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GSA Education and Outreach Mementos @ Zazzle.com


Visit our Zazzle store for GeoCorps America, Mosaics in Science, and EarthCache Gear.

Support Education and Outreach programs at the Geological Society of America, or purchase a memento of your participation in a program by visiting the Geosociety Zazzle Shop. T-Shirts, clothing, hats, water bottles, and other mementos sporting new and improved program logos are available for the GeoCorps America, Mosaics in Science, and EarthCache programs.

We will be adding mementos for other GSA Education and Outreach programs and GSA events in the future. If mementos for the program or event you would like to support are not available now, keep returning to the Geosociety Zazzle Shop; they might become available in the future.

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May 16, 2015
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