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Himalaya and Tibet: Mountain Roots to Mountain Tops

Editors: Allison Macfarlane, Rasoul B. Sorkhabi, and Jay Quade

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More than 30 international authors contributed to the first Himalaya-Karakoram-Tibet (HKT) Workshop held in America. The 11th HKT Workshop, held April 1996 in Flagstaff, Arizona, was a logical outcome of an increasing involvement of North American geologists in the studies of the Himalaya and Tibet areas over the past two decades. One of the prominent features of this fully refereed, 21-chapter volume is the integration of both "hardrock"and "softrock" geology, paleotectonic and neotectonic history, and endogenic (tectonic) and exogenic (geomorphic) processes in the Himalaya. Seven articles cover the Tibet, Trans-Himalaya, and Tethys unit. The High Himalayan Crystalline zone is the subject of another eight chapters; the final six chapters cover the Himalayan Foreland and its sediments, structures, and landforms.
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March 09, 1999
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