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2016001: Geology, 2016. A.P. Nicholas et al. The role of discharge variability in determining alluvial stratigraphy

2016002: Geology, 2016. R. McKay et al. Antarctic marine ice-sheet retreat in the Ross Sea during the early Holocene

2016003: Geology, 2016. O. Nadeau et al. Links between arc volcanoes and porphyry-epithermal ore deposits

2016004: Geology, 2016. M.V. McGloin et al. Release of uranium from highly radiogenic zircon through metamictization: The source of orogenic uranium ores

2016005: Geology, 2016. E.E. Brodsky et al. Constraints from fault roughness on the scale-dependent strength of rocks

2016006: Geology, 2016. W. Degruyter et al. Magma reservoir response to transient recharge events: The case of Santorini volcano (Greece)

2016007: Geology, 2016. J.M. Turowski et al. Decadal carbon discharge by a mountain stream is dominated by coarse organic matter

2016008: Geology, 2016. N. Riel et al. Convection in a partially molten metasedimentary crust? Insights from the El Oro complex (Ecuador)

2016009: Geology, 2016. C.A. Powell and W.A. Thomas Grenville basement structure associated with the Eastern Tennessee seismic zone, southeastern USA

2016010: Geology, 2016. D.N. Schillereff et al. Hydrological thresholds and basin control over paleoflood records in lakes

2016011: Geology, 2016. Jin, Z. et al. Seismically enhanced solute fluxes in the Yangtze River headwaters following the A.D. 2008 Wenchuan earthquake

2016012: Geology, 2016. M. Homann et al. Evidence for cavity-dwelling microbial life in 3.22 Ga tidal deposits

2016013: Geology, 2016. I.O. Norton et al. Rift to drift transition in the South Atlantic salt basins: A new flavor of oceanic crust

2016014: Geology, 2016. S.J. Gibbs et al. Ocean warming, not acidification, controlled coccolithophore response during past greenhouse climate change

2016015: Geology, 2016. L. Yao et al. The crucial role of temperature in high-velocity weakening of faults: Experiments on gouge using host blocks with different thermal conductivities

2016016: Geology, 2016. S. Seitz et al. Short magmatic residence times of quartz phenocrysts in Patagonian rhyolites associated with Gondwana breakup

2016017: Geology, 2016. T.J. Henstock et al. Downgoing plate topography stopped rupture in the A.D. 2005 Sumatra earthquake

2016018: GSA Bulletin, 2016. J.A. Unema et al. Water-magma interaction and plume processes in the 2008 Okmok eruption, Alaska

2016019: Geology, 2016. T.A. Dumitru et al. Four Cordilleran paleorivers that connected Sevier thrust zones in Idaho to depocenters in California, Washington, Wyoming, and, indirectly, Alaska

2016020: GSA Bulletin, 2016. J. Yang et al. Reconstructing Early Permian tropical climates from chemical weathering indices

2016021: GSA Bulletin, 2016. A. Noda Forearc basins: Types, geometries, and relationships to subduction zone dynamics

2016022: Geology, 2016. S.S.R. Jamieson et al. An extensive subglacial lake and canyon system in Princess Elizabeth Land, East Antarctica

2016023: Geology, 2016. E. Bruand et al. An apatite for progress: Inclusions in zircon and titanite constrain petrogenesis and provenance

2016024: Geology, 2016. Y. Han et al. Tarim and North China cratons linked to northern Gondwana through switching accretionary tectonics and collisional orogenesis

2016025: Geology, 2016. R.J. Walker Controls on transgressive sill growth

2016026: GSA Bulletin, 2016. A. Licht et al. Eolian cannibalism: Reworked loess and fluvial sediment as the main sources of the Chinese Loess Plateau

2016027: GSA Bulletin, 2016. R. Gibson et al. Diachronous deformation along the base of the Himalayan metamorphic core, central-west Nepal

2016028: Geology, 2016. B.M. Tutolo et al. Nanoscale constraints on porosity generation and fluid flow during serpentinization

2016029: Geology, 2016. S.R. LaHusen et al. Surface roughness dating of long-runout landslides near Oso, Washington (USA), reveals persistent postglacial hillslope instability

2016030: Geology, 2016. K. Faak and K.M. Gillis Slow cooling of the lowermost oceanic crust at the fast-spreading East Pacific Rise

