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topBooks - Used & Rare

MS Book and Mineral Co.Recent, Rare, and Out-of-print Books. Geoscience, paleontology, mineralogy, mining history, ore deposits, USGS publications, petroleum, remote sensing, and metallurgy. E-mail: . We purchase books and entire collections. MS Book and Mineral Company, P.O. Box 6774, Lake Charles, LA 70606-6774 USA.


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topContract Labs

DEVILStable isotope lab at Duke (DEVIL) analyzing for 13C, 15N, 18O, 2H in plants, animal tissues, soils, carbonates, phosphates, waters, carbon dioxide, methane (dissolved gases or mixtures in air). Contact Jon Karr    919-660-7418, ."

RafterRafter Radiocarbon and GNS Stable Isotope Laboratories provide over fifty years of experience backing dependable results, fast turnaround times and competitive prices. No-obligation consultations for your analytical needs. Contact or visit our websites and

topEquipment and Supplies

GFELLER CasemakersGfeller Leather Casemakers.
Leather Field Equipment. Since 1946 we have been the go-to source for quality leather goods at a fair price. We offer proven designs and custom options when needed. +1-208-884-3766;


HORIBA Jobin Yvon Inc.HORIBA Jobin Yvon Inc. Our World leading Spectroscopic Microscopes are used throughout the geosciences to identify, characterize, and understand the formation of geological material. Confocal Raman and EDXRF Microscopy provide rapid molecular and elemental spectroscopy respectively. 1-800-438-773;


Lane ScientificPermanent Specimen Protection. Lane Science Equipment cabinets. First choice throughout the world for specimen preservation. New York, 212-563-0663;


LeicaLeica Microsystems offers a complete line of microscopes with superior optics. From polarizing microscopes to a wide range of stereomicroscopes and macroscopes, the Leica Microsystems product range provides crisp, clear images and high durability;, 800-248-0123, 847-405-0123.


Meiji Techno AmericaMicroscopes. Modular Stereo. Precision, durability, quality, and value in Meiji's EM Series of Stereo Microscopes. They're Crystal Clear! Meiji Techno America. 800-832-0060;


Rigaku Americas CorporationRigaku Americas Corporation. Specializing in materials analysis with state-of-the-art fully automated X-ray fluorescence spectrometer systems designed to keep your mainanence low and cost friendly. XRF sales: 281-362-2300, ext. 113;


RockWareROCKWARE. Earth Science and GIS Software. Serving the geosciences, civil engineering, mining, petroleum, environmental/groundwater and GIS industry since 1983. Also in Europe!.


rock tumblers
Rock Tumblers make great gifts for aspiring geologists. For one of the the largest selections of tumblers, rough, and supplies visit . For rock tumbling instructions visit



PresentationLoad's maps section at includes more than 200 maps of the world, continents, countries, counties and cities as editable PowerPoint templates. Each map can be fully edited and colored in Microsoft PowerPoint. PresentationLoad’s maps are based on more than 15 years of experience in developing editable maps. Phone: +49 (6131) 95019-60; Email: .

Aerial Photos & Topo Maps. All 50 states at Waterproof paper and fieldbooks at

1 World Maps1-World Globes & Maps provides the world's largest online selection of geographic globes and classroom maps, including raised-relief maps and globes, map wall murals, history map sets and celestial and terrestrial teaching aids. Visit or

Digital Vector MapsDigital Vector Maps. Royalty-free. Cartographically-accurate vector maps for use in print, web, and multimedia projects. Vector map. Editable Illustrator maps include: vector world maps, Europe vector maps, US vector maps and more! 800-928-6851.

topScience Teaching Aids 

Puzzling PlatesPuzzling Plates iPad app engages and inspires students to explore plate tectonics. Tasa Graphic Arts, Inc. produces iPad and iPhone apps as well as award-winning interactive, educational software covering planetary geology, plate tectonics, rocks and minerals, weather and climate, and more., 800-293-2725.

Educational products from GSA. Contact us for educator and teacher resources! 800-472-1988,

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topTravel, Tours, Field Camps

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