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2012001: GSA Bulletin, 2012. G.A. Kurz et al. U-Pb geochronology and geochemistry of intrusive rocks from the Cougar Creek Complex, Wallowa arc terrane, Blue Mountains Province, Oregon-Idaho

2012002: GSA Bulletin, 2012. S. Castonguay et al. Timing of tectonometamorphism across the Green Mountain anticlinorium, northern Vermont Appalachians: 40Ar/39Ar data and correlations with southern Quebec

2012003: GSA Bulletin, 2012. H.-H. Wei et al. Multiple controls on rift basin sedimentation in volcanic settings: Insights from the anatomy of a small Early Cretaceous basin in the Yanshan belt, northern North China

2012004: GSA Bulletin, 2012. A. Gellis et al. Erosion, storage, and transport of sediment in two subbasins of the Rio Puerco, New Mexico

2012005: Geology, 2012. I. Yeo et al. Eruptive hummocks: Building blocks of the upper ocean crust

2012006: Geology, 2012. C. Grall et al. Heat flow in the Sea of Marmara Central Basin: Possible implications for the tectonic evolution of the North Anatolian fault: File size: 13.0 MB.

2012007: Geology, 2012. J. Peakall et al. Global (latitudinal) variation in submarine channel sinuosity

2012008: Geology, 2012. A. Davies et al. El Niño–Southern Oscillation variability from the Late Cretaceous Marca Shale of California

2012009: Geology, 2012. D.R. Franco et al. Millennial-scale climate cycles in Permian–Carboniferous rhythmites: Permanent feature throughout geologic time?

2012010: Geology, 2012. J.S. Lackey et al. Dynamic growth of garnet in granitic magmas

2012011: Geology, 2012. N.T. Bridges et al. Planet-wide sand motion on Mars

2012012: Geology, 2012. T.O. Rooney et al. Elevated mantle temperature beneath East Africa

2012013: Geology, 2012. C.H. Tao et al. First active hydrothermal vents on an ultraslow-spreading center: Southwest Indian Ridge

2012014: Geology, 2012. H.T. Berglund et al. Distributed deformation across the Rio Grande Rift, Great Plains, and Colorado Plateau

2012015: Geology, 2012. M. Quigley et al. Surface rupture during the 2010 Mw 7.1 Darfield (Canterbury) earthquake: Implications for fault rupture dynamics and seismic-hazard analysis

2012016: Geology, 2012. S.H. Xia et al. Three-dimensional tomographic model of the crust beneath the Hong Kong region

2012017: Geology, 2012. S.R. Meyers et al. Intercalibration of radioisotopic and astrochronologic time scales for the Cenomanian-Turonian boundary interval, Western Interior Basin, USA: File size: 24.6 MB.

2012018: Geology, 2012. V.C. Manea et al. Chilean flat slab subduction controlled by overriding plate thickness and trench rollback: File size: 14.6 MB.

2012019: Geology, 2012. C. Tueckmantel et al. Two-phase fluid flow properties of cataclastic fault rocks: Implications for CO2 storage in saline aquifers

2012020: GSA Bulletin, 2012. M.D. Schmitz and V.I. Davydov Quantitative radiometric and biostratigraphic calibration of the Pennsylvanian–Early Permian (Cisuralian) time scale and pan-Euramerican chronostratigraphic correlation

2012021: Geology, 2012. C. Huber et al. Crystal-poor versus crystal-rich ignimbrites: A competition between stirring and reactivation

2012022: Geology, 2012. N. Kramer et al. Using ground penetrating radar to ‘unearth’ buried beaver dams

2012023: Geology, 2012. H. Sanei et al. Latest Permian mercury anomalies

2012024: Geology, 2012. T. Bosak et al. Possible early foraminiferans in post-Sturtian (716−635 Ma) cap carbonates

2012025: Geology, 2012. N.J. Butterfield and T.H.P. Harvey Small carbonaceous fossils (SCFs): A new measure of early Paleozoic paleobiology

2012026: Geology, 2012. C.E. Bond et al. What makes an expert effective at interpreting seismic images?

