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2013001: Geology , 2013. J.L. Antinao and E. McDonald A reduced relevance of vegetation change for alluvial aggradation in arid zones

2013002: Geology , 2013. K.M. Edgar et al. Symbiont ‘bleaching’ in planktic foraminifera during the Middle Eocene Climatic Optimum

2013003: Geology , 2013. A.K. Schmitt et al. (U-Th)/He zircon and archaeological ages for a late prehistoric eruption in the Salton Trough (California, USA)

2013004: Geology , 2013. J. Quinteros and S.V. Sobolev Why has the Nazca plate slowed since the Neogene?

2013005: Geology , 2013. C. Fillon et al. Syntectonic sedimentation effects on the growth of fold-and-thrust belts

2013006: Geology , 2013. A.P. Webber et al. Golden plumes: Substantial gold enrichment of oceanic crust during ridge-plume interaction

2013007: Geology , 2013. M.G. Jackson et al. Parallel volcano trends and geochemical asymmetry of the Society Islands hotspot track

2013008: Geology , 2013. K.A. Dyez and A.C. Ravelo Late Pleistocene tropical Pacific temperature sensitivity to radiative greenhouse gas forcing

2013009: Geology , 2013. C.A. Ferguson et al. Silver Creek caldera—The tectonically dismembered source of the Peach Spring Tuff

2013010: Geology , 2013. M. Kunzmann et al. Zn isotope evidence for immediate resumption of primary productivity after snowball Earth

2013011: Geology , 2013. B. Chen et al. Petrological and Nd-Sr-Os isotopic constraints on the origin of high-Mg adakitic rocks from the North China Craton: tectonic implications

2013012: Geology , 2013. C.-D. Hillenbrand et al. Grounding-line retreat of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet from inner Pine Island Bay

2013013: Geology , 2013. J.J. Virtasalo et al. Iron isotope heterogeneity in pyrite fillings of Holocene worm burrows

2013014: Geology , 2013. R.J. Walker et al. Fault zone permeability structure evolution in basalts

2013015: Geology , 2013. C. Grove Submarine hydrothermal vent complexes in the Paleocene of the Faroe-Shetland Basin: Insights from three-dimensional seismic and petrographical data

2013016: Geology , 2013. K. Hirauchi et al. Weakening of the slab–mantle wedge interface induced by metasomatic growth of talc

2013017: Geology , 2013. R.B.J. Benson and P. Upchurch Diversity trends in the establishment of terrestrial vertebrate ecosystems: Interactions between spatial and temporal sampling biases

2013018: Geology , 2013. S.A.F. Smith et al. Coseismic recrystallization during shallow earthquake slip

2013019: Geology , 2013. K.D. Litasov et al. Solidus of alkaline carbonatite in the deep mantle

2013020: Geology , 2013. K.A. Hereid et al. Coral record of reduced El Niño activity in the early 15th to middle 17th centuries

2013021: Geology , 2013. K.E. Snell et al. Hot summers in the Bighorn Basin during the early Paleogene

2013022: Geology , 2013. B. Abily and G. Ceuleneer The dunitic mantle-crust transition zone in the Oman ophiolite: Residue of melt-rock interaction, cumulates from high-MgO melts, or both?

2013023: GSA Bulletin , 2013. E.W. Portenga et al. Low rates of bedrock outcrop erosion in the central Appalachian Mountains inferred from in situ 10Be

2013024: Geology , 2013. K.A. Evans et al. Banded iron formation to iron ore: A record of the evolution of Earth environments?

2013025: Geology , 2013. J.J. Brocks et al. Lipid taphonomy in the Proterozoic and the effect of microbial mats on biomarker preservation

2013026: Geology , 2013. J. Jin et al. Precisely locating the Ordovician equator in Laurentia

2013027: Geology , 2013. P. Lanari et al. Deciphering high-pressure metamorphism in collisional context using microprobe mapping methods: Application to the Stak eclogitic massif (northwest Himalaya)

2013028: Geology , 2013. O. Bartoli et al. Recovering the composition of melt and the fluid regime at the onset of crustal anatexis and S-type granite formation

2013029: Geology , 2013. J.M. García-Ruiz et al. Determining gypsum growth temperatures using monophase fluid inclusions—Application to the giant gypsum crystals of Naica, Mexico

