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2015006: GSA Today, 2015. X. Tian and M. Santosh Fossilized lithospheric deformation revealed by teleseismic shear wave splitting in eastern China

2015008: Memoir 212 , 2015. Carrapa and DeCelles Regional exhumation and kinematic history of the central Andes in response to cyclical orogenic processes

2015010: Lithosphere , 2015. H. Wang et al. Paleoseismic investigation of the seismic gap between the seismogenic structures of the 2008 Wenchuan and 2013 Lushan earthquakes along the Longmen Shan fault zone at the eastern margin of the Tibetan Plateau

2015011: Lithosphere , 2015. V.B. Ershova et al. Detrital zircon ages and provenance of the Upper Paleozoic successions of Kotel’ny Island (New Siberian Islands archipelago)

2015013: GSA Bulletin , 2015. S.R.H. Worthington Characteristics of channel networks in unconfined carbonate aquifers

2015014: Geology , 2015. O.H. Göğüş Rifting and subsidence following lithospheric removal in continental back arcs

2015015: Geology , 2015. T.M. DeCarlo et al. Coral macrobioerosion is accelerated by ocean acidification and nutrients

2015016: Geology , 2015. S.F. Gallen et al. Coseismic landslides reveal near-surface rock strength in a high-relief, tectonically active setting

2015017: Geology , 2015. J. Tugend et al. Spatial and temporal evolution of hyperextended rift systems: Implication for the nature, kinematics, and timing of the Iberian-European plate boundary

2015018: GSA Bulletin , 2015. G. Vignaroli et al. A way to hydrothermal paroxysm, Colli Albani volcano, Italy

2015019: GSA Bulletin , 2015. W.H. Amidon and A.C. Clark Interaction of outburst floods with basaltic aquifers on the Snake River Plain: Implications for Martian canyons

2015020: Lithosphere , 2015. J. Guerrero et al. Salt-dissolution faults versus tectonic faults from the case study of salt collapse in Spanish Valley, SE Utah (USA)

2015021: Lithosphere , 2015. M.A. Ellis et al. Geomorphic evidence for enhanced Pliocene-Quaternary faulting in the northwestern Basin and Range

2015022: GSA Bulletin , 2015. J. Duque-Trujillo et al. Timing of rifting in the southern Gulf of California and its conjugate margins: Insights from the plutonic record

2015023: Geology , 2015. A. Yin et al. A possible seismic gap and high earthquake hazard in the North China Basin

2015024: Geology , 2015. D.J. Ullman et al. Southern Laurentide ice-sheet retreat synchronous with rising boreal summer insolation

2015025: Geology , 2015. D. Wacey et al. Uncovering framboidal pyrite biogenicity using nano-scale CNorg mapping

2015026: GSA Bulletin , 2015. M.L. Heintz et al. Tephrochronology and geochemistry of Eocene and Oligocene volcanic ashes of east and central Texas

2015027: Lithosphere , 2015. R. Díez Fernández et al. Peralkaline and alkaline magmatism of the Ossa-Morena zone (SW Iberia): Age, source, and implications for the Paleozoic evolution of Gondwanan lithosphere

2015028: Geology , 2015. S.G. Mitchell and E.E. Humphries Glacial cirques and the relationship between equilibrium line altitudes and mountain range height

2015029: Geology , 2015. A. Mundl et al. Mesoproterozoic and Paleoproterozoic subcontinental lithospheric mantle domains beneath southern Patagonia: Isotopic evidence for its connection to Africa and Antarctica

2015030: Geology , 2015. T. Fujioka et al. Flood-flipped boulders: In-situ cosmogenic nuclide modeling of flood deposits in the monsoon tropics of Australia

2015031: Geology , 2015. P.I. Moreno et al. A past-millennium maximum in postglacial activity from Volcán Chaitén, southern Chile

2015032: Geology , 2015. C. Andersen et al. Fault geometry and permeability contrast control vent temperatures at the Logatchev 1 hydrothermal field, Mid-Atlantic Ridge

2015033: Geology , 2015. D.S. Jones et al. Chemostratigraphy of an Ordovician–Silurian carbonate platform: δ13C records below glacioeustatic exposure surfaces Total file size: 267.24 MB.

