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Thompson Field Forums

A New Opportunity for Research Scientists

Thompson Field Forums, a new GSA program starting in 2000, offers the opportunity for exchange of current knowledge and exciting ideas well expressed by the geology of a specific area. Thompson Field Forums are designed after Penrose Conferences, with a combination of invited and interested attendees, but completely in a field setting. The format is similar to GSA Annual Meeting field trips, but run independently from that or any other meeting. The intent is to stimulate and enhance individual and collaborative research and to accelerate the advance of the science by interactions in the field. Thompson Field Forums are designed to encourage open and frank discussion of ideas in an informal field atmosphere. In this Field Forum program, geologists can lead organized field trips to any area, unrestricted by the time or location of the annual or section meetings. We anticipate a greater diversity of both field trips and attendees.

Thompson Field Forums will have a specific thematic focus, similar to Penrose Conferences, but may be more geographically oriented. Content will be guided by a small group of leaders with logistical responsibility.

Organizers will invite a few key participants, such as other people who have worked in the area or on similar problems, to ensure the success of the Field Forum. The rest of the participants will be selected by the organizers from applications received in response to an announcement of the forum in GSA Today and other scientific publications. Student participation (20%) will be encouraged through discounted rates.

Thompson Field Forums will be five or more days and the size of the group between 20 and 40 people. The length and size are flexible, however, depending on the logistics. The only in-house conferencing will occur in the evenings and will be a very minor component of the forum.

Thompson Field Forums may be international in scope and are not restricted to a single location.

More details

To submit a proposal or for more information, contact Melissa Cummiskey, at GSA.