2016031: Geology, 2016. M.R. Palmer et al. Discovery of a large 2.4 Ma Plinian eruption of Basse-Terre, Guadeloupe, from the marine sediment record

2016032: Lithosphere, 2016. K.A. Klepeis et al. Gneiss domes, vertical and horizontal mass transfer, and the initiation of extension in the hot lower crustal root of a continental arc, Fiordland, New Zealand

2016033:Geology, 2016. K. Aizawa et al. Gas pathways and remotely triggered earthquakes beneath Mount Fuji, Japan

2016034:Geology, 2016. E.W. Portenga et al. A late Holocene onset of Aboriginal burning in southeastern Australia

2016035:Geology, 2016. E. Pascual-Cebrian et al. Calcite/aragonite ratio fluctuations in Aptian rudist bivalves: Correlation with changing temperatures

2016036:Geology, 2016. I. Lascu et al. Age of the Laschamp excursion determined by U-Th dating of a speleothem geomagnetic record from North America

2016037:Geology, 2016. W.J. Collins et al. Water-fluxed crustal melting produces Cordilleran batholiths

2016038:Geology, 2016. L.A. Coogan et al. Early hydrothermal carbon uptake by the upper oceanic crust: Insight from in situ U-Pb dating

2016039:Geology, 2016. X.-Y. Zheng et al. A climatic control on reorganization of ocean circulation during the mid-Cenomanian event and Cenomanian-Turonian oceanic anoxic event (OAE 2): Nd isotope evidence

2016040:Geology, 2016. M.G. Malusà et al. Tracking Adria indentation beneath the Alps by detrital zircon U-Pb geochronology: Implications for the Oligocene–Miocene dynamics of the Adriatic microplate

2016041:Geology, 2016. M.R. Ford and P.S. Kench Spatiotemporal variability of typhoon impacts and relaxation intervals on Jaluit Atoll, Marshall Islands

2016042: GSA Bulletin, 2016. P.L. Heller and L. Lui Dynamic topography and vertical motion of the U.S. Rocky Mountain region prior to and during the Laramide orogeny

2016043: GSA Bulletin, 2016. E.J. Oerter and R. Amundson Climate controls on spatial and temporal variations in the formation of pedogenic carbonate in the western Great Basin of North America

2016044: GSA Bulletin, 2016. F. Arboit et al. Detrital zircon analysis of the southwest Indochina terrane, central Thailand: Unravelling the Indosinian orogeny

2016045: Lithosphere, 2016. S.L. Potter-McIntyre et al. Middle Jurassic landscape evolution of southwest Laurentia using detrital zircon geochronology

2016046:GSA Bulletin, 2016. D. Scherler et al. Climate-change versus landslide origin of fill terraces in a rapidly eroding bedrock landscape: San Gabriel River, California

2016047:Geology, 2016. B.F. Houghton et al. Stronger or longer: Discriminating between Hawaiian and Strombolian eruption styles

2016048:Geology, 2016. A. Sanfilippo et al. Rhenium-osmium isotope fractionation at the oceanic crust-mantle boundary

2016049:GSA Bulletin, 2016. T.R. Knott et al. Mid-Miocene record of large-scale Snake River–type explosive volcanism and associated subsidence on the Yellowstone hotspot track: The Cassia Formation of Idaho, USA

2016050: GSA Bulletin, 2016. F. Balsamo et al. Anatomy and paleofluid evolution of laterally restricted extensional fault zones in the Jabal Qusaybah anticline, Salakh Arc, Oman

2016051: Lithosphere, 2016. S.P. Long and E. Soignard Shallow-crustal metamorphism during Late Cretaceous anatexis in the Sevier hinterland plateau: Peak temperature conditions from the Grant Range, eastern Nevada, U.S.A.

2016052: GSA Today, 2016. Gregory J. Retallack and Scott F. Burns The effects of soil on the taste of wine

2016053:Geology, 2016. E. Font et al. Mercury anomaly, Deccan volcanism, and the end-Cretaceous mass extinction

2016054:Geology, 2016. Q. Li et al. Storage thresholds for relative sea-level signals in the stratigraphic record

2016055:Geology, 2016. M.S. Tarling and C.D. Rowe Experimental slip distribution in lentils as an analog for scaly clay fabrics

2016056:Geology, 2016. A. Polonia et al. Did the A.D. 365 Crete earthquake/tsunami trigger synchronous giant turbidity currents in the Mediterranean Sea?

