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GSA Section Research Grants

for Undergraduate and Graduate Students

South-Central Grad Undergrad

South-Central awards grants to undergraduate students; application forms and deadline information are available from the section secretary. Visit the SC Section page for more info.

North-Central Grad Undergrad

The North-Central Section awards grants to undergraduate students within the geographic boundary of the section. For further information contact the section secretary. [ application form ]

Southeastern Grad Undergrad

The Southeastern Section awards grants for both undergraduate and graduate student members of GSA who are enrolled in institutions within the geographical boundaries of the section. Application forms and deadline information can be obtained from the section secretary. Visit the SE section page for more info.

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Northeastern Grad Undergrad

The Northeastern Section offers research grants for undergraduate students who are enrolled at institutions within the section and are Student Associates of GSA. Contact the section secretary with any questions.
 [ application info & form ]

Rocky Mountain Grad Undergrad

The Rocky Mountain Section has Funds available for undergraduate Geology students in support of research in the Rocky Mountain Region. [ application info & form ]

Cordilleran Grad Undergrad

The Cordilleran Section does not currently offer research grants.


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