2015034: GSA Bulletin , 2015. R. Ge et al. Synchronous crustal growth and reworking recorded in late Paleoproterozoic granitoids in the northern Tarim craton: In situ zircon U-Pb-Hf-O isotopic and geochemical constraints and tectonic implications

2015035: Geology , 2015. R.V. Metcalf and B.J. Buck Genesis and health risk implications of an unusual occurrence of fibrous NaFe3+- amphibole

2015036: Geology , 2015. P.A.E. Pogge von Strandmann and G.M. Henderson The Li isotope response to mountain uplift

2015037: Geology , 2015. J.L. Till et al. Goethite as a potential source of magnetic nanoparticles in sediments

2015038: Geology , 2015. J. Shuster and G. Southam The in-vitro “growth” of gold grains

2015039: Geology , 2015. S.A. Johnstone and G.E. Hilley Lithologic control on the form of soil-mantled hillslopes

2015040: Geology , 2015. J.D. Woodruff et al. Depositional evidence for the Kamikaze typhoons and links to changes in typhoon climatology

2015041: Geology , 2015. U. Balthasar and M. Cusack Aragonite-calcite seas—Quantifying the gray area

2015042: Geology , 2015. B. Gomez et al. Lake Tutira paleoseismic record confirms random, moderate to major and/or great Hawke’s Bay (New Zealand) earthquakes

2015043: Geology , 2015. J.A. Watkins et al. Long-runout landslides and the long-lasting effects of early water activity on Mars

2015044: Geology , 2015. K. Rydgren and S. Bondevik Moss growth patterns and timing of human exposure to a Mesolithic tsunami in the North Atlantic

2015045: Lithosphere , 2015. B.K. Horton et al. Punctuated shortening and subsidence in the Altiplano Plateau of southern Peru: Implications for early Andean mountain building

2015046: Lithosphere , 2015. V.P. Kumar et al. Upper-mantle anisotropy beneath the south Indian shield: Influenced by ancient and recent Earth processes

2015047: Lithosphere , 2015. G. Hagen-Peter et al. Mixing between enriched lithospheric mantle and crustal components in a short-lived subduction-related magma system, Dry Valleys area, Antarctica: Insights from U-Pb geochronology, Hf isotopes, and whole-rock geochemistry

2015048: Geology , 2015. J. Wang et al. Controls on fluvial evacuation of sediment from earthquake-triggered landslides

2015049: Geology , 2015. E.A. Belousova et al. The enigma of crustal zircons in upper-mantle rocks: Clues from the Tumut ophiolite, southeast Australia

2015050: Geology , 2015. A. Holbourn et al. Global perturbation of the carbon cycle at the onset of the Miocene Climatic Optimum

2015051: Geology , 2015. J. Shaw et al. Tracking hurricane-generated storm surge with washover fan stratigraphy

2015052: Geology , 2015. R.K. Bono and J.A. Tarduno A stable Ediacaran Earth recorded by single silicate crystals of the ca. 565 Ma Sept-Îles intrusion

2015053: Geology , 2015. C. Jones et al. Iron oxides, divalent cations, silica, and the early earth phosphorus crisis

2015054: Geology , 2015. P. Scussolini et al. Saline Indian Ocean waters invaded the South Atlantic thermocline during glacial termination II

2015055: Geology , 2015. D. Hnatyshin et al. Re-Os dating of pyrite confirms an early diagenetic onset and extended duration of mineralization in the Irish Zn-Pb ore field

2015056: Geology , 2015. M. Philippon et al. Slip re-orientation in oblique rifts

2015057: Geology , 2015. S. Umino et al. Thermal and chemical evolution of the subarc mantle revealed by spinel-hosted melt inclusions in boninite from the Ogasawara (Bonin) Archipelago, Japan

2015058: Geology , 2015. J. Kameda et al. Pelagic smectite as an important factor in tsunamigenic slip along the Japan Trench

2015059: Geology , 2015. M.A. Sephton et al. Terrestrial acidification during the end-Permian biosphere crisis?

2015060: Geology , 2015. H. Li et al. Long-term temperature records following the Mw 7.9 Wenchuan (China) earthquake are consistent with low friction

2015061: GSA Bulletin , 2015. A.D. Chapman et al. Detrital zircon geochronology of Neoproterozoic–Lower Cambrian passive-margin strata of the White-Inyo Range, east-central California: Implications for the Mojave–Snow Lake fault hypothesis

2015062: GSA Bulletin , 2015. M. Lamb et al. Late Oligocene–early Miocene landscape evolution of the Lake Mead region during the transition from Sevier contraction to Basin and Range extension Total file size: 40.25 MB.

