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Pleistocene Ice-Dammed Lake Outburst Floods

Full Title: Reconstruction of Pleistocene Ice-Dammed Lake Outburst Floods in the Altai Mountains, Siberia
Author: Jürgen Herget
In the Altai Mountains, located in southern Siberia, some of the largest floods in Earth’s history occurred in Pleistocene times. The floods were caused by ice-dammed lake outburst floods comparable with glacial Lake Missoula events. In this volume, the remnants of the repeated jökulhlaups and key features of the local Pleistocene environment are described in review. The volume also focuses on the paleohydraulic interpretation of the traces of the floods to reconstruct their magnitudes and characteristics. Herget applied several established methods in the study as well as developed and applied new approaches (e.g., hydraulic interpretation of run-up sediments, fluvial gravel dunes and local scour around obstacles).
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April 28, 2005
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