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Our Colorado News:
"GREEN: GSA: Rock Solid Sustainability"

Stewardship at HQ

GSA embraces sustainable systems at work

GSA's mission and vision includes contributing to Earth stewardship, and we take that very seriously here at GSA headquarters.

GSA's Solar Installation
solar panels phase 2
Phase 2 of GSA's solar installation was completed in August 2013 with 240 Panels 68kW - 104,000 kWh.
[ live output data ]
Solar Panels
Solar panels on GSA's roof. Photo courtesy of Tim Ray, Vantage Point Imagery.
Flipping the switch
GSA Past President Jean Bahr flips the switch to solar power.
Toasting solar power
GSA Executive Director Jack Hess toasts with members of the Boulder community.

Reducing energy consumption at GSA (YouTube)

Solar Project

PHASE I: A 66 kilowatt solar-panel system was installed on the roof at GSA headquarters during the month of October. A total of 298 high efficiency panels have been installed and the system output (90,000 kWh) is approximately 35% of GSA's yearly electric usage. The cost of the 66 kW system is being partially offset by a $132,000 rebate from Xcel Energy and a $30,000 grant that GSA received from the City of Boulder Climate Smart program.

PHASE II: Phase 2 of GSA's solar installation with 240 Panels 68kW - 104,000 kWh, was completed in August†2013. Plus we can now view online just how much energy GSA is collecting from Boulder's ample sunshine. [ view live data | photos ]

GSA and the Boulder community celebrated with a "flipping the switch" ceremony on Thursday, 28 October 2010. [ view program ]
GSA was featured as “Project of the month” on the Bella Energy News.

Sponsor a Panel

Visit the GSA Foundation website, click on make a donation, and select "Gordon and Virginia Eaton Energy Fund" from the Funds list.


GSA is a member of 10-For-Change, a City of Boulder organization where each company's goal is to reduce consumption by 10%. GSA at 17%, has exceeded this goal already and we are on the road to LEEDS certification.
[ watch the YouTube video ]

Core business standards

Green Team

GSA's green team (a group of employees) develop and implement conservation programs at HQ.
Some examples are:

GSA garden


GSA Community Garden

In 2009, a group of GSA employees started up a community garden which has been hugely successful and bountiful.

See photos on our Facebook page.