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Rocks & Minerals

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Rocks and Images - is an introduction to rock collecting. Read about the 3 kinds of rocks -- igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic -- and the Earth processes that formed them. Find out how to start a rock collection, where to find rocks, and the equipment you'll need. (USGS)
Exploring Earth - Interactive rock cycle:
A Teacher's links and lesson plans on rocks:
Mineralogical Society of America's kids page:
Spaceman - Higher level, the specimens are listed alphabetically and by class. They also list the most distinguishing trait and the uses of each mineral plus some online quizes (adults).
Fossweb: Earth Materials - Fun site with great rock and mineral data and a game using Mohs Drill and the Castle of Doom
Minerals In Sports, USGS - fire up athletes with the relevance of minerals to their craft. Find how minerals play a part in baseball, golf, weightlifting, tennis, pogo sticks and more.
Coal--A Complex Natural Resource, USGS - discusses the origin, composition, and production of coal in the U.S. as well as the Public Health aspects of coal.
Science Spot - Links to Rocks and Mineral Links
ThinkQuest site on rocks and minerals - Excellent, just pull down the index and "go". Grades 3-12.
Visit the Dragon's Cave and search for minerals - Educational fun for children.
Rock Hounds (sponsored by the Franklin Institute) - This teacher-produced site is an excellent combination of learning through the net and in your own community. There are interactive learning experiences and suggested outdoor learning activities. This site is recommended for teachers of grades K-6.
Become a Rock Detective - Teaching collections of rock, fossil and mineral samples with hands-on activities called "Mysteries for Detectives" (K-adult) to solve. Buy or rent.


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