2015063: Geology , 2015. D.J. Larsen et al. Precise chronology of Little Ice Age expansion and repetitive surges of Langjökull, central Iceland Total file size: 70.16 MB.

2015064:Geology, 2015. L. Reusser et al. Quantifying human impacts on rates of erosion and sediment transport at a landscape scale

2015065: Geology , 2015. D.L. Harris et al. Late Holocene sea-level fall and turn-off of reef flat carbonate production: Rethinking bucket fill and coral reef growth models

2015066: Geology , 2015. N.M. McGowan et al. Tibetan chromitites: Excavating the slab graveyard

2015067: Geology , 2015. J.G. Metzger et al. The source of gypsum in Mammoth Cave, Kentucky

2015068: GSA Bulletin , 2015. E.G. Hyland et al. A new paleoprecipitation proxy based on soil magnetic properties: Implications for expanding paleoclimate reconstructions

2015069: GSA Bulletin , 2015. M. Maron et al. Magnetostratigraphy, biostratigraphy, and chemostratigraphy of the Pignola-Abriola section: New constraints for the Norian-Rhaetian boundary

2015070: GSA Bulletin , 2015. L.M. Agirrezabala Syndepositional forced folding and related fluid plumbing above a magmatic laccolith: Insights from outcrop (Lower Cretaceous, Basque-Cantabrian Basin, western Pyrenees)

2015071: Geology , 2015. T.J. Cohen et al. Hydrological transformation coincided with megafaunal extinction in central Australia

2015072: Geology , 2015. T. Menand et al. Rates of magma transfer in the crust: Insights into magma reservoir recharge and pluton growth

2015073: Geology , 2015. H. Jiang et al. Solar forcing of Holocene summer sea-surface temperatures in the northern North Atlantic

2015074: Geology , 2015. C.H. Mohr et al. Shaking water out of soil

2015075: Geology , 2015. I. Manzella et al. The role of gravitational instabilities in deposition of volcanic ash

2015076: Geology , 2015. T.J. Thomson Swimming reptiles make their mark in the Early Triassic: Delayed ecologic recovery increased the preservation potential of vertebrate swim tracks

2015077: Geology , 2015. K. Chen et al. Residual stress preserved in quartz from the San Andreas Fault Observatory at Depth

2015078: Lithosphere , 2015. G.A. Morris et al. Orogenic paleofluid flow recorded by discordant detrital zircons in the Caledonian foreland basin of northern Greenland

2015079: Lithosphere , 2015. É. Cossette et al. Lithological, rheological and fluid infiltration control on 40Ar/39Ar ages in polydeformed rocks from the West Cycladic detachment system, Greece

2015080: Lithosphere , 2015. S.P. Bemis et al. Slip partitioning along a continuously curved fault: Quaternary geologic controls on Denali fault system slip partitioning, growth of the Alaska Range, and the tectonics of south-central Alaska

2015081: GSA Bulletin , 2015. B.J. Shenton et al. Clumped isotope thermometry in deeply buried sedimentary carbonates: The effects of bond reordering and recrystallization

2015082: GSA Bulletin , 2015. G. Sun et al. Late Cretaceous evolution of the Coqen Basin (Lhasa terrane) and implications for early topographic growth on the Tibetan Plateau

2015083: Geology , 2015. G. Hirth and N.M. Beeler The role of fluid pressure on frictional behavior at the base of the seismogenic zone

2015084: Geology , 2015. L. Menegon et al. Creep cavitation bands control porosity and fluid flow in lower crustal shear zones Total file size: 46.71 MB.

2015085: Geology , 2015. S.D. King et al. Why cold slabs stagnate in the transition zone

2015086: Geology , 2015. E.J. Liu et al. The role of bubbles in generating fine ash during hydromagmatic eruptions

2015087: Geology , 2015. M.J. Comeau et al. Magnetotelluric images of magma distribution beneath Volcán Uturuncu, Bolivia: Implications for magma dynamics

2015088: Geology , 2015. Z. Hou et al. A genetic linkage between subduction- and collision-related porphyry Cu deposits in continental collision zones

2015089: Special Paper 510 , 2015. M.V. Mints et al. East European Craton: Early Precambrian History and 3D Models of Deep Crustal Structure Total file size: 31.47 MB.