2013030: Geology , 2013. I. Melendez et al. Biomarkers reveal the role of photic zone euxinia in exceptional fossil preservation: An organic geochemical perspective

2013031: Geology , 2013. M. Rohrssen et al. Lipid biomarkers record fundamental changes in the microbial community structure of tropical seas during the Late Ordovician Hirnantian glaciation

2013032: Geology , 2013. C.L. Batchelor et al. Variable history of Quaternary ice-sheet advance across the Beaufort Sea margin, Arctic Ocean

2013033: Geology , 2013. A.-M. Desaulty and F. Albarede Copper, lead, and silver isotopes solve a major economic conundrum of Tudor and early Stuart Europe

2013034: Lithosphere , 2013. J.A. Keeley et al. Pre- to syn-glacial rift-related volcanism in the Neoproterozoic (Cryogenian) Pocatello Formation, SE Idaho: New SHRIMP and CA-ID-TIMS constraints: Total file size: 25.84 MB.

2013035: Geology , 2013. J.P. Xu et al. Small-scale turbidity currents in a big submarine canyon

2013036: Geology , 2013. M.J. Flowerdew et al. Inferring sites of subglacial erosion using the Pb isotopic composition of ice-rafted feldspar: Examples from the Weddell Sea, Antarctica

2013037: Geology , 2013. N.D. Stansell et al. Lacustrine stable isotope record of precipitation changes in Nicaragua during the Little Ice Age and Medieval Climate Anomaly

2013038: Geology , 2013. D. Small et al. Provenance of North Atlantic ice-rafted debris during the last deglaciation—A new application of U-Pb rutile and zircon geochronology

2013039: Geology , 2013. L.K. Zoet at el. Accelerated subglacial erosion in response to stick-slip motion

2013040: Geology , 2013. A.R. Cabral et al. Direct dating of gold by radiogenic helium: Testing the method on gold from Diamantina, Minas Gerais, Brazil

2013041: Geology , 2013. J. Knies et al. Water mass denitrification during the latest Permian extinction in the Sverdrup Basin, Arctic Canada

2013042: Geology , 2013. A.B. Smith and R.B.J. Benson Marine diversity in the geological record and its relationship to surviving bedrock area, lithofacies diversity, and original marine shelf area

2013043: Geology , 2013. S.E. Grasby et al. Recurrent Early Triassic ocean anoxia

2013044: Geology , 2013. N. Nguyen et al. Rapid Pliocene uplift of Timor

2013045: Geology , 2013. J. Geldmacher et al. Influence of the Galápagos hotspot on the East Pacific Rise during Miocene superfast spreading

2013046: Geology , 2013. T.A. Dumitru et al. Eocene extension in Idaho generated massive sediment floods into the Franciscan trench and into the Tyee, Great Valley, and Green River basins

2013047: Geology , 2013. X.-G. Zhang et al. Earliest chitinozoans discovered in the Cambrian Duyun fauna of China

2013048: Geology , 2013. S. Carretier et al. Slope and climate variability control of erosion in the Andes of central Chile

2013049: Geology , 2013. A.V. Rowan et al. Drainage capture and discharge variations driven by glaciation in the Southern Alps, New Zealand: Total file size: 25.75 MB.

2013050: Geology , 2013. A.J. Calvert and S.E. McGeary Seismic reflection imaging of ultradeep roots beneath the eastern Aleutian island arc

2013051: Geology , 2013. T.R. Orr et al. Explosive eruptions triggered by rockfalls at Kīlauea volcano, Hawai'i: Total file size: 44.43 MB.

2013052: Geology , 2013. S.N. Montross et al. A microbial driver of chemical weathering in glaciated systems

2013053: Geology , 2013. C. Ó Cofaigh et al. An extensive and dynamic ice sheet on the West Greenland shelf during the last glacial cycle

2013054: Geology , 2013. A.P. Barth et al. Detrital zircon as a proxy for tracking the magmatic arc system: The California arc example

2013055: Geology , 2013. S. Kutterolf et al. A detection of Milankovitch frequencies in global volcanic activity

2013056: Geology , 2013. A.J. McCoy-West et al. Extreme persistence of cratonic lithosphere in the southwest Pacific: Paleoproterozoic Os isotopic signatures in Zealandia

2013057: Geology , 2013. V.K. Gahalaut et al. Aseismic plate boundary in the Indo-Burmese wedge, northwest Sunda Arc

2013058: Geology , 2013. D. Scarponi et al. Sequence stratigraphy and the resolution of the fossil record

2013059: Geology , 2013. L. Jane Applegarth et al. Direct observations of degassing-induced crystallization in basalts: Total file size: 36.5 MB.

