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2017001: Geology, 2017. E. Jarochowska et al. Conodonts in Silurian hypersaline environments: Specialized and unexpectedly diverse

2017002: Geology, 2017. D.M. Rubin et al. Fluidized-sediment pipes in Gale crater, Mars, and possible Earth analogs

2017003: Geology, 2017. C.E. Bucholz et al. Constraining the timescales of magmatic differentiation with U-Pb zircon geochronology Total file size: 10.5 MB.

2017004: Geology, 2017. E. Hopper et al. Reconstructing the end of the Appalachian orogeny

2017005: Geology, 2017. C. Garbelli et al. Biomineralization and global change: A new perspective for understanding the end-Permian extinction

2017006: Geology, 2017. R.T. Jones et al. Delayed maximum northern European summer temperatures during the Last Interglacial as a result of Greenland Ice Sheet melt

2017007: Geology, 2017. R.A. Wood et al. Demise of Ediacaran dolomitic seas marks widespread biomineralization on the Siberian Platform

2017008: Geology, 2017. D.P. Le Heron et al. A diamictite dichotomy: Glacial conveyor belts and olistostromes in the Neoproterozoic of Death Valley, California, USA

2017009: Geology, 2017. E. Steel et al. The role of buoyancy reversal in turbidite deposition and submarine fan geometry

2017010: Geology, 2017. L-E. Gao et al. Contrasting geochemical signatures of fluid-absent versus fluid-fluxed melting of muscovite in metasedimentary sources: The Himalayan leucogranites Total file size: 10.4 MB.

2017011: Geology, 2017. C. Oze et al. 40Ar/39Ar dating and thermal modeling of adularia to constrain the timing of hydrothermal activity in magmatic settings

2017012: Geology, 2017. D. Akhbari and M.A. Hesse Causes of underpressure in natural CO2 reservoirs and implications for geological storage

2017013: Geology, 2017. B. Xu et al. Ultrapotassic rocks and xenoliths from South Tibet: Contrasting styles of interaction between lithospheric mantle and asthenosphere during continental collision

2017014: Geology, 2017. S.E. Grasby et al. Isotopic signatures of mercury contamination in latest Permian oceans

2017015: Geology, 2017. C. Litty et al. Climate-controlled shifts in sediment provenance inferred from detrital zircon ages, western Peruvian Andes

2017016: Geology, 2017. G. Charbonnier and K.B. Föllmi Mercury enrichments in lower Aptian sediments support the link between Ontong Java large igneous province activity and oceanic anoxic episode 1a

2017017: Geology, 2017. C.K.I. Sio and N. Dauphas Thermal histories of magmatic bodies by Monte Carlo inversion of Mg-Fe isotopic profiles in olivine  Total file size: 39.6 MB.

2017018: Geology, 2017. V.Y. Prokofiev et al. First direct evidence for natural occurrence of colloidal silica in chalcedony-hosted vacuoles and implications for ore-forming processes

2017019: Geology, 2017. Q. Tang et al. Electron microscopy reveals evidence for simple multicellularity in the Proterozoic fossil Chuaria

2017020: Geology, 2017. M.O. Garcia et al. How old is Kīlauea Volcano (Hawai‘i)? Insights from 40Ar/39Ar dating of the 1.7-km-deep SOH-1 core

2017021: Geology, 2017. B. Baresel et al. High-precision time-space correlation through coupled apatite and zircon tephrochronology: An example from the Permian-Triassic boundary in South China

2017022: Geology, 2017. Z.-Z. Tian et al. Water concentration profiles in natural mantle orthopyroxenes: A geochronometer for long annealing of xenoliths within magma

2017023: Geology, 2017. K.X Whipple et al. Preservation or piracy: Diagnosing low-relief, high-elevation surface formation mechanisms

2017024: GSA Today J.K. Caves et al. Late Miocene Uplift of the Tian Shan and Altai and Reorganization of Central Asia Climate

2017025: Geology, 2017. B. O’Connell et al. Tidal rhythmites in the southern Bouse Formation as evidence for post-Miocene uplift of the lower Colorado River corridor

