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Variscan-Appalachian dynamics

Full Title: Variscan-Appalachian dynamics: The building of the late Paleozoic basement
Editors: Florentino Díaz García, Jose R. Martinez Catalán, Ricardo Arenas, and Robert D. Hatcher, Jr.

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This book is dedicated to the construction of the Late Paleozoic basement of Europe and eastern North America and to the evolution of the Gondwanan and Laurentian continental margins and their intervening ocean basins. Chapter topics range from individual massifs to syntheses of the entire Appalachian and Variscan orogens. The first chapters aim to decipher paleotectonic environments based on paleobiological, stratigraphic, or petrologic data. Metamorphic petrology is used in the succeeding chapters to estimate pressure and temperature conditions of subducted portions of the Variscan belt and the processes involved on their exhumation. Structural geology assumes progressively greater importance as the emplacement of allochthonous units is discussed in the following chapters, and the large-scale tectonics and plate interactions is dealt with in the last part of the book, which culminates in a review of seismic signatures in the Caledonides, Variscides, and Uralides and their tectonic implications.
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October 25, 2002
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