2013060: Geology , 2013. J. Owen et al. Explosive subglacial rhyolitic eruptions in Iceland are fuelled by high magmatic H2O and closed-system degassing

2013061: GSA Bulletin , 2013. F. Corfu A century of U-Pb geochronology: The long quest towards concordance

2013062: Geology , 2013. G. Topuz et al. Jurassic accretionary complex and ophiolite from northeast Turkey: No evidence for the Cimmerian continent

2013063: Geology , 2013. A.R. Lechler and J. Galewsky Refining paleoaltimetry reconstructions of the Sierra Nevada, California using air parcel trajectories

2013064: GSA Bulletin , 2013. F. Chirouze et al. Tectonics, exhumation, and drainage evolution of the eastern Himalaya since 13 Ma from detrital geochemistry and thermochronology, Kameng River Section, Arunachal Pradesh

2013065: Geology , 2013. M.N. Spilde et al. Anthropogenic lead as a tracer of rock varnish growth: Implications for rates of formation

2013066: Geology , 2013. J.M. López-García et al. Small-mammal diversity in Spain during the late Pleistocene to early Holocene: Climate, landscape, and human impact

2013067: Geology , 2013. J.J. Ague et al. Discovery of ultrahigh-temperature metamorphism in the Acadian orogen, Connecticut, USA

2013068: Geology , 2013. L.R. Leighton et al. Ecological effects of the Paleozoic-Modern faunal transition: Comparing predation on Paleozoic brachiopods and molluscs

2013069: Geology , 2013. A.E. Lange et al. Diverse Sr isotope signatures preserved in mid-oceanic-ridge basalt plagioclase

2013070: Geology , 2013. N.C. Miller and D. Lizarralde Thick evaporites and early rifting in the Guaymas Basin, Gulf of California: Total file size: 47.15 MB.

2013071: GSA Bulletin , 2013. R.E. Dunn et al. A new chronology for middle Eocene–early Miocene South American Land Mammal Ages

2013072: GSA Bulletin , 2013. F. Marra et al. Geochemical fingerprints of volcanic materials: Identification of a pumice trade route from Pompeii to Rome

2013073: GSA Today, 2013. James P.M. Syvitski and G. Robert Brakenridge. Causation and avoidance of catastrophic flooding along the Indus River, Pakistan

2013074:Lithosphere, 2013. L.P. Beranek et al. Detrital zircon Hf isotopic compositions indicate a northern Caledonian connection for the Alexander terrane

2013075: GSA Bulletin , 2013. J.W.F. Waldron et al. Evaporite tectonics and the late Paleozoic stratigraphic development of the Cumberland basin, Appalachians of Atlantic: Total file size: 23.5 MB.

2013076: GSA Bulletin , 2013. T.F. Redfield and P.T. Osmundsen The long-term topographic response of a continent adjacent to a hyperextended margin: A case study from Scandinavia

2013077: GSA Bulletin , 2013. G. Di Vincenzo et al. Constraining the timing of fault reactivation: Eocene coseismic slip along a Late Ordovician ductile shear zone (northern Victoria Land, Antarctica)

2013078: Geology , 2013. A. Belousov et al. Video observations inside conduits of erupting geysers in Kamchatka, Russia, and their geological framework: Implications for the geyser mechanism: Total file size: 119.29 MB.

2013079: Geology , 2013. S.J. Feakins et al. Northeast African vegetation change over 12 m.y.