2012027: Geology, 2012. J. Dal Corso et al. Discovery of a major negative 13C spike in the Carnian (Late Triassic) linked to the eruption of Wrangellia flood basalts

2012028: Geology, 2012. B. Rasmussen et al. Tranquillityite: The last lunar mineral comes down to Earth

2012029: GSA Bulletin, 2012. M.S. Wong et al. Late Ottawan extension in the eastern Adirondack Highlands: Structural and zircon and monazite geochronologic evidence

2012030: GSA Bulletin, 2012. M.D. Thompson et al. Avalonian perspectives on Neoproterozoic paleogeography

2012031: Lithosphere, 2012. B. Grasemann et al. Miocene bivergent crustal extension in the Aegean: Evidence from the western Cyclades (Greece)

2012032: Geology, 2012. M. Parra et al. Detecting earliest shortening and deformation advance in thrust belt hinterlands: Example from the Colombian Andes

2012033: Geology, 2012. C.-Y. Wang et al. Transient change in groundwater temperature after earthquakes

2012034: Geology, 2012. E.T. Goergen and D.L. Whitney Corona networks as three-dimensional records of transport scale and pathways during metamorphism

2012035: Geology, 2012. G.D.M. Andrews et al. Pleistocene reversal of the Fraser River, British Columbia

2012036: Geology, 2012. A.M. Minakov and Y.Y. Podladchikov Tectonic subsidence of the Lomonosov Ridge

2012037: Geology, 2012. C. Winguth and A.M.E. Winguth Simulating Permian–Triassic oceanic anoxia distribution: Implications for species extinction and recovery

2012038: Geology, 2012. X.Z. Yang and C. McCammon Fe3+-rich augite and high electrical conductivity in the deep lithosphere

2012039: Geology, 2012. E. Sutra and G. Manatschal How does the continental crust thin in a hyperextended rifted margin? Insights from the Iberia margin

2012040: Geology, 2012. A. Rohrmann et al. Thermochronologic evidence for plateau formation in central Tibet by 45 Ma

2012041: Lithosphere, 2012. K. Karlstrom et al. Mantle-driven dynamic uplift of the Rocky Mountains and Colorado Plateau and its surface response: Toward a unified hypothesis

2012042: Geology, 2012. A.M. Trehu et al. Subducted seamounts and recent earthquakes beneath the central Cascadia forearc

2012043: Geology, 2012. O. Friedrich et al. Evolution of middle to Late Cretaceous oceans—A 55 m.y. record of Earth’s temperature and carbon cycle

2012044: Geology, 2012. K.R. Hendry et al. Abrupt changes in high-latitude nutrient supply to the Atlantic during the last glacial cycle

2012045: Geology, 2012. K.A. Refsnider et al. Subglacial carbonates constrain basal conditions and oxygen isotopic composition of the Laurentide Ice Sheet over Arctic Canada

2012046: Geology, 2012. G.T. Lloyd et al. Comparative quality and fidelity of deep-sea and land-based nannofossil records

2012048: Geology, 2012. B.S. Wade et al. Multiproxy record of abrupt sea-surface temperature cooling across the Eocene-Oligocene transition in the Gulf of Mexico

2012049: Geology, 2012. D.R. Pyles et al. Flow processes and sedimentation associated with erosion and filling of sinuous submarine channels

2012050: Lithosphere, 2012. M. Doe et al. Basin formation near the end of the 1.60–1.45 Ga tectonic gap in southern Laurentia: Mesoproterozoic Hess Canyon Group of Arizona and implications for ca. 1.5 Ga supercontinent configurations

2012051: GSA Bulletin, 2012. P. Japsen et al. Episodic burial and exhumation in NE Brazil after opening of the South Atlantic

2012052: Lithosphere, 2012. S. Miller et al. Transient fluvial incision and active surface uplift in the Woodlark rift of eastern Papua New Guinea

2012053: Geology, 2012. H.J. Falcon-Lang and E. Peralta-Medina Cretaceous forest composition and productivity inferred from a global fossil wood database

2012054: Geology, 2012. B. Peucker-Ehrenbrink et al. Rhenium-osmium isotope systematics and platinum group element concentrations in oceanic crust

2012055: Geology, 2012. C. Serié et al. Gas hydrate pingoes: Deep seafloor evidence of focused fluid flow on continental margins

2012056: Geology, 2012. P.D. Clift et al. U-Pb zircon dating evidence for a Pleistocene Sarasvati River and capture of the Yamuna River

2012057: Geology, 2012. M.J. Hornbach et al. Detecting hydrate and fluid flow from bottom simulating reflector depth anomalies

2012058: Geology, 2012. J.D. Schiffbauer et al. The origin of intracellular structures in Ediacaran metazoan embryos: Total file size: 65 MB.