2017026:Geology, 2017. X.-C. Liu et al. Tracing crustal evolution by U-Th-Pb, Sm-Nd, and Lu-Hf isotopes in detrital monazite and zircon from modern rivers

2017027:Geology, 2017. F.T. Heitmuller et al. Overbank sedimentation from the historic A.D. 2011 flood along the Lower Mississippi River, USA

2017028: Geology, 2017. T. Sheldrake and L. Caricchi Regional variability in the frequency and magnitude of large explosive volcanic eruptions

2017029:Geology, 2017. Z. Wang et al. Silicified glendonites in the Ediacaran Doushantuo Formation (South China) and their potential paleoclimatic implications

2017030:Geology, 2017. C.D. Deaton et al. Barrier island migration dominates ecogeomorphic feedbacks and drives salt marsh loss along the Virginia Atlantic Coast, USA

2017031: GSA Today v. 27. J. Alcalde et al. Impact of seismic image quality on fault interpretation uncertainty

2017032:Lithosphere, 2017. Finzel and Ridgway Links between sedimentary basin development and Pacific Basin plate kinematics recorded in Jurassic to Miocene strata on the western Alaska Peninsula

2017033:Geology, 2017. R. Anand et al. The dynamics of gold in regolith change with differing environmental conditions over time

2017034:Geology, 2017. B. Dyer et al. A probabilistic analysis of meteorically altered δ13C chemostratigraphy from late Paleozoic ice age carbonate platforms

2017035:Geology, 2017. S. Schwartz et al. Foreland exhumation controlled by crustal thickening in the Western Alps

2017036:Geology, 2017. H. Jian et al. Evidence of an axial magma chamber beneath the ultraslow-spreading Southwest Indian Ridge

2017037:Geology, 2017. S. Turner et al. Contrasting magmatic cannibalism forms evolved phonolitic magmas in the Canary Islands

2017038:Geology, 2017. J. Pizzuto et al. Storage filters upland suspended sediment signals delivered from watersheds

2017039:Geology, 2017. J.-E. Dimech et al. Mantle earthquakes, crustal structure, and gravitational instability beneath western North Island, New Zealand

2017040: Geology, 2017. L.R. Bjarnadóttir et al. Large subglacial meltwater features in the central Barents Sea

2017041:Geology, 2017. M. Elrick et al. Global-ocean redox variation during the middle-late Permian through Early Triassic based on uranium isotope and Th/U trends of marine carbonates

2017042: Lithosphere, 2017. W.J. Montz and S.C. Kruckenberg Cretaceous partial melting, deformation, and exhumation of the Potters Pond migmatite domain, west-central Idaho

2017043: Lithosphere, 2017. L.M. Fairchild et al. The end of Midcontinent Rift magmatism and the paleogeography of Laurentia

2017044:Geology, 2017. S.-Y. Hu et al. Resolving the role of carbonaceous material in gold precipitation in metasediment-hosted orogenic gold deposits

2017045:Geology, 2017. J.S. Munroe and B.J.C. Laabs Combining radiocarbon and cosmogenic ages to constrain the timing of the last glacial-interglacial transition in the Uinta Mountains, Utah, USA

2017046: GSA Today K.D. Morell et al. Quaternary rupture of a crustal fault beneath Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

2017047:Geology, 2017. K. Nooren et al. Explosive eruption of El Chichón volcano (Mexico) disrupted 6th century Maya civilization and contributed to global cooling

2017048:Geology, 2017. D. Evangelinos et al. Late Quaternary climatic control of Lake Baikal (Russia) turbidite systems: Implications for turbidite systems worldwide

2017049:Geology, 2017. J.M. Watkins et al. Nonequilibrium degassing, regassing, and vapor fluxing in magmatic feeder systems  Total file size: 18.0 MB.