2013080: Geology , 2013. A. Hampel et al. Contrasting strike-slip motions on thrust and normal faults: Implications for space-geodetic monitoring of surface deformation

2013081: Geology , 2013. F.d.L. Mancilla et al. Delamination in the Betic Range: Deep structure, seismicity, and GPS motion

2013082: GSA Bulletin , 2013. J.S. Singleton Development of extension-parallel corrugations in the Buckskin-Rawhide metamorphic core complex, west-central Arizona

2013083: GSA Bulletin , 2013. W.T. Wang et al. Tertiary basin evolution along the northeastern margin of the Tibetan Plateau: Evidence for basin formation during Oligocene transtension

2013084: Geology , 2013. N. McQuarrie and D.J.J. van Hinsbergen Retrodeforming the Arabia-Eurasia collision zone: Age of collision versus magnitude of continental subduction

2013085: Geology , 2013. M. Ishii et al. M w 8.6 Sumatran earthquake of 11 April 2012: Rare seaward expression of oblique subduction

2013086: Geology , 2013. D. Cosentino et al. Refining the Mediterranean “Messinian gap” with high-precision U-Pb zircon geochronology, central and northern Italy

2013087: Geology , 2013. F.E. Jenner et al. Eoarchean within-plate basalts from southwest Greenland

2013088: Geology , 2013. T.E. Scharf et al. Strong rocks sustain ancient postorogenic topography in southern Africa

2013089: Geology , 2013. J. Rohde et al. 70 Ma chemical zonation of the Tristan-Gough hotspot track

2013090: Geology , 2013. P.K. Byrne et al. A sagging-spreading continuum of large volcano structure

2013091: Geology , 2013. J.K. Willenbring et al. Earth is (mostly) flat: Apportionment of the flux of continental sediment over millennial time scales

2013092: GSA Bulletin , 2013. G. Jiménez-Moreno et al. Vegetation, sea-level, and climate changes during the Messinian salinity crisis

2013093: Geology , 2013. A.M. Hudson and J. Quade Long-term east-west asymmetry in monsoon rainfall on the Tibetan Plateau: Total file size: 32.81 MB.

2013094: Geology , 2013. J. Rivera et al. Construction of an oceanic island: Insights from the El Hierro (Canary Islands) 2011–2012 submarine volcanic eruption

2013095: Geology , 2013. S. Lin and G.P. Beakhouse Synchronous vertical and horizontal tectonism at late stages of Archean cratonization and genesis of Hemlo gold deposit, Superior craton, Ontario, Canada

2013096: Geology , 2013. B.S. Rubidge et al. High-precision temporal calibration of Late Permian vertebrate biostratigraphy: U-Pb zircon constraints from the Karoo Supergroup, South Africa

2013097: Geology , 2013. Y. Peng et al. Oxygen isotope composition of meltwater from a Neoproterozoic glaciation in South China

2013098: Geology , 2013. C. Bertoni et al. Evidence for large-scale methane venting due to rapid drawdown of sea level during the Messinian Salinity Crisis

2013099: Geology , 2013. M.A. Kusiak et al. Mobilization of radiogenic Pb in zircon revealed by ion imaging: Implications for early Earth geochronology: Total file size: 29.84 MB.

2013100: Lithosphere , 2013. S. Jourdan et al. Short-lived fast erosional exhumation of the internal Western Alps during the late Early Oligocene: Constraints from geo-thermochronology of pro- and retro-side foreland basin sediments

2013101: GSA Bulletin , 2013. L.A. Solari et al. Late Cretaceous subduction of the continental basement of the Maya block (Rabinal Granite, central Guatemala): Tectonic implications for the geodynamic evolution of Central America

2013102: GSA Bulletin , 2013. R.V. Heermance et al. Climatic and tectonic controls on sedimentation and erosion during the Pliocene–Quaternary in Qaidam Basin (China)

2013103: GSA Today, 2013. S.F. Gallen et al.. Miocene rejuvenation of topographic relief in the southern Appalachians; [18MB]

2013104: GSA Bulletin, 2013. M.K. Raines et al. Sediment dispersal in an evolving foreland: Detrital zircon geochronology from Upper Jurassic and lowermost Cretaceous strata, Alberta Basin, Canada

2013105: GSA Bulletin , 2013. K.D. Surpless and E.J. Beverly Understanding a critical basinal link in Cretaceous Cordilleran paleogeography: Detailed provenance of the Hornbrook Formation, Oregon and California

2013106: GSA Bulletin , 2013. E. Hyland et al. Terrestrial paleoenvironmental reconstructions indicate transient peak warming during the early Eocene climatic optimum

2013107: GSA Bulletin , 2013. N.J. Finnegan and G. Balco Sediment supply, base level, braiding, and bedrock river terrace formation: Arroyo Seco, California, USA

