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Print Media Display Advertising
GSA Today

Boxed display ad space is available to market products & services, meetings & events, employment & other opportunities, equipment, books, and other items of interest to the geological community.

GSA Today is the Society’s monthly** science-and-news magazine published for members and other earth scientists. Most issues feature a "hot-topic" science article (refereed). Periodic sections include "Groundwork" articles (tightly focused articles on issues of import to earth science policy, planning, funding, and education), reports from the GSA-USGS Congressional Science Fellow, Rock Stars biographical features, and news and information about the Society, its activities, and the geological community at large. Also in GSA Today: announcements for all GSA meetings and events; information on research grants, awards, and scholarships; and current employment opportunities along with fellowships and special opportunities for students.

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For pennies per reader your display advertising is seen by an international audience of more that 25,000 earth scientists who are eager to read about your products and services. GSA Today offers bonus distribution and special issues to ensure that your organization is reaching the leaders and decision-makers in the earth science industry. A most economical means of getting noticed by thousands in your target audience!

* DISPLAY (boxed) RECRUITMENT ADS placed in GSA Today print issues in the recruitments / classified ads section. Space requests are due by the 20th of the month 2 months prior to issue; final art file due by 30th of month, two months prior. These deadlines are different than for straight line classified text placement of recruitment ads. The ad copy will be also be posted on the GSA Today Web to coincide with release of print issue. See GSA Today Display Rates for scheduling information.

** Except for April which is combined with the March issue

topGSA Today -- Deadlines & Specifications

Deadlines Specifications
  • Space reservations close the 20th of the month two months prior to issue.
  • Electronic files plus a hard copy of the ad are due no later than the 30th of the month, two months prior to issue. (e.g. March issue closes 20 Jan., materials due 30 Jan.). No cancellations accepted after closing date. Please contact us to confirm electronic file specifications.
  • No April issue (it is combined with March and published on March schedules).
  • Printed offset, web-fed.
  • Journal format, trim size 8-3/8" x 10-7/8" inches. Saddle-wire stiched.
  • For bleeds: add 1/4" all around.
  • Electronic Art Files: Ads must be sent electronically either by e-mail, upload to the GSA ftp site, or by removable media (DVD, CD ROM, Zip, 1 GB Jazz). Label all removable media with contact information as well as file name(s). Include all companion file imports and typefaces. Illustrations and photos should be saved as .TIFF or .EPS (JPEG not acceptable format).
  • Hi resolution PDFs are accepted as final art. Use Adobe Acrobat Distiller default setting PDF/X-1a.
  • If submitting native files, supply hard copy proof at 100% (in color if applicable).
  • CMYK color only: 300 dpi; gray-scale: 300 dpi; line art: 1200 dpi; ruled lines no smaller than 0.3 pt.
  • Disclaimer: GSA will not alter client ads to ensure quality print reproduction. Ads sent with images or type at resolutions other than that specified are not guaranteed to reproduce at highest quality.
  • See Ad Submission Guidelines (pdf file) or contact for more information. Graphic services available at additional costs.

topGSA Today -- Special Issues

March / April



Don't miss these issues! Frequency discounts will apply.

topGSA Today -- 2015 Rates

Frequency Discounts: Cross frequency is earned between all GSA products.
Multi-month contracts are your best option. Take advantage of the savings & extra visibility!
Web-promotional opportunites available with multi-month contracts.
Recruitment ads may be placed as display (boxed) ads: use these rates/sizes table); ads will be placed in or near classified ad section
(recruitment display ad space must be reserved by the 20th of the month, two months in advance; final art file due by the 30th, two months in advance)

GSAT TODAY -- Display Ad Space -- Gross Black & White Rates
Ad Size 1 time 3 time 6 time 12 time Dimensions
Full page $1223 $1162 $1101 $1027 7-5/16" × 9-3/4"
2/3 page $1098 $1043 $989 $923 4-13/16" × 9-3/4"
1/2 Island $993 $943 $894 $834 4-13/16" × 7-3/8"
1/2 Vertical $939 $892 $845 $789 3-3/8" x 9-3/4"
1/2 Horizontal $889 $844 $800 $746 7-5/16" × 4-13/16"
1/3 Square $711 $675 $640 $597 4-13/16" × 4-13/16"
1/3 Vertical $711 $675 $640 $597 2-5/16" × 9-3/4"
1/4 Page $569 $541 $512 $478 3-9/16" × 4-3/4"
1/6 Page $448 $425 $403 $376 2-5/16" × 4-13/16"(H) or
4-13-16" x 2-5/16"(V) [indicate H or V]
Business Card Ad $118 $118 $118 $118 3-1/2" × 2"(H) or 2" x 3-1/2"(V)  [indicate H or V]
Color: Page cost (above) plus:
Ad Size 1 time 3 time 6 time 12 time
Full $768 $729 $691 $645
Half $383 $364 $345 $322
Third $259 $246 $233 $218
Fourth $193 $183 $174 $162
Sixth $128 $121 $115 $107
eighth $99 $99 $99 $99
Position Charges: Page cost (above) plus:
Cover 2 Full page color cost plus: $595
Cover 3 Full page color cost plus: $490
Cover 4 Full page color cost plus: $765
Center Spread Full page (color or b&w) cost plus: $600
Other position

Full page (color or b&w) cost plus: $130

Premium Issue Charges
(pre-convention issue)
add 5% to b/w page rate -- single insertion
(convention issue)
add 10% to b/w page rate -- single insertion

Space Reservations:
   20th of the month, 2 months prior
Electronic Files Due:
   30th of the month, 2 months prior

Recognized ad agencies: 1/4pg and larger commissionable. Indicate Gross/Net rates on I/O.

Order Form

topGSA Today -- Contact Information

To place a display ad in GSA Today, or for additional information, contact
Ann Crawford, Advertising Manager

+1.800.472.1988, ext. 1053 (toll-free)
+1.303.357.1053 (direct)
+1.303.357.1070 (fax)
GSA Today Advertising
PO Box 9140
Boulder, CO 80301-9140

Please include complete address, phone number, and e-mail address with all correspondence.

All advertising must meet the Society's criteria for publication. GSA reserves the right to reject any advertising that does not meet these criteria.