troxel Student Research Fund supports two graduate students in Masters or Ph.D. programs conducting field-based research (1) in the region broadly centered on Death Valley National Park or (2) in the western and southern Basin and Range Tectonic Province. This research grant is associated with the Structure and Tectonics division. The 2014 recipients are Michael Mohr, NC State University and Abigail Ruksznis, Stanford University.