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2010211: GSA Bulletin, 2011. R. Dorsey et al. Stratigraphic record of basin development within the San Andreas fault system: Late Cenozoic Fish Creek–Vallecito basin, southern California

2011001: GSA Bulletin, 2011. A. Pullen et al. Metamorphic rocks in central Tibet: Lateral variations and implications for crustal structure

2011002: GSA Bulletin, 2011. F. Fuentes et al. Evolution of the Cordilleran foreland basin system in northwestern Montana, U.S.A.

2011003: GSA Bulletin, 2011. F. Paquet et al. Controls on active forearc basin stratigraphy and sediment fluxes: The Pleistocene of Hawke Bay, New Zealand

2011004: GSA Bulletin, 2011. A. Weislogel et al. Detrital zircon provenance from three turbidite depocenters of the Middle–Upper Triassic Songpan-Ganzi complex, central China: Record of collisional tectonics, erosional exhumation, and sediment production

2011005: GSA Bulletin, 2011. C. Jacobson et al. Late Cretaceous–early Cenozoic tectonic evolution of the southern California margin inferred from provenance of trench and forearc sediments

2011006: GSA Bulletin, 2011. F. Speranza et al. Paleomagnetic evidence for a post–1.2 Ma disruption of the Calabria terrane: Consequences of slab breakoff on orogenic wedge tectonics
   • 2011006Kr-Database.xls

2011007: GSA Bulletin, 2011. J. Conrad et al. Constraints on the development of Proterozoic basins in central India from 40Ar/39Ar analysis of authigenic glauconitic minerals

2011008: Lithosphere, 2011. Ö. Kozacı et al. Paleoseismologic evidence for the relatively regular recurrence of infrequent, large-magnitude earthquakes on the eastern North Anatolian fault at Yaylabeli, Turkey

2011009: GSA Bulletin, 2011. F. Phillips et al. Cosmogenic nuclide and uranium-series dating of old, high shorelines in the western Great Basin, USA

2011010: GSA Bulletin, 2011. S. Titus et al. Geologic versus geodetic deformation adjacent to the San Andreas fault, central California

2011011: GSA Bulletin, 2011. J. Carracedo et al. Evolution of ocean-island rifts: The northeast rift zone of Tenerife, Canary Islands: File size: 10.5 MB.

2011012: GSA Bulletin, 2011. R. Koehler and S. Wesnousky Late Pleistocene regional extension rate derived from earthquake geology of late Quaternary faults across the Great Basin, Nevada, between 38.5°N and 40°N latitude: File size: 16.2 MB.

2011013: GSA Bulletin, 2011. M. Fan et al. Sedimentology, detrital zircon geochronology, and stable isotope geochemistry of the lower Eocene strata in the Wind River Basin, central Wyoming

2011014: GSA Bulletin, 2011. Y. Wang et al. Intracontinental superimposed tectonics—A case study in the Western Hills of Beijing, eastern China

2011015: GSA Bulletin, 2011. P. Villamor et al. Associations between volcanic eruptions from Okataina volcanic center and surface rupture of nearby active faults, Taupo rift, New Zealand: Insights into the nature of volcano-tectonic interactions

2011016: GSA Bulletin, 2011. M. Salisbury et al. 40Ar/39Ar chronostratigraphy of Altiplano-Puna volcanic complex ignimbrites reveals the development of a major magmatic province

2011017: GSA Bulletin, 2011. E. Safran et al. Controls on large landslide distribution and implications for the geomorphic evolution of the southern interior Columbia River basin

2011018: GSA Bulletin, 2011. E. du Bray et al. Episodic intrusion, internal differentiation, and hydrothermal alteration of the Miocene Tatoosh intrusive suite south of Mount Rainier, Washington

2011019: GSA Bulletin, 2011. H. Wittmann et al. Sediment production and delivery in the Amazon River basin quantified by in situ–produced cosmogenic nuclides and recent river loads

2011020: GSA Bulletin, 2011. R. Amit et al. The role of the Nile in initiating a massive dust influx to the Negev late in the middle Pleistocene

2011021: GSA Bulletin, 2011. M. Jackson et al. Modeling the collapse of Hebes Chasma, Valles Marineris, Mars: Movie is 21.4 MB.

