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Explore Volcanoes CD-ROM

Authors: Christine V. McLelland, Gary B. Lewis, and Tau Rho Alpha

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Are you teaching about volcanoes, but need a little more background yourself? Or are you looking for some exciting volcano activities, diagrams, models, or photographs to enhance your lessons? Add some pizzazz and 'real-time’ volcano activities to your course by using this resource-packed CD-ROM. Full teacher notes, reproducible student activities, and suggested answers in PDF format are complemented by forty fantastic volcano images and diagrams to use in your classroom. Have students construct 3D models of seven different volcanic features including a stratoform volcano, shield volcano, and caldera. Provide them with a color template, or have them color one themselves!

This resource has been developed by school teachers and the materials are curriculum linked to the Earth and Space Science and Science in Personal and Social Perspectives standards (Grades 5-8, 9-12).

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April 01, 2003
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Product Categories: I. Education Materials
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