2017050:Geology, 2017. G.R. Sharman et al. Early Cenozoic drainage reorganization of the United States Western Interior–Gulf of Mexico sediment routing system

2017051:Geology, 2017. A.D. Schweinsberg et al. Local glaciation in West Greenland linked to North Atlantic Ocean circulation during the Holocene

2017052:Geology, 2017. T.A. Hegna et al. Pyritized in situ trilobite eggs from the Ordovician of New York (Lorraine Group): Implications for trilobite reproductive biology

2017053:Geology, 2017. J. van Haren et al. CO2 diffusion into pore spaces limits weathering rate of an experimental basalt landscape

2017054:Geology, 2017. M. Kunzmann et al. Bacterial sulfur disproportionation constrains timing of Neoproterozoic oxygenation

2017055:Geology, 2017. L. Ding et al. Quantifying the rise of the Himalaya orogen and implications for the South Asian monsoon

2017056: GSA Today, 2017. N. Bursztyn et al. Increasing undergraduate interest to learn geoscience with GPS-based augmented reality field trips on students' own smartphones

2017057:Geology, 2017. C. Hollis et al. Fault-controlled dolomitization in a rift basin

2017058:Geology, 2017. P. Copeland et al. Location, location, location: The variable lifespan of the Laramide orogeny

2017059: Geology, 2017. K.J. Bergen et al. Accelerating slip rates on the Puente Hills blind thrust fault system beneath metropolitan Los Angeles, California, USA Total file size: 16.4 MB.

2017060:Geology, 2017. R.P. Fiorella and N.D. Sheldon Equable end Mesoproterozoic climate in the absence of high CO2

2017061:Geology, 2017. M.N. Ducea et al. Ultrafast magmatic buildup and diversification to produce continental crust during subduction

2017062:Geology, 2017. H. Wang et al. A rapid lake-shallowing event terminated preservation of the Miocene Clarkia Fossil Konservat-Lagerstätte (Idaho, USA)

2017063:Geology, 2017. MG.A. Lapotre et al. What sets the size of current ripples?

2017064:Geology, 2017. P. Poli et al. The Mw 8.3 Illapel earthquake (Chile): Preseismic and postseismic activity associated with hydrated slab structures (Idaho, USA)

2017065:Geology, 2017. A. Montelli et al. Late Quaternary glacial dynamics and sedimentation variability in the Bering Trough, Gulf of Alaska

2017066:Geology, 2017. R.C. Martindale et al. A new Early Jurassic (ca. 183 Ma) fossil Lagerstätte from Ya Ha Tinda, Alberta, Canada

2017067:Geology, 2017. R. Wood et al. Flexible and responsive growth strategy of the Ediacaran skeletal Cloudina from the Nama Group, Namibia

2017068: Geology, 2017. P.F. Rey et al. The origin of contractional structures in extensional gneiss domes Total file size: 19.1 MB.

2017069: GSA Bulletin, 2017. S.E. Grasby et al. Lower Cretaceous cold snaps led to widespread glendonite occurrences in the Sverdrup Basin, Canadian High Arctic

2017070: Geology, 2017. C.M. Fisher et al. Combining Nd isotopes in monazite and Hf isotopes in zircon to understand complex open-system processes in granitic magmas Total file size: 23.2 MB.

2017071: Geology, 2017. J.M. Nield et al. Coupling leeside grainfall to avalanche characteristics in aeolian dune dynamics

2017072:Geology, 2017. D.E. LaRowe et al. Temperature and volume of global marine sediments

2017073:Geology, 2017. L. Luthardt and R. Rößler Fossil forest reveals sunspot activity in the early Permian

2017074:Geology, 2017. G. Kereszturi et al. Forecasting transitions in monogenetic eruptions using the geologic record

2017075:GSA Bulletin, 2017. X.-F. He et al. Mesozoic felsic volcanic rocks from the North China Craton: Intraplate magmatism associated with craton destruction

2017076:GSA Bulletin, 2017. T.A. Goudge et al. A 40,000 yr record of clay mineralogy at Lake Towuti, Indonesia: Paleoclimate reconstruction from reflectance spectroscopy and perspectives on paleolakes on Mars

2017077:GSA Bulletin, 2017. Z. Zhang et al. Miocene orbicular diorite in east-central Himalaya: Anatexis, melt mixing and fractional crystallization of the Greater Himalayan Sequence

2017078:GSA Bulletin, 2017. J.M. Krause et al. New age constraints for early Paleogene strata of central Patagonia, Argentina: Implications for the timing of South American Land Mammal Ages

2017079:GSA Bulletin, 2017. S. Guzmán et al. Construction and degradation of a broad volcanic massif: The Vicuña Pampa Volcanic Complex, southern Central Andes, NW Argentina

