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White River and Arikaree Groups

Full Title: Depositional Environments, Lithostratigraphy, and Biostratigraphy of the White River and Arikaree Groups (Late Eocene to Early Miocene, North America)
Editors: Dennis O. Terry, Hannan E. LaGarry, and Robert M. Hunt, Jr.
The Paleogene-Neogene transition in nonmarine rocks of the North American midcontinent lies within the White River and Arikaree Groups of late Eocene to early Miocene age. This volume presents current lithostratigraphic revision and magnetostratigraphy of these fine-grained volcaniclastic sediments, known for over a century for their abundant fossil mammals. This volume examines interbedded tuffs, paleomagnetic zonation, and mammalian faunas in the White River and Arikaree rocks, and provides a revised correlation to other important areas of similar age within North America at a critical time in Earth history—the dawn of the Neogene.
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December 16, 1998
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