2011022: GSA Bulletin, 2011. R. Petterson et al. The Neoproterozoic Noonday Formation, Death Valley region, California

2011023: Geology, 2011. R.J. Newton et al. Low marine sulfate concentrations and the isolation of the European epicontinental sea during the Early Jurassic

2011024: Geology, 2011. M. Clementz et al. Early Eocene warming events and the timing of terrestrial faunal exchange between India and Asia

2011025: Geology, 2011. B.M. Chase et al. Late glacial interhemispheric climate dynamics revealed in South African hyrax middens

2011026: Geology, 2011. D.A. White et al. Cosmogenic nuclide evidence for enhanced sensitivity of an East Antarctic ice stream to change during the last deglaciation: File size: 10.9 MB.

2011027: Geology, 2011. R. Crow et al. Shrinking of the Colorado Plateau via lithospheric mantle erosion: Evidence from Nd and Sr isotopes and geochronology of Neogene basalts

2011028: Geology, 2011. D.P. Le Heron et al. Sea ice–free conditions during the Sturtian glaciation (early Cryogenian), South Australia

2011029: Geology, 2011. N. De Paola et al. Fault lubrication and earthquake propagation in thermally unstable rocks

2011030: Geology, 2011. Z.-X. Li and D.A.D. Evans Late Neoproterozoic 40° intraplate rotation within Australia allows for a tighter-fitting and longer-lasting Rodinia

2011031: Geology, 2011. A. Skelton Flux rates for water and carbon during greenschist facies

2011032: Geology, 2011. K. Tani et al. Termination of backarc spreading: Zircon dating of a giant oceanic core complex

2011033: Geology, 2011. S.A. Robinson Shallow-water carbonate record of the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum from a Pacific Ocean guyot

2011034: Geology, 2011. A. Flor et al. The ups and downs of levees: GPS–based change detection, Middle Mississippi River, USA

2011035: Geology, 2011. N. Brantut et al. Fast slip with inhibited temperature rise due to mineral dehydration: Evidence from experiments on gypsum

2011036: Geology, 2011. A. Newton et al. Changes in the Indonesian Throughflow during the past 2000 yr

2011037: Geology, 2011. A. Cabrera et al. Melt fracturing and healing: A mechanism for degassing and origin of silicic obsidian

2011038: Geology, 2011. Ø. Paasche and R. Løvlie Synchronized postglacial colonization by magnetotactic bacteria

2011039: Geology, 2011. I.F. Blanco-Quintero et al. Tectonic blocks in serpentinite mélange (eastern Cuba) reveal large-scale convective flow of the subduction channel

2011040: Geology, 2011. H.T. Mix et al. Cenozoic migration of topography in the North American Cordillera

2011041: Geology, 2011. I.D. Bastow et al. Precambrian plate tectonics: Seismic evidence from northern Hudson Bay, Canada

2011043: GSA Bulletin, 2011. F. Phillips et al. Chronology of late Cenozoic volcanic eruptions onto relict surfaces in the south-central Sierra Nevada, California

2011044: GSA Bulletin, 2011. Y. Axford et al. Chironomids record terrestrial temperature changes throughout Arctic interglacials of the past 200,000 yr

2011045: Geology, 2011. Hein et al. Exposure dating outwash gravels to determine the age of the greatest Patagonian glaciations

2011046: Geology, 2011. Dunhill Using remote sensing and a geographic information system to quantify rock exposure area in England and Wales: Implications for paleodiversity studies

2011047: GSA Bulletin, 2011. R. Gold et al. Faulted terrace risers place new constraints on the late Quaternary slip rate for the central Altyn Tagh fault, northwest Tibet

2011048: GSA Bulletin, 2011. B. Hough et al. Stable isotope evidence for topographic growth and basin segmentation: Implications for the evolution of the NE Tibetan Plateau

2011050: Geology, 2011. G. Gutiérrez-Alonso et al. Lithospheric delamination in the core of Pangea: Sm-Nd insights from the Iberian mantle

2011051: Geology, 2011. J. Whiteside and P. Ward Ammonoid diversity and disparity track episodes of chaotic carbon cycling during the early Mesozoic

2011052: Geology, 2011. A. Elmore and D. Wright North Atlantic Deep Water and climate variability during the Younger Dryas cold period

2011053: Lithosphere, 2011. D. Alvarado et al. Forearc motion and deformation between El Salvador and Nicaragua: GPS, seismic, structural, and paleomagnetic observations

2011054: Lithosphere, 2011. M. Busch et al. Geometry and evolution of rift-margin, normal-fault–bounded basins from gravity and geology, La Paz–Los Cabos region, Baja California Sur, Mexico

2011055: GSA Bulletin, 2011. K. Condie et al. Episodic Zircon Ages, Hf Isotopic Composition and the Preservation Rate of Continental Crust: .xls file.

