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Deglacial History and Relative Sea-Level Changes

Full Title: Deglacial History and Relative Sea-Level Changes, Northern New England and Adjacent Canada
Editors: Thomas K. Weddle and Michael J. Retelle
Northern New England and adjacent Canada are regions critical to understanding the late glacial history of the Laurentide Ice Sheet. The importance of the deglaciation of this region to the timing of events in the midwest can be directly related to the opening of the St. Lawrence lowland to marine conditions. The 13 papers in this collection examine the coastal regions, the Gulf of Maine, and the continental shelf off of Atlantic Canada in context with new radiocarbon age analyses, providing a more detailed history of climate changes, marine transgression, emergence, and relative sea-level history. This volume complements GSA Special Paper 197, and updates work in the region from the past 15 years since publication of SPE197.
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September 24, 2001
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