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Science-Engineering-Tech Congressional Visits Day

GSA Advocates for Science Funding

Hess, Udall, White
GSA Executive Director Jack Hess, Senator Mark Udall (D-CO), and GSA Director for Geoscience Policy Kasey White discuss geoscience research.
USGS, Honda
USGS staff discuss the recent Landsat launch with Rep. Honda, a recipient of the George E. Brown Jr. SET Leadership Award at a booth sponsored by GSA, AGU, and AGI.

While Congress was in the midst of finalizing spending levels for fiscal year 2013, GSA leadership visited Capitol Hill on 13 March to advocate for sustained funding for geoscience research.

GSA Executive Director Jack Hess, GSA Treasurer and Nevada State Geologist Emeritus Jon Price, and GSA Director for Geoscience Policy Kasey White met with Members of Congress and staff from Nevada and Colorado, as well as House and Senate appropriations staff. During the meetings, GSA leaders voiced concerns about the impact of cuts from sequestration on scientific agencies and urged Members to restore funding for research.

These visits took place under the auspices of the Science-Engineering-Technology Congressional Visits Day. SET CVD is a two-day annual event that brings approximately 200 scientists, engineers, researchers, educators, and technology executives to Washington to raise visibility and support for science, engineering, and technology. Uniquely multi-sector and multi-disciplinary, the CVD is coordinated by coalitions of companies, professional societies and educational institutions.

In addition to the visits, GSA joined with the American Geosciences Institute and American Geophysical Union to host an exhibit at a reception on Capitol Hill where Reps. Honda (D-CA) and Hanna (R-NY) were presented with the George E. Brown Jr. SET Leadership Award. The exhibit celebrated the successful February launch of the Landsat 8 satellite. The Landsat program has been recording Earth images for more than 40 years, with many uses, including measuring urban growth, water use, farm production and a variety of natural disasters.