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Geology & Public Policy News Archive


GSA Opens Washington Office [ posted 17 Sep 2007 ]
17 September 2007: GSA opens an office focused on public policy and the geosciences in Washington, D.C. The office is staffed by Dr. Craig M. Schiffries, the Society's new Director for Geoscience Policy, who joined GSA 1 Sept. 2007.
[ more details ]

CNSF Fall Hill Visits [ posted 16 July 2007 ]
The Coalition for National Science Funding (CNSF) organized Hill visits on 18-19 September 2007, focused on advocating for the National Science Foundation. All CNSF member organizations are encouraged to bring in scientists, educators, and engineers to participate in the event.
how to participate ]

Panel Seeks Input [ 20 July 2007 ]
The GSA Panel on Energy and Mineral Resources, requests comments and suggestions from GSA members, sections, associated and allied societies, and other interested parties, on this draft GSA Position Statement on Government's Role in Energy and Mineral Resources. Comments deadline extended to 14 December 2007. [ read proposed statement ]

Managing Drought [ posted 16 July 2007 ]
Congressional briefings on "Managing Drought: A Roadmap for Change in the United States" were held Wednesday, 18 July, in the nation's capital. Presented by the Geological Society of America, in association with the Congressional Hazards Caucus and the Hazards Caucus Alliance, the briefings were open to the public.
fact sheet | roadmap | press release ]

GSA National Leadership Initiative [ posted 4 Apr 2007 ]
The NLI addresses the need for more effective communication among the Society, its members and their initiatives, and national, state and local policymakers and agencies.

Year of Science 2009 [ posted 6 Feb 2007 ]
GSA participates in the Community Project to Promote the Public Understanding of Science (COPUS ).
"Many in the scientific community see the need for a coordinated and sustained effort by scientists to engage the public directly and with the help of communications experts, to do a better job of explaining the nature of science, and to be ready to learn about and adapt to public perceptions of science in the process."

Climate Change [ posted 12 Jan 2007 ]
View presentations given by Richard Alley and Robert Jackson at the Public Forum on Climate Change, 2006 GSA Annual Meeting in Philadelphia.