Geology and Public Policy Committee

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The Geology and Public Policy Committee is charged with providing advice on public policy matters to Council and GSA Leadership, particularly GSA's Director for Geoscience Policy. To address this charge, the committee:

  • monitors and assesses international, national, and regional science policy;
  • formulates and recommends position statements, and sponsors topical white papers;
  • encourages active engagement of GSA members in geoscience policy;
  • facilitates the dissemination of information to GSA members, sections, and divisions, to the public, and to the government officials at all levels;
  • maintains a close working relationship with the Geology and Society Division;
  • facilitates and supports member-initiated science and policy initiatives;
  • promotes participation in Congressional visits, works with coalitions and government affairs programs of other societies; and
  • provides guidance on the Congressional Science Fellowship program.

Name Position
Jeffrey N. Rubin Chair, Member-at-Large
Susan Gail Stover Chair-Elect, South-Central Section Representative
David W. Szymanski Past Chair, Member-at-Large
Kelly Kyrc Immediate Past Congressional Science Fellow
Larry D. Meinert Past Past Congressional Science Fellow
Sospeter Mwijarubi Muhongo International Section Representative
vacant Cordilleran Section Representative
Paul W. Bauer Rocky Mountain Section Representative
Paul K. Doss North-Central Section Representative
Johan (Joop) C. Varekamp Northeastern Section Representative
Robert Kelly Vance Southeastern Section Representative
David R. Wunsch Geology & Society Division Representative
Sheldon Turner Student Representative
Mark G. Little Member-at-Large
George M. Hornberger Member-at-Large
Rod Ewing Member-at-Large
Elizabeth Landau American Geophysical Union - conferee/non-voting
James M. Robertson Association of American State Geologists - conferee/non-voting
Maeve A. Boland American Geosciences Institute - conferee/non-voting
George H. Davis Council Liaison, GSA Past President

GSA Liaison (ex officio, non-voting)
Kasey S. White
GSA Director for Geoscience Policy
GSA Primary Contacts
Susan Lofton
Executive Administrative Assistant

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