2011056: GSA Bulletin, 2011. P. Druschke et al. Paleogeographic isolation of the Cretaceous to Eocene Sevier hinterland, east-central Nevada: Insights from U-Pb and (U-Th)/He detrital zircon ages of hinterland strata

2011057:GSA Bulletin, 2011. P. DeCelles et al. Oligocene-Miocene Kailas basin, southwestern Tibet: Record of postcollisional upper-plate extension in the Indus-Yarlung suture zone

2011058: Geology, 2011. C.T. Scott et al. Ammonoid diversity and disparity track episodes of chaotic carbon cycling during the early Mesozoic

2011059: Geology, 2011. C. Suavet et al. Constraining the terrestrial age of micrometeorites using their record of the Earth’s magnetic field polarity

2011060: Geology, 2011. J.P. Platt and W.M. Behr Lithospheric shear zones as constant stress experiments

2011061: Geology, 2011. M.A. Bermúdez et al. Asynchronous Miocene–Pliocene exhumation of the central Venezuelan Andes: File size: 17.5 MB.

2011062: Memoir 207, Chapter 11, 2011. D.D. van Reenen et al. Thrust exhumation of the Neoarchean ultrahigh-temperature Southern Marginal Zone, Limpopo Complex: Convergence of decompression-cooling paths in the highing wall and prograde P-T paths to the footwall

2011063: GSA Bulletin, 2011. E. Domack and P. Hoffman The Ghaub glaciation (635 Ma) on the distal foreslope of the Otavi carbonate platform, Namibia

2011064: GSA Bulletin, 2011. G. Hughes and G. Mahood Silicic calderas in arc settings: Characteristics, distribution, and tectonic controls

2011065: Geology, 2011. P. Jutras et al. Reinterpretation of James Hutton’s historic discovery on the Isle of Arran as a double unconformity masked by a phreatic calcrete hardpan

2011066: Geology, 2011. B. Shuman and C. Plank Orbital, ice sheet, and possible solar controls on Holocene moisture trends in the North Atlantic drainage basin

2011067: Geology, 2011. N.E. Young et al. Response of Jakobshavn Isbræ, Greenland, to Holocene climate change

2011068: Geology, 2011. N.J. Finnegan and W.E. Dietrich Episodic bedrock strath terrace formation due to meander migration and cutoff: Video included (.wmv): File size 14.7 MB.

2011069: Geology, 2011. J.E. Fassett et al. Direct U-Pb dating of Cretaceous and Paleocene dinosaur bones, San Juan Basin, New Mexico

2011070: Geology, 2011. P.J. Rose et al. Flat latitudinal gradient in Paleocene mammal richness suggests decoupling of climate and biodiversity

2011071: Geology, 2011. T.J. Cohen et al. Continental aridification and the vanishing of Australia’s megalakes

2011072: Geology, 2011. N.E. Young et al. Assessing climatic and nonclimatic forcing of Pinedale glaciation and deglaciation in the western United States

2011073: Geology, 2011. B. Schmandt and E. Humphreys Seismically imaged relict slab from the 55 Ma Siletzia accretion to the northwest United States

2011074: Geology, 2011. L. Folco et al. Kamil Crater (Egypt): Ground truth for small-scale meteorite impacts on Earth

2011075: Geology, 2011. A. Widerlund and P.S. Andersson Late Holocene freshening of the Baltic Sea derived from high-resolution strontium isotope analyses of mollusk shells

2011076: GSA Bulletin, 2011. F. Calamita et al. Contrasting styles of fault reactivation in curved orogenic belts: Examples from the Central Apennines (Italy)

2011077: GSA Bulletin, 2011. A. Whittaker et al. Decoding downstream trends in stratigraphic grain size as a function of tectonic subsidence and sediment supply

2011078: GSA Bulletin, 2011. J. Aschoff and R. Steel Anomalous clastic wedge development during the Sevier-Laramide transition, North American Cordilleran foreland basin, USA: File size: 12.8 MB.

