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Accommodation Zones and Transfer Zones

Full Title: Accommodation Zones and Transfer Zones: The Regional Segmentation of the Basin and Range Province
Editors: James E. Faulds and John H. Stewart
The heterogeneous distribution of strain produces regional segmentation of extended terranes and a variety of fault-related structures known as accommodation zones and transfer zones. Interest in such structures has increased rapidly in recent years, owing to the recognition that segment boundaries may act as barriers to earthquake rupture, commonly host large hydrocarbon accumulations, and are critical for understanding the three-dimensional geometry of extensional orogens. This volume focuses on the geometry, kinematic development, and origin of regional segmentation structures within the Basin and Range province of western North America. Contributions range from analysis of individual structures to broad regional syntheses, including a new map of Basin and Range structures and tilt domains. Several papers discuss the implications of regional segmentation structures in assessing seismic hazards, hydrocarbon and mineral resources, and ground-water supplies. On the basis of characteristic geometries in the Basin and Range and other extended terranes, a new classification for regional segmentation structures is also proposed.
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June 03, 1998
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