2015090: GSA Bulletin , 2015. G. Veloza et al. Active mountain building along the eastern Colombian Subandes: A folding history from deformed terraces across the Tame anticline, Llanos Basin

2015091: Geology , 2015. B.M. Simonson et al. First detection of extraterrestrial material in ca. 2.49 Ga impact spherule layer in Kuruman Iron Formation, South Africa

2015092: Geology , 2015. A. McCarthy and O. Müntener Ancient depletion and mantle heterogeneity: Revisiting the Permian and Jurassic paradox of Alpine peridotites

2015093: Geology , 2015. E.E. Stüeken et al. Selenium isotopes support free O2 in the latest Archean

2015094: GSA Bulletin , 2015. U. Shaanan et al. Provenance of the Early Permian Nambucca block (eastern Australia) and implications for the role of trench retreat in accretionary orogens

2015095: GSA Bulletin , 2015. M. Pondrelli et al. Equatorial layered deposits in Arabia Terra, Mars: Facies and process variability

2015096: Geology , 2015. S. Danise et al. Environmental controls on Jurassic marine ecosystems during global warming

2015097: Geology , 2015. M. Pauly et al. Coralline algal Mg-O bond strength as a marine pCO2 proxy

2015098: Lithosphere , 2015. G.M. Cox et al. Kikiktat volcanics of Arctic Alaska—Melting of harzburgitic mantle associated with the Franklin large igneous province

2015099: Geology , 2015. K.M. Haase et al. Melts of sediments in the mantle wedge of the Oman ophiolite

2015100: Geology , 2015. L. Colombera et al. A meta-study of relationships between fluvial channel-body stacking pattern and aggradation rate: Implications for sequence stratigraphy

2015101: Geology , 2015. Y. Gao et al. Mid-latitude terrestrial climate of East Asia linked to global climate in the Late Cretaceous

2015102: Geology , 2015. N.K. Larsen et al. The response of the southern Greenland ice sheet to the Holocene thermal maximum

2015103: Geology , 2015. A. Parton et al. Alluvial fan records from southeast Arabia reveal multiple windows for human dispersal

2015104: Geology , 2015. T. Mohr-Westheide et al. Discovery of extraterrestrial component carrier phases in Archean spherule layers: Implications for estimation of Archean bolide sizes

2015105: GSA Bulletin , 2015. E.J.T. Stefurak et al. Sedimentology and geochemistry of Archean silica granules

2015106: GSA Bulletin , 2015. P.M. Myrow et al. Depositional history, tectonics, and provenance of the Cambrian-Ordovician boundary interval in the western margin of the North China block

2015107: Lithosphere , 2015. R.S. Molina-Garza et al. Geology of the coastal Chiapas (Mexico) Miocene plutons and the Tonalá shear zone: Syntectonic emplacement and rapid exhumation during sinistral transpression

2015108: GSA Bulletin , 2015. S. W-P. Ng et al. Petrogenesis of Malaysian granitoids in the Southeast Asian tin belt: Part 1. Geochemical and Sr-Nd isotopic characteristics

2015109: GSA Bulletin , 2015. G.S. Weissmann et al. Characterization and quantification of aquifer heterogeneity using outcrop analogs at the Canadian Forces Base Borden, Ontario, Canada

2015110: GSA Bulletin , 2015. S.T. McKinney et al. Evaluating rare earth element (REE) mineralization mechanisms in Proterozoic gneiss, Music Valley, California

2015111: Lithosphere , 2015. W. Cao et al. Tracking paleodeformational fields in the Mesozoic central Sierra Nevada arc: Implications for intra-arc cyclic deformation and arc tempos

2015112: Lithosphere , 2015. R. Zhou and L.M. Schoenbohm Late Miocene upper-crustal deformation within the interior of the southern Puna Plateau, central Andes

2015113: Geology , 2015. B. Rasmussen et al. Precipitation of iron silicate nanoparticles in early Precambrian oceans marks Earth’s first iron age

2015114: Geology , 2015. A.H. Kasprak et al. Episodic photic zone euxinia in the northeastern Panthalassic Ocean during the end-Triassic extinction