2013108: Geology , 2013. N.S. Khan et al. Tracking sedimentation from the historic A.D. 2011 Mississippi River flood in the deltaic wetlands of Louisiana, USA

2013109: Geology , 2013. R.J. Carey et al. Convection in a volcanic conduit recorded by bubbles

2013110: Geology , 2013. M.R. Saltzman and A.R.C. Sedlacek Chemostratigraphy indicates a relatively complete Late Permian to Early Triassic sequence in the western United States

2013111: Geology , 2013. C. Magee et al. The influence of normal fault geometry on igneous sill emplacement and morphology

2013112: Geology , 2013. N. Heinemann et al. CO2 sequestration in a UK North Sea analogue for geological carbon storage

2013113: Geology , 2013. M.C. Quigley et al. Recurrent liquefaction in Christchurch, New Zealand, during the Canterbury earthquake sequence Total file size: 90.46 MB.

2013114: Geology , 2013. T. Stern et al. Instability of a lithospheric step beneath western North Island, New Zealand

2013115: Geology , 2013. J.L. Pederson et al. Colorado River chronostratigraphy at Lee’s Ferry, Arizona, and the Colorado Plateau bull’s-eye of incision

2013116: Geology , 2013. S. Eckert et al. Establishment of euxinic conditions in the Holocene Black Sea

2013117: Geology , 2013. X. Jiang et al. Uplift of the West Kunlun Range, northern Tibetan Plateau, dominated by brittle thickening of the upper crust

2013118: Geology , 2013. F.M. Dávila and A. Carter Exhumation history of the Andean broken foreland revisited

2013119: Geology , 2013. J.G. Gehling and M.L. Droser How well do fossil assemblages of the Ediacara Biota tell time?

2013120: Geology , 2013. P. Vernant et al. Erosion-induced isostatic rebound triggers extension in low convergent mountain ranges

2013121: Geology , 2013. N.M. Burnside et al. Man-made versus natural CO2 leakage: A 400 k.y. history of an analogue for engineered geological storage of CO2 Total file size: 18.83 MB.

2013122: Geology , 2013. A. Nicholas Morphodynamic diversity of the world’s largest rivers Total file size: 27.40 MB.

2013123: Geology , 2013. M.D. Ballmer et al. Non-hotspot volcano chains produced by migration of shear-driven upwelling toward the East Pacific Rise Total file size: 30.81 MB.

2013124: Geology , 2013. C.J. MacLeod et al. “Moist MORB” axial magmatism in the Oman ophiolite: The evidence against a mid-ocean ridge origin

2013125: Special Paper 495 , 2013. R.S. Hildebrand Mesozoic Assembly of the North American Cordillera

2013126: Geology , 2013. S. Silvestro et al. “Pervasive aeolian activity along rover Curiosity’s traverse in Gale Crater, Mars

2013127: Geology , 2013. M.E. McNamara et al. The fossil record of insect color illuminated by maturation experiments Total file size: 12.19 MB.

2013128: Geology , 2013. F.S. Genske et al. Oxygen isotopes in the Azores islands: Crustal assimilation recorded in olivine

2013129: Geology , 2013. K.E. Karlstrom et al. Mantle 3He and CO2 degassing in carbonic and geothermal springs of Colorado and implications for neotectonics of the Rocky Mountains

2013130: Geology , 2013. P. Meister Two opposing effects of sulfate reduction on carbonate precipitation in normal marine, hypersaline, and alkaline environments

2013131: Special Paper 494 , 2013. C. Armstrong et al. Provenance of volcanic clasts from the Santa Fe Group, Culebra graben of the San Luis Basin, Colorado: A guide to tectonic evolution

2013133: GSA Bulletin , 2013. K.J. Clark et al. Deriving a long paleoseismic record from a shallow-water Holocene basin next to the Alpine fault, New Zealand

2013134: Special Paper 494 , 2013. B.J. Drenth et al. Geophysical constraints on Rio Grande rift structure in the central San Luis Basin, Colorado and New Mexico

2013136: Special Paper 494 , 2013. C.A. Ruleman et al. Late Miocene–Pleistocene evolution of a Rio Grande rift subbasin, Sunshine Valley–Costilla Plain, San Luis Basin, New Mexico and Colorado