2012059: Geology, 2012. J. Mercadier et al. Boron- and magnesium-rich marine brines at the origin of giant unconformity-related uranium deposits: δ11B evidence from Mg-tourmalines

2012060: Geology, 2012. B. Savage Seismic constraints on the water flux delivered to the deep Earth by subduction

2012061: Geology, 2012. J.-L. Paquette and J.-L. Le Pennec 3.8 Ga zircons sampled by Neogene ignimbrite eruptions in Central Anatolia

2012062: Geology, 2012. F. Waldhauser et al. Splay faults imaged by fluid-driven aftershocks of the 2004 Mw 9.2 Sumatra-Andaman earthquake

2012063: Geology, 2012. D. Melnick et al. Splay fault slip during the Mw 8.8 2010 Maule Chile earthquake

2012064: Geology, 2012. M.W. Hohbein et al. Onset of North Atlantic Deep Water production coincident with inception of the Cenozoic global cooling trend

2012065: Geology, 2012. M.S. Lachniet et al. A 2400 yr Mesoamerican rainfall reconstruction links climate and cultural change

2012066: Geology, 2012. A.M.E. Winguth et al. Global decline in ocean ventilation, oxygenation, and productivity during the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum: Implications for the benthic extinction

2012067: Geology, 2012. R.J. Carpenter et al. Near-tropical Early Eocene terrestrial temperatures at the Australo-Antarctic margin, western Tasmania

2012068: Geology, 2012. D. Dempsey et al. Energetics of normal earthquakes on dip-slip faults

2012069: Geology, 2012. M.M. Joachimski et al. Climate warming in the latest Permian and the Permian–Triassic mass extinction

2012070: GSA Bulletin, 2012. Y. Enzel et al. Late Quaternary weathering, erosion, and deposition in Nahal Yael, Israel: An “impact of climatic change on an arid watershed”

2012071: GSA Bulletin, 2012. J. Saylor et al. Discriminating rapid exhumation from syndepositional volcanism using detrital zircon double dating: Implications for the tectonic history of the Eastern Cordillera, Colombia

2012072: GSA Bulletin, 2012. T. Algeo et al. Evidence for a diachronous Late Permian marine crisis from the Canadian Arctic region

2012073: GSA Bulletin, 2012. C. Montes et al. Evidence for middle Eocene and younger land emergence in central Panama: Implications for Isthmus closure

2012074: Field Guide 25, Chapter 2, 2012. M. Martini et al. The Late Cretaceous fold-thrust belt in the Peña de Bernal–Tamazunchale area and its possible relationship to the accretion of the Guerrero Terrane

2012075: GSA Bulletin, 2012. M.S. Petronis et al. Controls on emplacement of the Caledonian Ross of Mull Granite, NW Scotland

2012076: GSA Bulletin, 2012. G.N. Mackey et al. Provenance of the Paleocene–Eocene Wilcox Group, western Gulf of Mexico basin: Evidence for integrated drainage of the southern Laramide Rocky Mountains and Cordilleran arc

2012077: Lithosphere, 2012. D.E. DeVecchio et al. Climate-controlled landscape evolution in the Western Transverse Ranges, California: Insights from Quaternary geochronology of the Saugus Formation and strath terrace flights: Total file size: 10.7 MB.

2012078: GSA Bulletin, 2012. R.O. Lease et al. Pulsed Miocene range growth in northeastern Tibet: Insights from Xunhua Basin magnetostratigraphy and provenance

2012079: GSA Today, 2012. T.A. LaMaskin. Detrital zircon facies of Cordilleran terranes in western North America

2012080: Geology, 2012. S.C. Xie et al. Microbial lipid records of highly alkaline deposits and enhanced aridity associated with significant uplift of the Tibetan Plateau in the Late Miocene

2012081: Geology, 2012. C.I. Schipper et al. Incipient melt segregation as preserved in subaqueous pyroclasts

2012082: Geology, 2012. W.L. Loope et al. Drought drove forest decline and dune building in eastern upper Michigan, USA, as the upper Great Lakes became closed basins

2012083: Geology, 2012. T.L. Pratt Kinematics of the New Madrid seismic zone, central United States, based on stepover models

2012084: Field Guide 25, Chapter 5, 2012. G. Carrasco-Núñez et al. Recent explosive volcanism at the eastern Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt: Total file size: 28 MB.