2016057:Geology, 2016. C.I. Schipper and J.D.L. White Magma-slurry interaction in Surtseyan eruptions

2016058: Lithosphere, 2016. Jingxing Yu et al. Kinematics of Late Quaternary slip along the Yabrai Fault: Implications for Cenozoic tectonics across the Gobi Alashan block, China

2016059:GSA Bulletin, 2016. C. Scarpati and A. Perrotta Stratigraphy and physical parameters of the Plinian phase of the Campanian Ignimbrite eruption

2016060:Geology, 2016. A. Morris and M. Maffione Is the Troodos ophiolite (Cyprus) a complete, transform fault–bounded Neotethyan ridge segment?

2016061: GSA Today, 2016. C. Renshaw Looking Back: What do Geoscience Graduates Value Most from their Academic Experience?

2016062:Geology, 2016. S.H. Little et al. Key role of continental margin sediments in the oceanic mass balance of Zn and Zn isotopes

2016063:Geology, 2016. H. Albert et al. Years to weeks of seismic unrest and magmatic intrusions precede monogenetic eruptions

2016064:Geology, 2016. B. Debret et al. Isotopic evidence for iron mobility during subduction

2016065:Geology, 2016. F.B. Wadsworth et al. Universal scaling of fluid permeability during volcanic welding and sediment diagenesis

2016066:Geology, 2016. N. Froitzheim et al. Devonian subduction and syncollisional exhumation of continental crust in Lofoten, Norway

2016067:Geology, 2016. A. Heinonen et al. A priori evidence for zircon antecryst entrainment in megacrystic Proterozoic granites

2016068:GSA Bulletin, 2016. L.B. Corbett Glacial history and landscape evolution of southern Cumberland Peninsula, Baffin Island, Canada, constrained by cosmogenic 10Be and 26Al

2016069:Geology, 2016. C. Ballouard et al. Nb-Ta fractionation in peraluminous granites: A marker of the magmatic-hydrothermal transition

2016070: GSA Today, 2016. J.J. Castleton et al. Dynamics and legacy of 4.8 ka rock avalanche that dammed Zion Canyon, Utah, USA

2016071: Geology, 2016. S. Hurwitz et al. Dissolved gases in hydrothermal (phreatic) and geyser eruptions at Yellowstone National Park, USA

2016072:Special Paper 522, 2016. C. Rogers et al. Mafic magmatism in the Belt-Purcell Basin and Wyoming Province of western Laurentia

2016073:Geology, 2016. A. Reusch et al. Sediment mobilization deposits from episodic subsurface fluid flow—A new tool to reveal long-term earthquake records?

2016074:Geology, 2016. C. Martínez-Pérez et al. Translating taxonomy into the evolution of conodont feeding ecology

2016075:GSA Bulletin, 2016. M.P.C. Nikitczuk et al. Candidate microbial ichnofossils in continental basaltic tuffs of central Oregon, USA: Expanding the record of endolithic microborings

2016076:GSA Bulletin, 2016. T. Linnell et al. Long-lived shield volcanism within a monogenetic basaltic field: the conundrum of Rangitoto Volcano, New Zealand

2016077:Geology, 2016. H. Rawson et al. The magmatic and eruptive response of arc volcanoes to deglaciation: Insights from southern Chile

2016078:Geology, 2016. K. Yamada et al. Centennial-scale East Asian summer monsoon intensity based on δ18O values in ostracode shells and its relationship to land-ocean air temperature gradients over the past 1700 years

2016079:Geology, 2016. F. Maeno et al. Morphological evolution of a new volcanic islet sustained by compound lava flows

2016080:Geology, 2016. K. Hoernle et al. Tectonic dissection and displacement of parts of Shona hotspot volcano 3500 km along the Agulhas-Falkland Fracture Zone

2016081:Geology, 2016. C.D. Deering et al. Zircon record of the plutonic-volcanic connection and protracted rhyolite melt evolution

2016082:Geology, 2016. Y.V. Bataleva et al. Sulfidation of silicate mantle by reduced S-bearing metasomatic fluids and melts

2016083:Geology, 2016. T.L. Babila et al. A continental shelf perspective of ocean acidification and temperature evolution during the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum

2016084:GSA Bulletin, 2016. M.C. Eppes et al. Deciphering the role of solar-induced thermal stresses in rock weathering