2017080: Lithosphere, 2017. Schwartz et al. The tempo of continental arc construction in the Mesozoic Median Batholith, Fiordland, New Zealand

2017081: GSA Today, 2017. M. McCanta et al. Extracting Bulk Rock Properties from Microscale Measurements: Subsampling and Analytical Guidelines

2017082:Lithosphere, 2017. Davenport et al. A strong contrast in crustal architecture from accreted terranes to craton, constrained by controlled-source seismic data in Idaho and eastern Oregon

2017083: Lithosphere, 2017. Bartosch et al. Topographic evolution of the Eastern Alps: The influence of strike-slip faulting activity

2017084: Lithosphere, 2017. Stübner et al. Anomalously old biotite 40Ar/39Ar ages in the NW Himalaya

2017085: Lithosphere, 2017. Pastor-Galán et al. Bootstrapped total least squares orocline test: A robust method to quantify vertical-axis rotation patterns in orogens, with examples from the Cantabrian and Aegean oroclines

2017086:Geology, 2017. E. Walton et al. A previously unrecognized high-temperature impactite from the Steen River impact structure, Alberta, Canada

2017087:Geology, 2017. R.E. Plotnick Recurrent hierarchical patterns and the fractal distribution of fossil localities

2017088:Geology, 2017. B. Schmandt et al. Seismic array constraints on reach-scale bedload transport

2017089:Geology, 2017. D. Domínguez-Villar et al. The control of the tropical North Atlantic on Holocene millennial climate oscillations

2017090:Geology, 2017. A. Golly et al. Controls and feedbacks in the coupling of mountain channels and hillslopes

2017091:Geology, 2017. R.C. Glade et al. Block-controlled hillslope form and persistence of topography in rocky landscapes

2017092: Lithosphere, 2017. R.M. Gaschnig et al. Intrusive and depositional constraints on the Cretaceous tectonic history of the southern Blue Mountains, eastern Oregon

2017093:Geology, 2017. E.J. Levy et al. Pore fluids in Dead Sea sediment core reveal linear response of lake chemistry to global climate changes

2017094:Geology, 2017. K. Janiszewska et al. Aragonitic scleractinian corals in the Cretaceous calcitic sea

2017095:Geology, 2017. S.E. Peters and J.M. Husson Sediment cycling on continental and oceanic crust

2017096:Geology, 2017. C. Pellegrini et al. How to make a 350-m-thick lowstand systems tract in 17,000 years: The Late Pleistocene Po River (Italy) lowstand wedge

2017097:Geology, 2017. L.C. Orme et al. Past changes in the North Atlantic storm track driven by insolation and sea-ice forcing

2017098:Geology, 2017. T. Berndt and A.R. Muxworthy Dating Icelandic glacial floods using a new viscous remanent magnetization protocol Total file size: 21.0 MB.

2017099:Geology, 2017. S.-A. Liu et al. Zinc isotope evidence for intensive magmatism immediately before the end-Permian mass extinction

2017100:Geology, 2017. E. Brisset et al. The overlooked human influence in historic and prehistoric floods in the European Alps

2017101:Geology, 2017. J.K. Klar et al. Isotopic signature of dissolved iron delivered to the Southern Ocean from hydrothermal vents in the East Scotia Sea

2017102:Geology, 2017. R. Sutherland et al. Widespread compression associated with Eocene Tonga-Kermadec subduction initiation

2017103:Geology, 2017. J.-F. Zhang et al. Long-term glacier melt fluctuations over the past 2500 yr in monsoonal High Asia revealed by radiocarbon-dated lacustrine pollen concentrates

2017104:Geology, 2017. A. Tomašových et al. Stratigraphic unmixing reveals repeated hypoxia events over the past 500 yr in the northern Adriatic Sea

2017105:Geology, 2017. W.O. Symons et al. A new model for turbidity current behavior based on integration of flow monitoring and precision coring in a submarine canyon Total file size: 43.0 MB.

2017106:Geology, 2017. S.V. Kokelj et al. Climate-driven thaw of permafrost preserved glacial landscapes, northwestern Canada

2017107:Geology, 2017. D. De Vleeschouwer et al. Alternating Southern and Northern Hemisphere climate response to astronomical forcing during the past 35 m.y.