2013138: GSA Bulletin , 2013. G. Arp et al. Chemical and ecological evolution of the Miocene Ries impact crater lake, Germany: A reinterpretation based on the Enkingen (SUBO 18) drill core

2013140: GSA Bulletin , 2013. W. Montero P. et al. Neotectonic faulting and forearc sliver motion along the Atirro–Río Sucio fault system, Costa Rica, Central America

2013141: GSA Bulletin , 2013. E.R. Howell and R.C. Blakey Sedimentological constraints on the evolution of the Cordilleran arc: New insights from the Sonsela Member, Upper Triassic Chinle Formation, Petrified Forest National Park (Arizona, USA)

2013142: Geology , 2013. L.A. Buatois et al. Environmental tolerance and range offset of Treptichnus pedum: Implications for the recognition of the Ediacaran-Cambrian boundary

2013143: Geology , 2013. Y. Lavallée et al. Reconstructing magma failure and the degassing network of dome-building eruptions Total file size: 116.89 MB.

2013144: Geology , 2013. H. Buurman et al. Using repeating volcano-tectonic earthquakes to track post-eruptive activity in the conduit system at Redoubt Volcano, Alaska

2013145: GSA Bulletin , 2013. T.M. Gibson et al. Depositional history, tectonics, and detrital zircon geochronology of Ordovician and Devonian strata in southwestern Mongolia

2013146: GSA Bulletin , 2013. Y.Y. Zhang et al. Early Carboniferous collision of the Kalamaili orogenic belt, North Xinjiang, and its implications: Evidence from molasse deposits

2013147: Geology , 2013. S. Sturm et al. The Ries impact, a double-layer rampart crater on Earth

2013148: Geology , 2013. S. Ólafsdóttir et al. Synchronizing Holocene lacustrine and marine sediment records using paleomagnetic secular variation

2013149: Geology , 2013. E. Padrón et al. Diffusive helium emissions as a precursory sign of volcanic unrest

2013150: Geology , 2013. E.S. Kite et al. Growth and form of the mound in Gale Crater, Mars: Slope wind enhanced erosion and transport

2013151: GSA Bulletin , 2013. F. Balsamo et al. Structural control on iron-oxide concretions and Liesegang bands in poorly lithified sandstone

2013152: GSA Bulletin , 2013. C. McCleod et al. Characterizing the continental basement of the Central Andes: Constraints from Bolivian crustal xenoliths

2013153: Geology , 2013. J.M. González-Jiménez et al. The architecture of the European-Mediterranean lithosphere: A synthesis of the Re-Os evidence

2013154: Geology , 2013. G.J. Crutchley et al. Drivers of focused fluid flow and methane seepage at south Hydrate Ridge, offshore Oregon, USA

2013155: Geology , 2013. C. Tirel et al. A plate tectonics oddity: Caterpillar-walk exhumation of subducted continental crust Total file size: 10.54 MB.

2013156: Geology , 2013. L. Gurioli et al. Classification, landing distribution, and associated flight parameters for a bomb field emplaced during a single major explosion at Stromboli, Italy

2013157: Geology , 2013. A. Bauville and S.M. Schmalholz Thermo-mechanical model for the finite strain gradient in kilometer-scale shear zones

2013158: Geology , 2013. V.S. Kamenetsky et al. Noble metals potential of sulfide-saturated melts from the subcontinental lithosphere

2013159: Geology , 2013. E. Schneebeli-Hermann et al. Evidence for atmospheric carbon injection during the end-Permian extinction

2013160: Geology , 2013. V.M. Cumming et al. Anoxia in the terrestrial environment during the late Mesoproterozoic

2013161: Geology , 2013. J.J. Zambito and K.C. Benison Extremely high temperatures and paleoclimate trends recorded in Permian ephemeral lake halite

2013162: Geology , 2013. M. Raitzsch and B. Hönisch Cenozoic boron isotope variations in benthic foraminifers

2013163: Geology , 2013. L.J. Slater and M.B. Singer Imprint of climate and climate change in alluvial riverbeds: Continental United States, 1950–2011

2013164: Geology , 2013. M.F. Etayo-Cadavid et al. Marine radiocarbon reservoir age variation in Donax obesulus shells from northern Peru: Late Holocene evidence for extended El Niño