2011079: GSA Bulletin, 2011. W.L. Griffin et al. Archean lithospheric mantle beneath Arkansas: Continental growth by microcontinent accretion

2011080: Lithosphere, 2011. M. Liu et al. 2000 years of migrating earthquakes in North China: How earthquakes in midcontinents differ from those at plate boundaries

2011081: Geology, 2011. M. Person et al. Deep permeable fault–controlled helium transport and limited mantle flux in two extensional geothermal systems in the Great Basin, United States

2011082: Geology, 2011. G. Li et al. Increasing Nd isotopic ratio of Asian dust indicates progressive uplift of the north Tibetan Plateau since the middle Miocene

2011083: Geology, 2011. A. Mitchell et al. Tidal circulation in an ancient epicontinental sea: The Early Jurassic Laurasian Seaway

2011084: Geology, 2011. L. Anderson Holocene record of precipitation seasonality from lake calcite δ18O in the central Rocky Mountains, United States

2011085: Geology, 2011. G. Dera et al. Climatic ups and downs in a disturbed Jurassic world: File size: 17.2 MB.

2011086: Geology, 2011. R.J. Parkes et al. Prokaryotes stimulate mineral H2 formation for the deep biosphere and subsequent thermogenic activity

2011087: Geology, 2011. O. Friedrich et al. Short-term warming events during the boreal Albian (mid-Cretaceous)

2011088: Geology, 2011. W.A. Elders et al. Origin of a rhyolite that intruded a geothermal well while drilling at the Krafla volcano, Iceland

2011089: Geology, 2011. C. Glotzbach et al. Detrital thermochronology records changing source areas and steady exhumation in the Western European Alps

2011090: Geology, 2011. N.A. Toké et al. Late Holocene slip rate of the San Andreas fault and its accommodation by creep and moderate-magnitude earthquakes at Parkfield, California

2011091: Geology, 2011. M. Shirzaei et al. Gravity-driven deformation of Damavand volcano, Iran, detected through InSAR time series

2011092: Geology, 2011. G.D. Cody et al. Molecular signature of chitin-protein complex in Paleozoic arthropods

2011093: Geology, 2011. S.E. Peters and N.A. Heim Stratigraphic distribution of marine fossils in North America

2011094: Geology, 2011. D.J. Thorkelson et al. Mantle flow through the Northern Cordilleran slab window revealed by volcanic geochemistry

2011095: Geology, 2011. F. Saint-Ange et al. A volcaniclastic deep-sea fan off La Réunion Island (Indian Ocean): Gradualism versus catastrophism

2011096: Geology, 2011. J. Berndt et al. The Chicxulub ejecta deposit at Demerara Rise (western Atlantic): Dissecting the geochemical anomaly using laser ablation–mass spectrometry

2011097: GSA Bulletin, 2011. C. Verdel et al. The Shuram and subsequent Ediacaran carbon isotope excursions from southwest Laurentia, and implications for environmental stability during the metazoan radiation

2011098: GSA Bulletin, 2011. J. Allen et al. Fluvial response to paleo-equatorial climate fluctuations during the late Paleozoic ice age

2011099: GSA Bulletin, 2011. B.H. Mackey and J.J. Roering Sediment yield, spatial characteristics, and the long-term evolution of active earthflows determined from airborne LiDAR and historical aerial photographs, Eel River, California: File size: 10.4 MB.
   • 2011099TableDR1.xls

2011100: GSA Bulletin, 2011. J.E. Spencer et al. Age and tectonic setting of the Mesozoic McCoy Mountains Formation in western Arizona, USA
   • 2011100DetritalZirconGeochronology.xls
   • 2011100Geochemistry.xlsx

2011101: GSA Bulletin, 2011. M. Stiegler et al. Fragmentation and dispersal of komatiitic pyroclasts in the 3.5–3.2 Ga Onverwacht Group, Barberton greenstone belt, South Africa

2011102: Field Guide 20, Chapter 5, 2011. G.M. Fleeger et al. Quaternary geology of northwestern Pennsylvania

2011103: Lithosphere, 2011. G. Gehrels et al. Detrital zircon U-Pb geochronology of Paleozoic strata in the Grand Canyon, Arizona

2011104: Geology, 2011. N. D’Agostino et al. Evidence for localized active extension in the central Apennines (Italy) from global positioning system observations