2016085:GSA Bulletin, 2016. P.H. Alasino et al. Mafic rocks of the Ordovician Famatinian magmatic arc (NW Argentina): New insights into the mantle contribution

2016086:Geology, 2016. M. Peternell and C.J.L. Wilson Effect of strain rate cycling on microstructures and crystallographic preferred orientation during high-temperature creep

2016087:Geology, 2016. W.-Q. Ji et al. Eocene Neo-Tethyan slab breakoff constrained by 45 Ma oceanic island basalt–type magmatism in southern Tibet

2016088:Geology, 2016. H.S. Birch et al. Partial collapse of the marine carbon pump after the Cretaceous-Paleogene boundary

2016089:Geology, 2016. A. Bernhardt et al. Shelfal sediment transport by an undercurrent forces turbidity-current activity during high sea level along the Chile continental margin

2016090:Geology, 2016. A. Beauvais et al. Very long-term stability of passive margin escarpment constrained by 40Ar/39Ar dating of K-Mn oxides

2016091:Geology, 2016. H.J. Falcon-Lang et al. The oldest Pinus and its preservation by fire

2016092:Geology, 2016. B.S. Ladd and M.C. Ryan Can CO2 trigger a thermal geyser eruption?

2016093:Geology, 2016. C.-Z. Liu et al. Tethyan suturing in Southeast Asia: Zircon U-Pb and Hf-O isotopic constraints from Myanmar ophiolites

2016094:Geology, 2016. Z. Li et al. Cellular dissolution at hypha- and spore-mineral interfaces revealing unrecognized mechanisms and scales of fungal weathering

2016095:GSA Bulletin, 2016. R.T. Tucker et al. Large igneous province or long-lived magmatic arc along the eastern margin of Australia during the Cretaceous? Insights from the sedimentary record

2016096:GSA Bulletin, 2016. Y. Gavillot et al. Shortening rate and Holocene surface rupture on the Riasi fault system in the Kashmir Himalaya: Active thrusting within the Northwest Himalayan orogenic wedge

2016097:GSA Bulletin, 2016. A.A. Baczynski Distortion of carbon isotope excursion in bulk soil organic matter during the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum

2016098:GSA Bulletin, 2016. A.G. Rozenbaum 40Ar/39Ar chronostratigraphy of late Miocene–early Pliocene continental aquatic basins in SE Galilee, Israel

2016099:GSA Bulletin, 2016. C. Mark et al. Tracking exhumation and drainage divide migration of the western Alps: A test of the apatite U-Pb thermochronometer as a detrital provenance tool

2016100:Geology, 2016. S.J. Barker et al. Rapid priming, accumulation, and recharge of magma driving recent eruptions at a hyperactive caldera volcano

2016101:Geology, 2016. P. van der Beek et al. Contrasting tectonically driven exhumation and incision patterns, western versus central Nepal Himalaya

2016102:GSA Bulletin, 2016. R. Turnbull et al. Extension-facilitated pulsed S-I-A-type “flare-up” magmatism at 370 Ma along the southeast Gondwana margin in New Zealand: Insights from U-Pb geochronology and geochemistry

2016103:GSA Bulletin, 2016. K.A. Lang et al. Rapid exhumation of the eastern Himalayan syntaxis since the Late Miocene

2016104:Geology, 2016. M.P. Eddy et al. Rapid assembly and crystallization of a fossil large-volume silicic magma chamber

2016106:Geology, 2016. H.J. Jo et al. In-situ oxygen isotope records of crustal self-cannibalization selectively captured by zircon crystals from high-δ26Mg granitoids

2016107:Geology, 2016. G. Reuber et al. Nonlithostatic pressure during subduction and collision and the formation of (ultra)high-pressure rocks

2016108: Lithosphere, 2016. Chen Wu et al. Pre-Cenozoic geologic history of the central and northern Tibetan Plateau and the role of Wilson cycles in constructing the Tethyan orogenic system

2016109:Special Paper 520, 2016. B.L. Overfield et al. Radon research collaboration between the Kentucky Geological Survey and the University of Kentucky College of Nursing: An innovative partnership

2016110:Geology, 2016. A.B. Michaud et al. Solute sources and geochemical processes in Subglacial Lake Whillans, West Antarctica

2016111:Geology, 2016. A. Jourdain et al. Crustal accretion at a sedimented spreading center in the Andaman Sea

