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Thompson Field Forums

Potential Thompson Field Forums

Potential Thompson Field Forums include Penrose Conference topics that would be much more effective in a field setting or field trips that capture the essence of new, exciting discoveries or a controversial topic. The first Thompson Field Forums were launched in the year 2000.

Specific Requirements

Leaders: Field trip leaders should have technical competence and be knowledgeable about current activities in the field area to be visited. Responsibility for organizing a Field Forum should be shared by at least two leaders, one of whom has actively worked in the area. At least one leader should be a member of GSA. In addition to scientific expertise, the leaders must have experience leading field trips in general and with the logistics involved in leading a trip to this specific area. Both organizational and interpersonal skills are required to deal positively and effectively with potential logistical problems and the many personality types of the participants. Leaders need to be able to run a field trip where open discussion of different ideas and interpretations is fostered.

Guidebook: A guidebook will be written for each trip and is the sole responsibility of the leaders. No formal publication is expected, but the leaders may submit a proposal to include the guidebook in GSA's field guide series.

Costs: The field trip must be self-supporting. The leaders have complete responsibility for the planning, logistics, and finances. GSA provides the following benefits: insurance, publicity, registration, accounting, and surveying of registrants. GSA will provide administrative support through the early stages of the procedures.

Location of Trips: No restrictions about holding forums anywhere in the world are made, although logistics, costs, and other problems dictate caution in organizing forums outside North America. Such forums may add an important dimension to the Field Forum program.

Participation: Participants have the ethical obligation of not using, in any way, any original information that may be revealed in discussion by other participants.

Review: Proposals for 2000 will be reviewed by the Annual Program Committee, which will provide quality control and guidance to prospective leaders.

Sponsors: The Geological Society of America is the principal sponsor of the Field Forums; however, other societies, organizations, and institutions are welcome as cosponsors and may share in the costs.

Professional Rates: Companies are encouraged to pay a special rate for participation of employees to help cover partial costs of student participation.

Donors: Foundations and private industry may be solicited for donations to partially cover field costs, particularly for expensive trips, with prior approval of the Executive Director of GSA.

To submit a proposal or for more information, contact Melissa Cummiskey, .