2015115: Geology , 2015. M.J. Hole The generation of continental flood basalts by decompression melting of internally heated mantle

2015116: Geology , 2015. A.J. Cavosie et al. Nanoscale records of ancient shock deformation: Reidite (ZrSiO4) in sandstone at the Ordovician Rock Elm impact crater

2015117: Geology , 2015. K. Genareau et al. Lightning-induced volcanic spherules

2015118: Geology , 2015. N.L. Swanson-Hysell et al. Stratigraphy and geochronology of the Tambien Group, Ethiopia: Evidence for globally synchronous carbon isotope change in the Neoproterozoic

2015119: Geology , 2015. Y.P. Maystrenko et al. Indication of deep groundwater flow through the crystalline rocks of southern Norway

2015120: Geology , 2015. G. Ratzov et al. Holocene turbidites record earthquake supercycles at a slow-rate plate boundary Total file size: 70.03 MB.

2015121: GSA Bulletin , 2015. S. W-P. Ng et al. Petrogenesis of Malaysian granitoids in the Southeast Asian tin belt: Part 2. U-Pb zircon geochronology and tectonic model

2015122: GSA Bulletin , 2015. B.K. Sell et al. Stratigraphic correlations using trace elements in apatite from Late Ordovician (Sandbian-Katian) K-bentonites of eastern North America

2015123: GSA Bulletin , 2015. C.T. Edwards et al. Strontium isotope (87Sr/86Sr) stratigraphy of Ordovician bulk carbonate: Implications for preservation of primary seawater values

2015124: Geology , 2015. C. Hensen et al. Strike-slip faults mediate the rise of crustal-derived fluids and mud volcanism in the deep sea

2015125: Geology , 2015. G. Roff et al. Rapid accretion of inshore reef slopes from the central Great Barrier Reef during the late Holocene

2015126: Geology , 2015. J.C. Grimmer et al. Early- to mid-Silurian extrusion wedge tectonics in the central Scandinavian Caledonides

2015127: Geology , 2015. S.P. Long et al. Synorogenic extension localized by upper-crustal thickening: An example from the Late Cretaceous Nevadaplano

2015128: Geology , 2015. C.H. Jones et al. Continental uplift through crustal hydration

2015129: Geology , 2015. J. Geersen et al. Pervasive deformation of an oceanic plate and relationship to large >Mw 8 intraplate earthquakes: The northern Wharton Basin, Indian Ocean

2015130: Geology , 2015. E.D. Lazarus and S. Armstrong Self-organized pattern formation in coastal barrier washover deposits

2015131: GSA Bulletin , 2015. S.H. Bastin et al. Paleoliquefaction in Christchurch, New Zealand

2015132: Geology , 2015. J.E. Johnson et al. Abiotic methane from ultraslow-spreading ridges can charge Arctic gas hydrates

2015133: Geology , 2015. M. Fox et al. Rapid exhumation in the Western Alps driven by slab detachment and glacial erosion

2015134: Geology , 2015. T.M. Erickson et al. Deformed monazite yields high-temperature tectonic ages

2015135: Geology , 2015. S. Lindström et al. Intense and widespread seismicity during the end-Triassic mass extinction due to emplacement of a large igneous province

2015136: Geology , 2015. S.W. Anderson et al. Exhumation by debris flows in the 2013 Colorado Front Range storm

2015137: GSA Bulletin , 2015. S.-Y. Liao et al. Late Paleozoic Woniusi basaltic province from Sibumasu terrane: Implications for the breakup of eastern Gondwana’s northern margin

2015138: GSA Bulletin , 2015. C.A. Evenchick et al. Evidence for protracted High Arctic large igneous province magmatism in the central Sverdrup Basin from stratigraphy, geochronology, and paleodepths of saucer-shaped sills

2015139: GSA Bulletin , 2015. D.P.G. Bond et al. An abrupt extinction in the Middle Permian (Capitanian) of the Boreal Realm (Spitsbergen) and its link to anoxia and acidification

2015140: Geology , 2015. I. Koulakov et al. Structural cause of a missed eruption in the Harrat Lunayyir basaltic field (Saudi Arabia) in 2009

2015141: GSA Bulletin , 2015. P.R. Eizenhöfer et al. Geochronological and Hf isotopic variability of detrital zircons in Paleozoic strata across the accretionary collision zone between the North China craton and Mongolian arcs and tectonic implications