2016112:Geology, 2016. H.P. Sejrup et al. Rapid ice sheet retreat triggered by ice stream debuttressing: Evidence from the North Sea

2016113:GSA Bulletin, 2016. A. Mohammadi Detrital zircon and provenance analysis of Late Cretaceous-Miocene onshore Iranian Makran strata: Implications on the tectonic setting

2016114:GSA Bulletin, 2016. Z. Zhang et al. Provenance of detrital K-feldspar in the Jianghan Basin sheds new light on the Plio-Pleistocene evolution of the Yangtze River

2016115:GSA Bulletin, 2016. K.M. Hobbs and J.T. Parrish Miocene global change recorded in Columbia River basalt-hosted paleosols

2016116:GSA Bulletin, 2016. B.L. Sherrod et al. Active faulting on the Wallula fault zone within the Olympic-Wallowa Lineament, Washington State, USA

2016117:GSA Bulletin, 2016. R.M. Jerrett et al. Extrinsic and intrinsic controls on mouth bar and mouth bar complex architecture: Examples from the Pennsylvanian (upper Carboniferous) of the central Appalachian Basin, Kentucky, USA

2016118:Geology, 2016. A. Balbas et al. Identification of the short-lived Santa Rosa geomagnetic excursion in lavas on Floreana Island (Galapagos) by 40Ar/39Ar geochronology

2016119:Geology, 2016. G.L. Bennett et al. Landslides, threshold slopes, and the survival of relict terrain in the wake of the Mendocino Triple Junction

2016120:Geology, 2016. M. Klaver et al. Subslab mantle of African provenance infiltrating the Aegean mantle wedge

2016121:Geology, 2016. S.E. Dashtgard and J.A. MacEachern Unburrowed mudstones may record only slightly lowered oxygen conditions in warm, shallow basins

2016122:Geology, 2016. C.D. Bacon et al. Quaternary glaciation and the Great American Biotic Interchange

2016123: Lithosphere, 2016. Jin-Yu Zhang et al. Tectonic and climate controls on Quaternary river diversion in the eastern Himalaya

2016124:Geology, 2016. C.E. O’Malley et al. Deep echinoderm phylogeny preserved in organic molecules from Paleozoic fossils

2016125:Geology, 2016. D.M. Buchs et al. Evidence from accreted seamounts for a depleted component in the early Galapagos plume

2016126:Geology, 2016. C.P. Scott et al. Coseismic extension from surface cracks reopened by the 2014 Pisagua, northern Chile, earthquake sequence

2016127:Geology, 2016. C.M. McHugh et al. Remobilization of surficial slope sediment triggered by the A.D. 2011 Mw9 Tohoku-Oki earthquake and tsunami along the Japan Trench

2016128:Special Paper 522, 2016. P.K. Link et al. Detrital zircons in the Mesoproterozoic upper Belt Supergroup in the Pioneer, Beaverhead, and Lemhi Ranges, Montana and Idaho: The Big White arc

2016129:Geology, 2016. E.C. Ferré et al. Brushlines in fault pseudotachylytes: A new criterion for coseismic slip direction

2016130:GSA Bulletin, 2016. N.I. Deligne Holocene volcanism of the upper McKenzie River catchment, central Oregon Cascades, USA

2016131:GSA Bulletin, 2016. W.-C. Li et al. Two episodes of partial melting in ultrahigh-pressure migmatites from deeply subducted continental crust in the Sulu orogen, China

2016132:Geology, 2016. R. Soucy La Roche et al. Direct shear fabric dating constrains early Oligocene onset of the South Tibetan detachment in the western Nepal Himalaya

2016133:Geology, 2016. D. Sauter et al. Evidence for magma entrapment below oceanic crust from deep seismic reflections in the Western Somali Basin

2016134:Geology, 2016. E. Kiser et al. Magma reservoirs from the upper crust to the Moho inferred from high-resolution Vp and Vs models beneath Mount St. Helens, Washington State, USA

2016135:Geology, 2016. W.H. Amidon et al. Late Cretaceous unroofing of the White Mountains, New Hampshire, USA: An episode of passive margin rejuvenation?