2011105: Geology, 2011. J.H. Zhao et al. Reappraisal of the ages of Neoproterozoic strata in South China: No connection with the Grenvillian orogeny

2011106: Geology, 2011. B.K. Sell and S.D. Samson Apatite phenocryst compositions demonstrate a miscorrelation between the Millbrig and Kinnekulle K-bentonites of North America and Scandinavia

2011107: Geology, 2011. E.R. Johnson et al. Paraburdoo spherule layer (Hamersley Basin, Western Australia): Distal ejecta from a fourth large impact near the Archean-Proterozoic boundary

2011108: Geology, 2011. R.J. Stern et al. Southern Louisiana salt dome xenoliths: First glimpse of Jurassic (ca. 160 Ma) Gulf of Mexico crust

2011109: Geology, 2011. W. Kuhnt et al. Transient global cooling at the onset of early Aptian oceanic anoxic event (OAE) 1a

2011110: Geology, 2011. K.L. Maier et al. The elusive character of discontinuous deep-water channels: New insights from Lucia Chica channel system, offshore California

2011111: Geology, 2011. P. Bots et al. The role of SO4 in the switch from calcite to aragonite seas

2011112: Geology, 2011. D.M. Buchs et al. Oceanic intraplate volcanoes exposed: Example from seamounts accreted in Panama

2011113: Geology, 2011. E.R. Thieler and A.D. Ashton ‘Cape capture’: Geologic data and modeling results suggest the Holocene loss of a Carolina Cape

2011114: Geology, 2011. H.F. Kleiven et al. Coupled deep-water flow and climate variability in the middle Pleistocene North Atlantic

2011115: GSA Bulletin, 2011. K. Hewitt et al. Rock avalanches and the pace of late Quaternary development of river valleys in the Karakoram Himalaya

2011116: Geology, 2011. E.R. Lundin and A.G. Doré Hyperextension, serpentinization, and weakening: A new paradigm for rifted margin compressional deformation

2011117: Geology, 2011. J. Kim et al. Metal-bearing molten sulfur collected from a submarine volcano: Implications for vapor transport of metals in seafloor hydrothermal systems

2011118: Geology, 2011. J. Steinberg et al. Origin and nature of the rapid late Tertiary filling of the Levant Basin

2011119: Geology, 2011. R.O. Lease et al. Middle Miocene reorganization of deformation along the northeastern Tibetan Plateau

2011120: Geology, 2011. G.E. Stinchcomb et al. Pre-colonial (A.D. 1100–1600) sedimentation related to prehistoric maize agriculture and climate change in eastern North America

2011121: Geology, 2011. J.S. Klaus et al. Rise and fall of Pliocene free-living corals in the Caribbean

2011122: Geology, 2011. A.R. Lechler and N.A. Niemi Sedimentologic and isotopic constraints on the Paleogene paleogeography and paleotopography of the southern Sierra Nevada, California

2011123: Geology, 2011. H.D. Scher et al. Two-stepping into the icehouse: East Antarctic weathering during progressive ice-sheet expansion at the Eocene–Oligocene transition

2011124: Geology, 2011. R.F. Rey et al. Viscous collision in channel explains double domes in metamorphic core complexes

2011125: Geology, 2011. B. Abily et al. Synmagmatic normal faulting in the lower oceanic crust: Evidence from the Oman ophiolite

2011126: Geology, 2011. A. Sakaguchi et al. Seismic slip propagation to the updip end of plate boundary subduction interface faults: Vitrinite reflectance geothermometry on Integrated Ocean Drilling Program NanTro SEIZE cores

2011127: Geology, 2011. A.L. Leier and G.E. Gehrels Continental-scale detrital zircon provenance signatures in Lower Cretaceous strata, western North America

2011128: Geology, 2011. O.E. Melnik et al. Subvolcanic plumbing systems imaged through crystal size distributions

2011129: Geology, 2011. B. Dhuime et al. From sediments to their source rocks: Hf and Nd isotopes in recent river sediments

2011130: Geology, 2011. T. Morishita et al. Diversity of melt conduits in the Izu-Bonin-Mariana forearc mantle: Implications for the earliest stage of arc magmatism

2011131: GSA Bulletin, 2011. Y. Dilek and H. Furnes Ophiolite genesis and global tectonics: Geochemical and tectonic fingerprinting of ancient oceanic lithosphere