2013165: Geology , 2013. R.G. Cawthorn Rare earth element abundances in apatite in the Bushveld Complex—A consequence of the trapped liquid shift effect

2013166: Geology , 2013. C.A. McRoberts et al. Original spotted patterns on Middle Devonian phacopid trilobites from western and central New York

2013167: Geology , 2013. J.J. Valenza et al. Geochemical controls on shale microstructure

2013168: Geology , 2013. S. Rougier et al. Eocene exhumation of the Tuareg Shield (Sahara Desert, Africa)

2013169: Geology , 2013. J. Lopez Saez et al. Climate change increases frequency of shallow spring landslides in the French Alps

2013171: Lithosphere , 2013. B. Wan et al. Permian hornblende gabbros in the Chinese Altai from a subduction-related hydrous parent magma, not from the Tarim mantle plume

2013172: GSA Bulletin , 2013. J.C. Arkle et al. Focused exhumation in the syntaxis of the western Chugach Mountains and Prince William Sound, Alaska

2013173: Lithosphere , 2013. F. Horton and M.L. Leech Age and origin of granites in the Karakoram shear zone and Greater Himalaya Sequence, NW India

2013174: Geology , 2013. C.E. Sogot et al. Biogeographical and ecological patterns in bryozoans across the Cretaceous-Paleogene boundary: Implications for the phytoplankton collapse hypothesis

2013175: Geology , 2013. J.O.S. Hammond et al. Mantle upwelling and initiation of rift segmentation beneath the Afar Depression

2013176: Geology , 2013. T.M. Gallagher and N.D. Sheldon A new paleothermometer for forest paleosols and its implications for Cenozoic climate

2013177: Geology , 2013. C.H. House et al. Carbon isotopic analyses of ca. 3.0 Ga microstructures imply planktonic autotrophs inhabited Earth’s early oceans

2013178: Geology , 2013. L.V. Godfrey et al. Stability of the nitrogen cycle during development of sulfidic water in the redox-stratified late Paleoproterozoic Ocean

2013179: Geology , 2013. J. Nakajima et al. Intermediate-depth earthquakes facilitated by eclogitization-related stresses

2013180: Geology , 2013. M.L. Gomes and M.T. Hurtgen Sulfur isotope systematics of a euxinic, low-sulfate lake: Evaluating the importance of the reservoir effect in modern and ancient oceans

2013181: Lithosphere , 2013. A.E. Blythe and N. Longinotti Exhumation of the southern Sierra Nevada/eastern Tehachapi Mountains constrained by low-temperature thermochronology: Implications for the initiation of the Garlock fault

2013182: Geology , 2013. G.D. Thackray et al. Holocene scarp on the Sawtooth fault, central Idaho, USA, documented through lidar topographic analysis

2013183: Geology , 2013. E.F. Baxter and M.J. Caddick Garnet growth as a proxy for progressive subduction zone dehydration

2013184: Geology , 2013. L.C. Skinner et al. North Atlantic versus Southern Ocean contributions to a deglacial surge in deep ocean ventilation

2013185: Geology , 2013. S. Dong et al. What drove continued continent-continent convergence after ocean closure? Insights from high-resolution seismic-reflection profiling across the Daba Shan in central China

2013186: Geology , 2013. N.H. Warner et al. Fill and spill of giant lakes in the eastern Valles Marineris region of Mars

2013187: Geology , 2013. T. Fusswinkel et al. Fluid mixing forms basement-hosted Pb-Zn deposits: Insight from metal and halogen geochemistry of individual fluid inclusions

2013188: Geology , 2013. A.J. Berry et al. Quantitative mapping of the oxidative effects of mantle metasomatism

2013189: Geology , 2013. R.G. Cawthorn and S.J. Webb Cooling of the Bushveld Complex, South Africa: Implications for paleomagnetic reversals

2013190: Geology , 2013. M.C. Macklin et al. Reach-scale river dynamics moderate the impact of rapid Holocene climate change on floodwater farming in the desert Nile

2013191: Geology , 2013. K.M. Keranen et al. Potentially induced earthquakes in Oklahoma, USA: Links between wastewater injection and the 2011 Mw 5.7 earthquake sequence

2013192: Geology , 2013. S. Kutterolf et al. Combined bromine and chlorine release from large explosive volcanic eruptions: A threat to stratospheric ozone?

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