2017112:DMCH022, 2017. B.J. Kowallis et al. The Geology of the Tecolotlan Graben, Jalisco, Mexico

2017113:Lithosphere, 2017. Puelles et al. Discerning Permian orogenic metamorphism from other tectonothermal events (Mesoproterozoic to Alpine, contact to orogenic or extensional) in the concealed basement of the Basque-Cantabrian Basin (northern Spain)

2017114:Geology, 2017. Z.R. Adam et al. A Laurentian record of the earliest fossil eukaryotes

2017115:Geology, 2017. S. Marshak et al. The basement revealed: Tectonic insight from a digital elevation model of the Great Unconformity, USA, cratonic platform

2017116:Geology, 2017. R.J. Leary et al. Evidence from paleosols for low to moderate elevation of the India-Asia suture zone during mid-Cenozoic time  Total file size: 17.6 MB.

2017117:Geology, 2017. J.I. Lee et al. Widespread persistence of expanded East Antarctic glaciers in the southwest Ross Sea during the last deglaciation Total file size: 25.9 MB.

2017118:Geology, 2017. Y.-S. Zhu et al. Zircon Hf-O isotope evidence for recycled oceanic and continental crust in the sources of alkaline rocks

2017120:Geology, 2017. M. Dellinger et al. Tracing weathering regimes using the lithium isotope composition of detrital sediments

2017121:Geology, 2017. J. Unruh and J. Humphrey Seismogenic deformation between the Sierran microplate and Oregon Coast block, California, USA

2017122:Geology, 2017. V. Selvaraja et al. Anomalous sulfur isotopes trace volatile pathways in magmatic arcs

2017123:Geology, 2017. H.Y.C. Wang et al. Tectonic mélange records the Silurian–Devonian subduction-metamorphic process of the southern Dunhuang terrane, southernmost Central Asian Orogenic Belt Total file size: 23.1 MB.

2017128:GSA Today, 2017. Terry L. Pavlis and Kelsey A. Mason The New World of 3D Geologic Mapping

2017129:Geology, 2017. C. Magee et al. Structure and dynamics of surface uplift induced by incremental sill emplacement

2017130:Geology, 2017. E. Zhang et al. Millennial-scale hydroclimate variations in southwest China linked to tropical Indian Ocean since the Last Glacial Maximum

2017131:Geology, 2017. D.A. Paton et al. Evolution of seaward-dipping reflectors at the onset of oceanic crust formation at volcanic passive margins: Insights from the South Atlantic

2017132:Geology, 2017. T. Grützner et al. The role of F-clinohumite in volatile recycling processes in subduction zones

2017133:Geology, 2017. B.A. Schubert et al. The transitional climate of the late Miocene Arctic: Winter-dominated precipitation with high seasonal variability

2017134:Geology, 2017. J.P. Canales et al. Seismic imaging of magma sills beneath an ultramafic-hosted hydrothermal system Total file size: 11.5 MB.

2017135:Geology, 2017. L. Qiao et al. Ina pit crater on the Moon: Extrusion of waning-stage lava lake magmatic foam results in extremely young crater retention ages

2017136:Geology, 2017. M. Zhu et al. A deep root for the Cambrian explosion: Implications of new bio- and chemostratigraphy from the Siberian Platform

2017137:Geology, 2017. G.R. Brenn et al. Variable thermal loading and flexural uplift along the Transantarctic Mountains, Antarctica

2017138:Geology, 2017. Y. Wang et al. Potassium-rich magmatism from a phlogopite-free source

2017139:Geology, 2017. M. Rospabé et al. Origin of the dunitic mantle-crust transition zone in the Oman ophiolite: The interplay between percolating magmas and high-temperature hydrous fluids

2017153:Geology, 2017. J.V. Mills et al. Massive volcanism, evaporite deposition, and the chemical evolution of the Early Cretaceous ocean

2017154:Geology, 2017. K.G. MacLeod et al. Warming and increased aridity during the earliest Triassic in the Karoo Basin, South Africa