2011132: GSA Bulletin, 2011. E. Centeno-García et al. Evolution of the Guerrero composite terrane along the Mexican margin, from extensional fringing arc to contractional continental arc

2011133: GSA Bulletin, 2011. D. Jones et al. Terminal Ordovician carbon isotope stratigraphy and glacioeustatic sea-level change across Anticosti Island (Québec, Canada)

2011134: GSA Bulletin, 2011. S. Long et al. Tectonostratigraphy of the Lesser Himalaya of Bhutan: Implications for the Along-Strike Stratigraphic Continuity of the Northern Indian Margin

2011135: GSA Today, 2011, P. Kapp et al. Wind erosion in the Qaidam basin, central Asia: Implications for tectonics , paleoclimate, and the source of the Loess Plateau

2011136: GSA Bulletin, 2011, J. Amato et al. Syntectonic 1.46 Ga magmatism and rapid cooling of a gneiss dome in the southern Mazatzal Province: Burro Mountains, New Mexico: File size: 25.3 MB.

2011137: GSA Bulletin, 2011, S. Bose et al. India-Antarctica-Australia-Laurentia connection in the Paleoproterozoic–Mesoproterozoic revisited: Evidence from new zircon U-Pb and monazite chemical age data from the Eastern Ghats Belt, India

2011138: Lithosphere, 2011, R. Porter et al. Pervasive lower crustal seismic anisotropy in southern California: Evidence for underplated schists and active tectonics

2011139: Geology, 2011. M.-S. Fletcher, and P.I. Moreno Zonally symmetric changes in the strength and position of the Southern Westerlies drove atmospheric CO2 variations over the past 14 k.y.

2011140: Geology, 2011. L. Dallai and R. Burgess A record of Antarctic surface temperature between 25 and 50 m.y. ago

2011141: Geology, 2011. J. Barke et al. Orbitally forced Azolla blooms and Middle Eocene Arctic hydrology: Clues from palynology

2011142: Geology, 2011. M. Ruhl and W.M. Kürschner Multiple phases of carbon cycle disturbance from large igneous province formation at the Triassic-Jurassic transition

2011143: Geology, 2011. O. Otero et al. Freshwater fish δ18O indicates a Messinian change of the precipitation regime in Central Africa

2011144: Geology, 2011. L. Cruz et al. Erosional control of the kinematics of the Aconcagua fold-and-thrust belt from numerical simulations and physical experiments

2011145: Geology, 2011. D.A.D. Evans and R.N. Mitchell Assembly and breakup of the core of Paleoproterozoic–Mesoproterozoic supercontinent Nuna

2011146: Geology, 2011. M.C. Meyer et al. Speleothems and mountain uplift

2011147: Geology, 2011. H.N. Qiu et al. High-precision 40Ar/39Ar age of the gas emplacement into the Songliao Basin: Excel file.

2011148: Geology, 2011. T.E. Whittaker et al. Abrupt millennial-scale changes in intensity of Southern Hemisphere westerly winds during marine isotope stages 2–4

2011149: Geology, 2011. K. Nikolaeva et al. Numerical analysis of subduction initiation risk along the Atlantic American passive margins

2011150: Geology, 2011. H. Wittmann et al. Recycling of Amazon floodplain sediment quantified by cosmogenic 26Al and 10Be

2011151: Geology, 2011. S.M. Peacock et al. High pore pressures and porosity at 35 km depth in the Cascadia subduction zone

2011152: Geology, 2011. A.J. Finlay et al. Re-Os geochronology and fingerprinting of United Kingdom Atlantic margin oil: Temporal implications for regional petroleum systems

2011153: Geology, 2011. Y. Iba et al. Belemnite extinction and the origin of modern cephalopods 35 m.y. prior to the Cretaceous−Paleogene event

2011154: Geology, 2011. R.E. Hanson et al. Paleomagnetic and geochronological evidence for large-scale post–1.88 Ga displacement between the Zimbabwe and Kaapvaal cratons along the Limpopo belt

2011155: Geology, 2011. D.B. Kemp Shallow-water records of astronomical forcing and the eccentricity paradox

2011156: Geology, 2011. J.J. Rustán et al. Infaunal molting in Trilobita and escalatory responses against predation