2015142: Geology , 2015. R.J. Schindler et al. Sticky stuff: Redefining bedform prediction in modern and ancient environments

2015143: Geology , 2015. J.O. Herrle et al. Mid-Cretaceous High Arctic stratigraphy, climate, and Oceanic Anoxic Events

2015144: Geology , 2015. A.M. Doughty et al. Mismatch of glacier extent and summer insolation in Southern Hemisphere mid-latitudes

2015145: Geology , 2015. B.A. Black et al. Campanian Ignimbrite volcanism, climate, and the final decline of the Neanderthals

2015146: Geology , 2015. M. Schindler and M.F. Hochella, Jr. Soil memory in mineral surface coatings: Environmental processes recorded at the nanoscale

2015147: Geology , 2015. S.L. Pendleton et al. Rapid and early deglaciation in the central Brooks Range, Arctic Alaska

2015148: Geology , 2015. L.B. Cooper et al. Volatile budget of Tenerife phonolites inferred from textural zonation of S-rich haüyne

2015149: Geology , 2015. T. Jilbert et al. Glacio-isostatic control on hypoxia in a high-latitude shelf basin

2015150: Geology , 2015. E.H. Parker et al. Constraining lithologic variability along the Alleghanian detachment in the southern Appalachians using passive-source seismology

2015151: Geology , 2015. B.A. Schubert and A.H. Jahren Global increase in plant carbon isotope fractionation following the Last Glacial Maximum caused by increase in atmospheric pCO2

2015152: Geology , 2015. S. Wan et al. Human impact overwhelms long-term climate control of weathering and erosion in southwest China

2015153: Geology , 2015. T. Yamaguchi and R.D. Norris No place to retreat: Heavy extinction and delayed recovery on a Pacific guyot during the Paleocene–Eocene Thermal Maximum

2015154: Geology , 2015. S. Ferrero et al. Preserved near ultrahigh-pressure melt from continental crust subducted to mantle depths

2015155: Geology , 2015. Y.-H. Lee et al. Simultaneous mountain building in the Taiwan orogenic belt

2015156: Geology , 2015. N.M. Wright et al. Revision of Paleogene plate motions in the Pacific and implications for the Hawaiian-Emperor bend

2015157: Geology , 2015. A.D. Rooney et al. A Cryogenian chronology: Two long-lasting synchronous Neoproterozoic glaciations

2015158: GSA Bulletin , 2015. M.E. Holland et al. An imbricate midcrustal suture zone: The Mojave-Yavapai Province boundary in Grand Canyon, Arizona

2015159: Lithosphere , 2015. J.P. Butler et al. Paradigm lost: Buoyancy thwarted by the strength of the Western Gneiss Region (ultra)high-pressure terrane, Norway

2015160: Lithosphere , 2015. R.R. McFadden et al. Eocene extension and meteoric fluid flow in the Wildhorse detachment, Pioneer metamorphic core complex, Idaho

2015161: GSA Bulletin , 2015. B.A. Black et al. Siberian Traps volcaniclastic rocks and the role of magma-water interactions

2015162: GSA Bulletin , 2015. C. Yakymchuk et al. Paleozoic evolution of western Marie Byrd Land, Antarctica

2015163: Special Paper 513 , 2015. C.A. Snow and J.W. Shervais Cuesta Ridge ophiolite, San Luis Obispo, California: Implications for the origin of the Coast Range ophiolite

2015164: GSA Bulletin , 2015. M.A. Richards et al. Triggering of the largest Deccan eruptions by the Chicxulub impact

2015165: GSA Bulletin , 2015. H.J. Bradbury et al. Diagenesis of phosphatic hardgrounds in the Monterey Formation: A perspective from bulk and clumped isotope geochemistry

2015166: Geology , 2015. C. Glotzbach Deriving rock uplift histories from data-driven inversion of river profiles

2015167: Geology , 2015. M. Maffione et al. Forearc hyperextension dismembered the south Tibetan ophiolites Total file size: 47.27 MB.