2012085: Lithosphere, 2012. R.E. Anderson et al. Timing, magnitude, and style of Miocene deformation, west-central Walker Lane belt, Nevada

2012086: Geology, 2012. J.T. Eggenhuisen and W.D. McCaffrey Dynamic deviation of fluid pressure from hydrostatic pressure in turbidity currents

2012087: Geology, 2012. T. Tamura et al. Origin and evolution of interdistributary delta plains; insights from Mekong River delta

2012088: Geology, 2012. E.C. Clites et al. The advent of hard-part structural support among the Ediacara biota: Ediacaran harbinger of a Cambrian mode of body construction

2012089: Geology, 2012. M.J. Heap et al. How tough is tuff in the event of fire?

2012090: Geology, 2012. N.V. Reznichenko et al. A new technique for identifying rock avalanche–sourced sediment in moraines and some paleoclimatic implications

2012091: Geology, 2012. J.A. Coe Regional moisture balance control of landslide motion: Implications for landslide forecasting in a changing climate

2012092: Geology, 2012. R.L. Thorne et al. Climate change and the formation of nickel laterite deposits

2012093: Geology, 2012. G. Le Roux et al. Volcano- and climate-driven changes in atmospheric dust sources and fluxes since the Late Glacial in Central Europe

2012094: Geology, 2012. M.J. Benton No gap in the Middle Permian record of terrestrial vertebrates

2012095: Geology, 2012. T. Cowton et al. Rapid erosion beneath the Greenland ice sheet

2012096: Geology, 2012. P.S. Kench et al. Rapid reef island formation and stability over an emerging reef flat: Bewick Cay, northern Great Barrier Reef, Australia

2012097: Geology, 2012. M.E. Thomas and J. Neuberg What makes a volcano tick—A first explanation of deep multiple seismic sources in ascending magma

2012098: Geology, 2012. M. Davis et al. Constant cosmogenic nuclide concentrations in sand supplied from the Nile River over the past 2.5 m.y.

2012099: Geology, 2012. J. Adam et al. Hadean greenstones from the Nuvvuagittuq fold belt and the origin of the Earth’s early continental crust

2012100: Geology, 2012. A.M. McCaig and M. Harris Hydrothermal circulation and the dike-gabbro transition in the detachment mode of slow seafloor spreading

2012101: Geology, 2012. T.J. Nagel et al. Generation of Eoarchean tonalite-trondhjemite-granodiorite series from thickened mafic arc crust

2012102: GSA Bulletin, 2012. K. Tsukui and W.C. Clyde Fine-tuning the calibration of the early to middle Eocene geomagnetic polarity time scale: Paleomagnetism of radioisotopically dated tuffs from Laramide foreland basins

2012103: Field Guide 25, Chapter 7, 2012. J.J. Aranda-Gómez et al. Geology and tectonics of the southeastern portion of the Sierra de Guanajuato

2012104: GSA Bulletin, 2012. B.R. Jicha et al. Geology and 40Ar/39Ar geochronology of the medium- to high-K Tanaga volcanic cluster, western Aleutians

2012105: Field Guide 25, Chapter 8, 2012. J.L. Macías et al. Geology and geochronology of Tláloc, Telapón, Iztaccíhuatl, and Popocatépetl volcanoes, Sierra Nevada, Central Mexico

2012106: GSA Bulletin, 2012. T. Mochales et al. Chronostratigraphy of the Boltaña anticline and the Ainsa Basin (southern Pyrenees): Total file size: 87 MB.