2011157: Geology, 2011. A.S. Bell and A. Simon Experimental evidence for the alteration of the Fe3+/ΣFe of silicate melt caused by the degassing of chlorine-bearing aqueous volatiles

2011158: Geology, 2011. P. De Gori et al. Body wave attenuation heralds incoming eruptions at Mount Etna

2011159: Geology, 2011. M.L. Kirwan et al. Rapid wetland expansion during European settlement and its implication for marsh survival under modern sediment delivery rates

2011160: Field Guide 20, Chapter 4, 2011. R.E. Gray et al. Landslides in the vicinity of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

2011161: Field Guide 20, Chapter 4, 2011. R.E. Gray et al. Landslides in the vicinity of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

2011162: Field Guide 20, Chapter 4, 2011. R.E. Gray et al. Landslides in the vicinity of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

2011163: Field Guide 20, Chapter 4, 2011. R.E. Gray et al. Landslides in the vicinity of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

2011164: Field Guide 20, Chapter 4, 2011. R.E. Gray et al. Landslides in the vicinity of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

2011165: GSA Bulletin, 2011. T. Radhakrishna and M. Joseph Geochemistry and paleomagnetism of Late Cretaceous mafic dikes in Kerala, southwest coast of India in relation to large igneous provinces and mantle plumes in the Indian Ocean region

2011166: Special Paper 478, Chapter 1, 2011. F. Lucassen et al. Late Mesozoic to Quaternary intraplate magmatism and its relation to the Neoproterozoic lithosphere in NE Africa—New data from lower-crustal and mantle xenoliths from the Bayuda volcanic field, Sudan

2011167: GSA Bulletin, 2011. S.L. Corrie and M.J. Kohn Metamorphic history of the central Himalaya, Annapurna region, Nepal, and implications for tectonic models

2011168: Geology, 2011. K.C. Crocket et al. Persistent Nordic deep-water overflow to the glacial North Atlantic

2011169: Geology, 2011. M. Oba et al. Short-term euxinia coinciding with rotaliporid extinctions during the Cenomanian-Turonian transition in the middle-neritic eastern North Atlantic inferred from organic compounds

2011170: Geology, 2011. P. Kindler et al. Discovery of Miocene to early Pleistocene deposits on Mayaguana, Bahamas: Evidence for recent active tectonism on the North American margin

2011171: Geology, 2011. M. Moro et al. Analysis of large, seismically induced, gravitational deformations imaged by high-resolution COSMO-SkyMed synthetic aperture radar

2011172: Geology, 2011. J.-P. Goiran et al. Piraeus, the ancient island of Athens: Evidence from Holocene sediments and historical archives

2011173: Geology, 2011. T. Esposti Ongaro et al. Multiphase-flow numerical modeling of the 18 May 1980 lateral blast at Mount St. Helens, USA

2011174: Geology, 2011. P.A. Cohen et al. Phosphate biomineralization in mid-Neoproterozoic protists: File size: 16.2 MB.

2011175: Geology, 2011. J.D. Jansen et al. Does decreasing paraglacial sediment supply slow knickpoint retreat?

2011176: Geology, 2011. P.J. González and J. Fernández Drought-driven transient aquifer compaction imaged using multitemporal satellite radar interferometry

2011177: Geology, 2011. S.F. Liu et al. Migration of dynamic subsidence across the Late Cretaceous United States Western Interior Basin in response to Farallon plate subduction

2011178: Geology, 2011. J.N. Malik et al. Geologic evidence for two pre-2004 earthquakes during recent centuries near Port Blair, South Andaman Island, India

2011179: Geology, 2011. P. Meister et al. Dolomite formation within the methanogenic zone induced by tectonically driven fluids in the Peru accretionary prism

2011180: Geology, 2011. T. Onoue et al. Composition and accretion rate of fossil micrometeorites recovered in Middle Triassic deep-sea deposits

2011181: Geology, 2011. J.M. Ferry et al. Formation of dolomite at 40–80 °C in the Latemar carbonate buildup, Dolomites, Italy, from clumped isotope thermometry

2011182: Geology, 2011. J. Esteve et al. Purujosa trilobite assemblage and the evolution of trilobite enrollment

2011183: Geology, 2011. J. Halfar et al. 225 years of Bering Sea climate and ecosystem dynamics revealed by coralline algal growth-increment widths

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