2017155:Geology, 2017. S.E. Peters et al. The rise and fall of stromatolites in shallow marine environments

2017156:Geology, 2017. D.J. Ferguson et al. A 65 k.y. time series from sediment-hosted glasses reveals rapid transitions in ocean ridge magmas

2017157:Geology, 2017. L.M. Stevens et al. Synconvergent exhumation of metamorphic core complexes in the northern North American Cordillera

2017158:Geology, 2017. S.L. Rathburn et al. The fate of sediment, wood, and organic carbon eroded during an extreme flood, Colorado Front Range, USA

2017159:Geology, 2017. C. Morales et al. Glendonites track methane seepage in Mesozoic polar seas

2017160:Geology, 2017. D. Weidendorfer et al. A common origin of carbonatite magmas

2017162:Geology, 2017. A.J. Horton et al. Modification of river meandering by tropical deforestation

2017163:Geology, 2017. R.E. Wells et al. Cascadia subduction tremor muted by crustal faults

2017164:Geology, 2017. E.W. Marshall et al. Mantle melt production during the 1.4 Ga Laurentian magmatic event: Isotopic constraints from Colorado Plateau mantle xenoliths

2017165:Geology, 2017. D. Coppola et al. Modelling satellite-derived magma discharge to explain caldera collapse

2017166:Geology, 2017. M.P. Eddy et al. Timing of initial seafloor spreading in the Newfoundland-Iberia rift

2017167:Geology, 2017. B.P. Horton et al. Response times of microfossils to rapid sea-level rise: Timing of response of two microfossil groups to a sudden tidal-flooding experiment in Cascadia

2017168:Geology, 2017. G. Suan et al. Subtropical climate conditions and mangrove growth in Arctic Siberia during the early Eocene Total file size: 26.7 MB.

2017169:Geology, 2017. L.R. Tedeschi et al. New age constraints on Aptian evaporites and carbonates from the South Atlantic: Implications for Oceanic Anoxic Event 1a

2017170:Lithosphere, 2017. E.A. Balgord Triassic to Neogene evolution of the south-central Andean arc determined by detrital zircon U-Pb and Hf analysis of Neuquén Basin strata, central Argentina (34°S–40°S)

2017171:Lithosphere, 2017. J.A. Kessler et al. Geology and in situ stress of the MH-2 borehole, Idaho, USA: Insights into western Snake River Plain structure from geothermal exploration drilling

2017172:Lithosphere, 2017. H.B. Dalton et al. Diffusion-zoned pyroxenes in an isotopically heterogeneous mantle lithosphere beneath the Dunedin Volcanic Group, New Zealand, and their implications for intraplate alkaline magma sources

2017174:Geology, 2017. A. Westhues et al. Evidence for hydrothermal alteration and source regions for the Kiruna iron oxide–apatite ore (northern Sweden) from zircon Hf and O isotopes

2017175:Geology, 2017. A.E. Carlson et al. Recent retreat of Columbia Glacier, Alaska: Millennial context

2017176:Geology, 2017. S.J. Livingstone et al. Paleofluvial and subglacial channel networks beneath Humboldt Glacier, Greenland

2017177:Geology, 2017. A.L. White-Gaynor and A.A. Nyblade Shear wave splitting across the Mid-Atlantic region of North America: A fossil anisotropy interpretation

2017178:Geology, 2017. L.V. Forman et al. Defining the mechanism for compaction of the CV chondrite parent body

2017180:Lithosphere, 2017. L.A. Butcher et al. Late Cretaceous crustal hydration in the Colorado Plateau, USA, from xenolith petrology and monazite geochronology

2017181:Geology, 2017. Z. Hou et al. Recycling of metal-fertilized lower continental crust: Origin of non-arc Au-rich porphyry deposits at cratonic edges

2017182:Geology, 2017. D. Minguez and K.P. Kodama Rock magnetic chronostratigraphy of the Shuram carbon isotope excursion: Wonoka Formation, Australia

2017183:Lithosphere, 2017. T. Hadlari et al. A Pangean rim of fire: Reviewing the Triassic of western Laurentia

2017209: GSA Today, 2017, C.J. Spencer et al. Earth-Science Outreach Using an Integrated Social Media Platform