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Ancient Seismites

Editors: Frank R. Ettensohn, Nicholas Rast, and Carlton E. Brett
Soft-sediment deformation abounds in the stratigraphic record of all periods, yet comparatively little attention has been given to the possibility of seismogenic origin for this deformation, especially in older pre-Quaternary parts of the record. Hence, this book is concerned with the sedimentological phenomena generated by earthquakes or tsunamis, but particularly focuses on types of soft-sediment deformation, loosely known as seismites, based on the assumption that they were triggered by seismic shocks or related tsunamis. Using more recent examples as analogs, chapters in this book cover the preeminent characteristics of seismites and how these characteristics are used to interpret possible seismites in older Phanerozoic rocks in more distal, commonly marine, intraplate settings. In fact, a particular focus is provided by the widespread development of these structures in the interiors of continents at a distance from marginal, orogenic belts. Additional emphasis has resulted in not only the description of seismogenic sedimentary structures, but also in the elucidation of physical processes involved in their formation. Examples, mainly from the U.S. interior but also from parts of Europe, are discussed.
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June 01, 2002
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