2015168: Geology , 2015. W.-Y. Shao et al. Old continental zircons from a young oceanic arc, eastern Taiwan: Implications for Luzon subduction initiation and Asian accretionary orogeny

2015169: Lithosphere , 2015. V. Torres Acosta et al. Effect of vegetation cover on millennial-scale landscape denudation rates in East Africa

2015170: GSA Bulletin , 2015. R.M. Jerrett et al. A paleoclimatic and paleoatmospheric record from peatlands accumulating during the Cretaceous-Paleogene boundary event, Western Interior Basin, Canada

2015171: Geology , 2015. U. Ryb et al. Exhumation and uplift coupled with precipitation along the western Dead Sea Rift margin

2015172: Geology , 2015. R.C. Terry and M. Novak Where does the time go?: Mixing and the depth-dependent distribution of fossil ages

2015173: Geology , 2015. Y. Suganuma et al. Age of Matuyama-Brunhes boundary constrained by U-Pb zircon dating of a widespread tephra

2015174: Geology , 2015. M. Maino et al. Dating shallow thrusts with zircon (U-Th)/He thermochronometry—The shear heating connection

2015175: Geology , 2015. P.G. DeCelles and S.A. Graham Cyclical processes in the North American Cordilleran orogenic system

2015176: Special Paper 513 , 2015. R.M. Tosdal, and J.L. Wooden Construction of the Jurassic magmatic arc, southeast California and southwest Arizona

2015177: GSA Bulletin , 2015. B.R. Jicha et al. Early Holocene collapse of Volcán Parinacota, central Andes, Chile: Volcanological and paleohydrological consequences

2015178: GSA Bulletin , 2015. L. Clemenzi et al. Fluid pressure cycles, variations in permeability, and weakening mechanisms along low-angle normal faults: The Tellaro detachment, Italy

2015179: Lithosphere , 2015. T.K. Ambrose et al. Lateral extrusion, underplating, and out-of-sequence thrusting within the Himalayan metamorphic core, Kanchenjunga, Nepal

2015180: GSA Bulletin , 2015. V.J. Anderson et al. Paleoelevation records from lipid biomarkers: Application to the tropical Andes

2015181: Geology , 2015. C.T. Perry et al. Linking reef ecology to island building: Parrotfish identified as major producers of island-building sediment in the Maldives

2015182: Geology , 2015. Q. Ye et al. The survival of benthic macroscopic phototrophs on a Neoproterozoic snowball Earth

2015183: Geology , 2015. J.H. Nienhuis et al. What makes a delta wave-dominated?

2015184: Geology , 2015. P.S. Kench et al. Coral islands defy sea-level rise over the past century: Records from a central Pacific atoll

2015185: Geology , 2015. M.A. Karegar et al. A three-dimensional surface velocity field for the Mississippi Delta: Implications for coastal restoration and flood potential

2015186: Geology , 2015. J.H. Blöthe et al. Large landslides lie low: Excess topography in the Himalaya-Karakoram ranges

2015187: Geology , 2015. D. Pastor-Galán et al. One or two oroclines in the Variscan orogen of Iberia? Implications for Pangea amalgamation

2015188: Geology , 2015. E.C. Ferré et al. Focal mechanism of prehistoric earthquakes deduced from pseudotachylyte fabric

2015189: Geology , 2015. A. Columbu et al. Gypsum caves as indicators of climate-driven river incision and aggradation in a rapidly uplifting region Total file size: 58.66 MB.

2015190: Geology , 2015. C.C. Masteller et al. Kelp, cobbles, and currents: Biologic reduction of coarse grain entrainment stress

2015191: Geology , 2015. K. Pandur et al. Graphic-textured inclusions in apatite: Evidence for pegmatitic growth in a REE-enriched carbonatitic system

2015192: Geology , 2015. L.E. McGee et al. Mantle heterogeneity controls on small-volume basaltic volcanism

2015193: Geology , 2015. I.J. Orland et al. Direct measurements of deglacial monsoon strength in a Chinese stalagmite Total file size: 41.43 MB.

2015194: Lithosphere , 2015. T.S. Bidgoli et al. Low-temperature thermochronology of the Black and Panamint mountains, Death Valley, California: Implications for geodynamic controls on Cenozoic intraplate strain

2015195: Geology , 2015. S.T. Goldsmith et al. Evaluation of controls on silicate weathering in tropical mountainous rivers: Insights from the Isthmus of Panama

2015196: Geology , 2015. P.A. Selkin et al. Climate, dust, and fire across the Eocene-Oligocene transition, Patagonia

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