2016136:Geology, 2016. T.A. Goudge et al. Insights into surface runoff on early Mars from paleolake basin morphology and stratigraphy

2016137:Geology, 2016. R. Soliva et al. Tectonic regime controls clustering of deformation bands in porous sandstone

2016138:GSA Bulletin, 2016. X. Zhang et al. Late Ordovician adakitic rocks in the Central Tianshan block, NW China: Partial melting of lower continental arc crust during back-arc basin opening

2016139:GSA Bulletin, 2016. F. Falzoni et al. Long-term Late Cretaceous oxygen- and carbon-isotope trends and planktonic foraminiferal turnover: A new record from the southern midlatitudes

2016140:Special Paper 522, 2016. P. Mueller et al. U-Pb ages of zircons from the Lower Belt Supergroup and proximal crystalline basement: Implications for the early evolution of the Belt Basin

2016141:Geology, 2016. F. Tornos et al. Iron-rich melts, magmatic magnetite, and superheated hydrothermal systems: The El Laco deposit, Chile

2016142:Geology, 2016. A. Grand’Homme et al. Partial resetting of the U-Th-Pb systems in experimentally altered monazite: Nanoscale evidence of incomplete replacement

2016143:Geology, 2016. G.G. Kenny et al. Differentiated impact melt sheets may be a potential source of Hadean detrital zircon

2016144:Geology, 2016. M.L. Chipman et al. Multiple thermo-erosional episodes during the past six millennia: Implications for the response of Arctic permafrost to climate change

2016145:Geology, 2016. P.M. Burgess Identifying ideal stratigraphic cycles using a quantitative optimization method

2016146:Geology, 2016. A.J. Calvert Seismic interpretation of crustal-scale extension in the Intermontane Belt of the northern Canadian Cordillera

2016147: Lithosphere, 2016. Vignaroli et al. Tectonics, hydrothermalism, and paleoclimate recorded by Quaternary travertines and their spatio-temporal distribution in the Albegna basin, central Italy: Insights on Tyrrhenian margin neotectonics

2016148: Lithosphere, 2016. Quinn et al. Record of orogenic cyclicity in the Alberta foreland basin, Canadian Cordillera

2016149:Geology, 2016. L.B. Wheeler et al. Late Cenozoic surface uplift of the southern Sierra Nevada (California, USA): A paleoclimate perspective on lee-side stable isotope paleoaltimetry

2016150: Lithosphere, 2016. Falkowski and Enkelmann Upper-crustal cooling of the Wrangellia composite terrane in the northern St. Elias Mountains, western Canada

2016151: Lithosphere, 2016. Midwinter et al. Dual provenance signatures of the Triassic northern Laurentian margin from detrital-zircon U-Pb and Hf-isotope analysis of Triassic–Jurassic strata in the Sverdrup Basin

2016152:Geology, 2016. G. Mariotti et al. Soil creep in salt marshes

2016153:Geology, 2016. A.S.P. Rae et al. Time scales of magma transport and mixing at Kīlauea Volcano, Hawai’i

2016154:Geology, 2016. I.Z. Winkelstern and K.C. Lohmann Shallow burial alteration of dolomite and limestone clumped isotope geochemistry

2016155:Special Paper 524, 2016. Coccioni et al. Integrated magnetostratigraphy, biostratigraphy, and chronostratigraphy of the Paleogene pelagic succession at Gubbio (central Italy)

2016156:Special Paper 524, 2016. Frontalini et al. The Eocene Thermal Maximum 3: Reading the environmental perturbations at Gubbio (Italy)

2016157:Geology, 2016. J. Wang et al. Earthquake-triggered increase in biospheric carbon export from a mountain belt

2016158:GSA Bulletin, 2016. R.S. Harmon et al. Linking silicate weathering to riverine geochemistry—a case study from a mountainous tropical setting in West Central Panama

2016159:Geology, 2016. Y. Wang et al. The deep roots of the western Pyrenees revealed by full waveform inversion of teleseismic P waves

2016160:Geology, 2016. A. Fildani et al. The ancestral Mississippi drainage archived in the late Wisconsin Mississippi deep-sea fan

2016161:Geology, 2016. K.E. Murray et al. Rapid Pliocene–Pleistocene erosion of the central Colorado Plateau documented by apatite thermochronology from the Henry Mountains

2016162:Geology, 2016. M. Pistolesi et al. Simultaneous eruptions from multiple vents at Campi Flegrei (Italy) highlight new eruption processes at calderas

2016163:Geology, 2016. X. Ge et al. Apatite fission-track and Re-Os geochronology of the Xuefeng uplift, China: Temporal implications for dry gas associated hydrocarbon systems