2012107: GSA Bulletin, 2012. P. Clift et al. Evolving heavy mineral assemblages reveal changing exhumation and trench tectonics in the Mesozoic Chugach accretionary complex, south-central Alaska

2012108: GSA Bulletin, 2012. T. Hadlari et al. Two detrital zircon signatures for the Cambrian passive margin of northern Laurentia highlighted by new U-Pb results from northern Canada

2012109: Geology, 2012. A. Polat Growth of Archean continental crust in oceanic island arcs

2012110: GSA Bulletin, 2012. Z.X. Shen et al. Rapid and widespread response of the Lower Mississippi River to eustatic forcing during the last glacial-interglacial cycle

2012111: Geology, 2012. A.L.C. Hughes et al. Rapid response of Helheim Glacier, southeast Greenland, to early Holocene climate warming

2012112: Geology, 2012. K.G. Miller et al. High tide of the warm Pliocene: Implications of global sea level for Antarctic deglaciation

2012113: Geology, 2012. Y. Ichiyama et al. Picrites in central Hokkaido: Evidence of extremely high temperature magmatism in the Late Jurassic ocean recorded in an accreted oceanic plateau

2012114: Geology, 2012. C.L. McLeod et al. Disequilibrium melting during crustal anatexis and implications for modeling open magmatic systems

2012115: Geology, 2012. J.R. Anderson et al. High-pressure granulites at the dawn of the Proterozoic

2012116: Geology, 2012. C. Bonadonna and A. Costa Estimating the volume of tephra deposits: A new simple strategy

2012117: Geology, 2012. T.M. O’Brien and B.A. van der Pluijm Timing of Iapetus Ocean rifting from Ar geochronology of pseudotachylytes in the St. Lawrence rift system of southern Quebec

2012118: Geology, 2012. A. Kelbert et al. Crust and upper mantle electrical conductivity beneath the Yellowstone Hotspot Track: Total file size: 13.1 MB

2012119: Geology, 2012. J.P. Craddock et al. Vertical injectites of detachment carbonate ultracataclasite at White Mountain, Heart Mountain detachment, Wyoming

2012120: Geology, 2012. M.R. Reid et al. Melting under the Colorado Plateau, USA

2012121: Geology, 2012. B. Horgan and J.F. Bell Widespread weathered glass on the surface of Mars

2012122: Geology, 2012. V. Rogov et al. The oldest evidence of bioturbation on Earth

2012123: Geology, 2012. A. Lückge et al. Impact of Indus River discharge on productivity and preservation of organic carbon in the Arabian Sea over the twentieth century

2012124: Geology, 2012. Y. Be’eri-Shlevin et al. The Sa’al volcano-sedimentary complex (Sinai, Egypt): A latest Mesoproterozoic volcanic arc in the northern Arabian Nubian Shield

2012125: Geology, 2012. J. Michalski and P.B. Niles Atmospheric origin of Martian interior layered deposits: Links to climate change and the global sulfur cycle

2012126: Geology, 2012. N.S. Lefebvre et al. Spatter-dike reveals subterranean magma diversions: Consequences for small multivent basaltic eruptions: Total file size: 32.8 MB

2012127: Geology, 2012. D.J. Shillington et al. Evidence for widespread creep on the flanks of the Sea of Marmara transform basin from marine geophysical data

2012128: GSA Bulletin, 2012. A. Encinas et al. Major forearc subsidence and deep-marine Miocene sedimentation in the present Coastal Cordillera and Longitudinal Depression of south-central Chile (38°30′S–41°45′S)

2012130: Special Paper 487, 2012. B. Clements et al. Detrital zircon U-Pb age and Hf-isotope perspective on sediment provenance and tectonic models in SE Asia

2012131: Geology, 2012. J.-F. Moyen and J. van Hunen Short-term episodicity of Archaean plate tectonics

2012132: Geology, 2012. F. Brardinoni et al. Lithologic and glacially conditioned controls on regional debris-flow sediment dynamics

2012133: Geology, 2012. H. Løseth et al. World’s largest extrusive body of sand?

