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Rocks & Minerals

Additional Resources

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Internet Sites Educational Resources Videos Books top
Sand This web site is a place where you can learn about sand, see a variety of different kinds of sand, and look at sands from different places around the world.
Rocks and Images - is an introduction to rock collecting. Read about the 3 kinds of rocks -- igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic -- and the Earth processes that formed them. Find out how to start a rock collection, where to find rocks, and the equipment you'll need. (USGS)
A Tapestry of Time & Terrain: Geology of the United States: Excellent Web site with the geologic map of the U.S. and highlights about certain features. You can also purchase the Tapestry of Time puzzle from the GSA Bookstore.
Exploring Earth - Interactive rock cycle:
A Teacher's links and lesson plans on rocks:
Mineralogical Society of America's kids page:
Spaceman - Higher level, the specimens are listed alphabetically and by class. They also list the most distinguishing trait and the uses of each mineral plus some online quizes (adults).
Fossweb: Earth Materials - Fun site with great rock and mineral data and a game using Mohs Drill and the Castle of Doom
Minerals In Sports, USGS - fire up athletes with the relevance of minerals to their craft. Find how minerals play a part in baseball, golf, weightlifting, tennis, pogo sticks and more.
Coal--A Complex Natural Resource, USGS - discusses the origin, composition, and production of coal in the U.S. as well as the Public Health aspects of coal.
Science Spot - Links to Rocks and Mineral Links
How Rocks and Minerals are Formed -
Mineral Information Institute - This website has information for teachers to teach students about our natural resources, where they come from, and their everyday use.
Awesome ThinkQuest site on rocks and minerals - Just pull down the index and "go".
Another ThinkQuest Junior site, this time on "A Wonderful World of Minerals"
All about quartz -
Mineralogy 4 Kids Rockin' Internet Site - "The BEST Place to Learn about Rocks and Minerals".
"Rocks and Minerals" slide show at -
Some other rock cycle sites:
Learn about mine safety -
How to Identify Meteorites -
About Rocks and Minerals from a large home schooling site:
Canadian Rockhound Geologic Magazine - Junior Rock Hound site has good rock and mineral info.
Become a Rock Detective - Teaching collections of rock, fossil and mineral samples with hands-on activities called "Mysteries for Detectives" (K-adult) to solve. Buy or rent.
Earthquake Shakes Kilauea Volcano - Article for grades 6 and up. Investigate Kilauea, one of Hawaii's younger hotspot volcanoes; find out how hotspots form; and find out how Kilauea has been behaving-and misbehaving-lately. EarthBulletins include articles, images, photos, and video.
Make a Quake Earthquake Simulator - Students and teachers can engineer a skyscraper to survive quakes or varying levels of intensity. From the Learning Channel.
The California Geotour - is an interactive index of Web page links to online California geologic field trip guides and geology related Web sites. The Web pages listed in the index are grouped by the California Geologic Provinces. Developed by the Department of Conservation, California Geological Survey.
Internet Sites Educational Resources Videos Books top
Tasa Graphic Arts Company - has produced state of the art multimedia products for use in the Earth Science and Environment Science Classrooms. Of particular interest are interactive CD-ROMs on Hands-On Mineral Identification, the Wonder of Rocks and Minerals, and the Study of Minerals. They provide online ordering. To receive a 15% discount for teachers who visit the GSA website, contact Tasa Graphic Arts to receive a special web address and discount code., e-mail:, phone: 1-800-293-2725 or (505) 758-5535
Internet Sites Educational Resources Videos Books top
Poison in the Rockies - Amazing video about the threats to water quality in the Colorado Rockies (mining, acid precipitation and recreational development). Here is PBS's updated "Nova" version of the award-winning DOWNWIND/DOWNSTREAM, documenting the serious threat to water quality, sub-alpine ecosystems and public health in the Colorado Rockies from mining operations, acid rain and urbanization. 56 minutes. Grade Level: Grades 9-12, College, Adult. US Release Date: 1990. ISBN: 1-56029-065-X.
Contact GSA's Subaru Distinguished Earth Science Educator for a video worksheet.
Internet Sites Educational Resources Videos Books top

The Teacher-Friendly Guide to the Geology of the Northeastern U.S., by Jane Ansley, 2000. Written as a teacher preparation and information resource, this guide provides teachers with background on the regional geology of the Northeast. Ties in national science education standards and inquiry-based teaching. Contains corresponding student activities for each topic. Designed for middle and high school level science teachers but applicable to any level. Paleontological Research Institution Publications, 1259 Trumansburg Rd, Ithaca, NY 14850; (, $25.

No Stone Unturned and under Earth, by Frank Press, Raymond Siever, and E.K. Peters. Grades 9-Adult. An unbeatable introductory text written by masters of both education and earth science. Paperback: ISBN 0716731339.

Glossary of Geology, by Julia A. Jackson. Grades 9-Adult. Is concrete a rock? What exactly is mineral hardness? Is quartzite a rock name, or a mineral? These are questions that can be easily answered with the Glossary of Geology. Hardcover: ISBN 0922152349.


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