2016164:GSA Bulletin, 2016. H.D. Sinclair et al. Squeezing river catchments through tectonics: Shortening and erosion across the Indus Valley, NW Himalaya

2016165: Lithosphere, 2016. Q.-Y. Yang et al. Proto-Japan and tectonic erosion: Evidence from zircon geochronology of blueschist and serpentinite

2016166:Geology, 2016. A. Paonita et al. Temporal variations of helium isotopes in volcanic gases quantify pre-eruptive refill and pressurization in magma reservoirs: The Mount Etna case

2016167:Geology, 2016. M. van der Baan et al. Stick-split mechanism for anthropogenic fluid-induced tensile rock failure

2016168: Lithosphere, 2016. A.K. Ault et al. Record of paleofluid circulation in faults revealed by hematite (U-Th)/He and apatite fission-track dating: An example from Gower Peninsula fault fissures, Wales

2016169:Geology, 2016. F.C. Ramos et al. U-series and 40Ar/39Ar ages of Holocene volcanic rocks at Changbaishan volcano, China

2016170:Geology, 2016. M. Schindler and M.F. Hochella Jr. Nanomineralogy as a new dimension in understanding elusive geochemical processes in soils: The case of low-solubility-index elements

2016171: Lithosphere, 2016. J.-F. Qin et al. Early Jurassic monzogranite-tonalite association from the southern Zhangguangcai Range: Implications for paleo–Pacific plate subduction along northeastern China

2016172:GSA Bulletin, 2016. C. Bustamante et al. Late Jurassic to Early Cretaceous plutonism in the Colombian Andes: A record of long-term arc maturity

2016173: GSA Today, 2016. D. Depaor Virtual Rocks

2016174:GSA Bulletin, 2016. N. Khajavi et al. Late Holocene rupture behavior and earthquake chronology on the Hope fault, New Zealand

2016175:Geology, 2016. J.L. Whitten and B.A. Campbell Recent volcanic resurfacing of Venusian craters

2016176:Geology, 2016. C.W. Magee et al. Uranium irradiation history of carbonado diamond; implications for Paleoarchean oxidation in the São Francisco craton (South America)

2016177:Geology, 2016. N.M.W. Roberts and R.J. Walker U-Pb geochronology of calcite-mineralized faults: Absolute timing of rift-related fault events on the northeast Atlantic margin

2016178:Geology, 2016. S.K. Birner et al. Hydrothermal alteration of seafloor peridotites does not influence oxygen fugacity recorded by spinel oxybarometry

2016179:Geology, 2016. R.E. Hanson et al. Cryogenian intraplate magmatism along the buried southern Laurentian margin: Evidence from volcanic clasts in Ordovician strata, Marathon uplift, west Texas

2016180:Geology, 2016. C. Oze et al. Anoxic oxidation of chromium

2016182:Geology, 2016. B. Rasmussen et al. U-Pb dating of iron-ore deposits, Marquette Range, Michigan, USA

2016183:Geology, 2016. J. Wycech et al. Effects of seafloor diagenesis on planktic foraminiferal radiocarbon ages

2016184:GSA Bulletin, 2016. R. Carosi et al. Middle to late Eocene exhumation of the Greater Himalayan Sequence in the Central Himalayas: Progressive accretion from the Indian plate

2016185:Geology, 2016. D.B. Cole et al. A shale-hosted Cr isotope record of low atmospheric oxygen during the Proterozoic

2016186:Geology, 2016. L.J. Moore et al. Vegetation control allows autocyclic formation of multiple dunes on prograding coasts

2016187:Geology, 2016. U.S. ten Brink et al. Seismicity and sedimentation rate effects on submarine slope stability

2016188:Geology, 2016. E. Ruiz-Agudo et al. Control of silicate weathering by interface-coupled dissolution-precipitation processes at the mineral-solution interface

2016189:Geology, 2016. A.F. Humphreys et al. Variable El Niño–Southern Oscillation influence on biofacies dynamics of eastern Pacific shallow-water carbonate systems

2016190:Geology, 2016. S. Barak and S.L. Klemperer Rapid variation in upper-mantle rheology across the San Andreas fault system and Salton Trough, southernmost California, USA

2016191:Geology, 2016. S.A. Newman et al. Insights into cyanobacterial fossilization in Ediacaran siliciclastic environments

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