2012134: Geology, 2012. D.P. Braxton et al. From crucible to graben in 2.3 Ma: A high-resolution geochronological study of porphyry life cycles, Boyongan-Bayugo copper-gold deposits, Philippines

2012135: Geology, 2012. G. Lube et al. Energy growth in laharic mass flows

2012136: GSA Bulletin, 2012. Y.Y. Xiao et al. Trace-element transport during subduction-zone ultrahigh-pressure metamorphism: Evidence from western Tianshan, China

2012137: GSA Bulletin, 2012. J.P. Hibbard et al. Kinematics, U-Pb geochronology, and 40Ar/39Ar thermochronology of the Gold Hill shear zone, North Carolina: The Cherokee orogeny in Carolinia, Southern Appalachians

2012138: Lithosphere, 2012. B.K. Mukherjee et al. Exhumation history of the Karakoram fault zone mylonites: New constraints from microstructures, fluid inclusions, and 40Ar/39Ar analyses

2012139: Special Paper 487, 2012. V. Kundic et al. Single-grain 40Ar/39Ar ages of detrital muscovite from loess on Long Island, New York

2012140: GSA Bulletin, 2012. J.A. Warrick et al. The effects of wildfire on the sediment yield of a coastal California watershed

2012141: Special Paper 487 2012. M.P. Rodriguez et al. Cenozoic erosion in the Andean forearc in Central Chile (33°–34° S): Sediment provenance inferred by heavy mineral studies

2012142: Geology, 2012. D.E.J. Hobley et al. Reconstruction of a major storm event from its geomorphic signature: The Ladakh floods, 6 August 2010

2012143: Geology, 2012. G.F. Zellmer et al. Lower crustal H2O controls on the formation of adakitic melts

2012144: Geology, 2012. J.A. VanTongeren and E.A. Mathez Large-scale liquid immiscibility at the top of the Bushveld Complex, South Africa

2012145: Geology, 2012. R. Bartolome et al. Evidence for active strike-slip faulting along the Eurasia-Africa convergence zone: Implications for seismic hazard in the southwest Iberian margin

2012146: Geology, 2012. V.A. Petryshyn et al. Stromatolite lamination frequency, Walker Lake, Nevada: Implications for stromatolites as biosignatures

2012147: Geology, 2012. L.B. Horodyskyj et al. Substantial biologically mediated phosphorus depletion from the surface of a Middle Cambrian paleosol

2012148: Geology, 2012. N.H. Landman et al. Methane seeps as ammonite habitats in the U.S. Western Interior Seaway revealed by isotopic analyses of well-preserved shell material

2012149: Geology, 2012. S.E. Peters and D.P. Loss Storm and fair-weather wave base: A relevant distinction?: Total file size: 17.7 MB

2012150: Geology, 2012. M. Rigo et al. Oxygen isotopic evidence for Late Triassic monsoonal upwelling in the northwestern Tethys

2012151: Geology, 2012. M.G. Mángano et al. Nonbiomineralized carapaces in Cambrian seafloor landscapes (Sirius Passet, Greenland): Opening a new window into early Phanerozoic benthic ecology

2012152: Geology, 2012. B.A. Schubert et al. A summertime rainy season in the Arctic forests of the Eocene

2012153: GSA Today, 2012. G.J. Retallack and J.J. Roering, Wave-cut or water-table platforns of rocky coasts and rivers?

2012154: Geology, 2012. A.M. Hague et al. Convection of North Pacific deep water during the early Cenozoic

2012155: Geology, 2012. S. Lindström et al. No causal link between terrestrial ecosystem change and methane release during the end-Triassic mass extinction

2012156: Geology, 2012. J. Woodhead et al. Hf-Nd isotope variation in Mariana Trough basalts: The importance of “ambient mantle” in the interpretation of subduction zone magmas

2012157: Geology, 2012. D. Amblas et al. Survival of a submarine canyon during long-term outbuilding of a continental margin

2012158: Geology, 2012. M. Pacton et al. Going nano: A new step toward understanding the processes governing freshwater ooid formation

2012159: Geology, 2012. M. Wigley et al. Fluid-mineral reactions and trace metal mobilization in an exhumed natural CO2 reservoir, Green River, Utah

2012160: Geology, 2012. A. Ronchi et al. Detrital zircon provenance from the Neuquén Basin (south-central Andes): Cretaceous geodynamic evolution and sedimentary response in a retroarc-foreland basin

2012161: Geology, 2012. A.S.R. Allan et al. The invisible hand: Tectonic triggering and modulation of a rhyolitic supereruption

2012162: Geology, 2012. N. Hamon et al. Growth of subtropical forests in Miocene Europe: The roles of carbon dioxide and Antarctic ice volume

2012163: Geology, 2012. H. Fossen and V.V. Vetti Origin of contrasting Devonian supradetachment basin types in the Scandinavian Caledonides

2012164: Field Guide 28, Chapter 2, 2012. G. Molli Deformation and fluid flow during underplating and exhumation of the Adria continental margin: A one-day field trip in the Alpi Apuane (northern Apennines, Italy)

2012165: Geology, 2012. Y. You et al. Dynamics of dilative slope failure

2012166: Geology, 2012. E. Druguet et al. The tectonic significance of dikes of irregular fold-like shape

2012167: Geology, 2012. W.C. Hammond et al. Contemporary uplift of the Sierra Nevada, western United States, from GPS and InSAR measurements

2012168: Geology, 2012. P. Nuriel et al. U-Th dating of striated fault planes

2012169: Special Paper 487, 2012. N.R. Riggs et al. Provenance of Upper Triassic strata in southwestern North America as suggested by isotopic analysis and chemistry of zircon crystals

2012170: GSA Bulletin, 2012. C. Chan et al. Petrology of the Grays River volcanics, southwest Washington: Plume-influenced slab window magmatism in the Cascadia forearc

2012171: Special Paper 487, 2012. E.F. Palmer et al. Nunatak moraines as a repository of what lies beneath the East Antarctic ice sheet

2012172: Geology, 2012. B. Cordonnier et al. The viscous-brittle transition of crystal-bearing silicic melt: Direct observation of magma rupture and healing

2012173: Geology, 2012. A.J. Dickson et al. Seawater oxygenation during the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum

2012174: Geology, 2012. C.E. Bernhardt et al. Nile Delta vegetation response to Holocene climate variability

2012175: Geology, 2012. S. Sun et al. P-wave velocity differences between surface-derived and core samples from the Sulu ultrahigh-pressure terrane: Implications for in situ velocities at great depths

2012176: Geology, 2012. C. Bottini et al. Osmium-isotope evidence for volcanism, weathering, and ocean mixing during the early Aptian OAE 1a

2012177: Geology, 2012. S. Krause et al. Microbial nucleation of Mg-rich dolomite in exopolymeric substances under anoxic modern seawater salinity: New insight into an old enigma

2012178: Special Paper 487, 2012. J.L. Rothfuss et al. Application of detrital zircon provenance in paleogeographic reconstruction of an intermontane basin system, Paleogene Renova Formation, southwest Montana

2012179: Geology, 2012. G.L. Arnold et al. Extreme change in sulfide concentrations in the Black Sea during the Little Ice Age reconstructed using molybdenum isotopes

2012180: Geology, 2012. A. Zegeye et al. Green rust formation controls nutrient availability in a ferruginous water column

2012181: Geology, 2012. H.M.N. Wright et al. Estimating rates of decompression from textures of erupted ash particles produced by 1999–2006 eruptions of Tungurahua volcano, Ecuador

2012182: Geology, 2012. H. Bao et al. Massive atmospheric nitrate accumulation in a continental interior desert, northwestern China

2012183: GSA Bulletin, 2012. R.C. Carne and T.A. Little Geometry and scale of fault segmentation and deformational bulging along an active oblique-slip fault (Wairarapa fault, New Zealand)

2012184: Geology, 2012. C.M. John et al. Clay assemblage and oxygen isotopic constraints on the weathering response to the Paleocene-Eocene thermal maximum, east coast of North America

2012185: Geology, 2012. M.F. Sánchez Goñi et al. European climate optimum and enhanced Greenland melt during the Last Interglacial

2012186: Geology, 2012. A.E. Carlson et al. Northern Hemisphere forcing of the last deglaciation in southern Patagonia

2012187: Geology, 2012. J. Muller et al. Strengthening of the Northeast Monsoon over the Flores Sea, Indonesia, at the time of Heinrich event 1

2012188: Geology, 2012. M.A. Coble and G.A. Mahood Initial impingement of the Yellowstone plume located by widespread silicic volcanism contemporaneous with Columbia River flood basalts

2012189: Geology, 2012. J.M. González-Jiménez et al. Metamorphism disturbs the Re-Os signatures of platinum-group minerals in ophiolite chromitites

2012190: GSA Bulletin, 2012. D. Pastor-Galán et al. Analogue modeling of lithospheric-scale orocline buckling: Constraints on the evolution of the Iberian-Armorican Arc: Total file size: 47.7 MB

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