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Volcanism and Tectonism in the Columbia River Flood-Basalt

Full Title: Volcanism and Tectonism in the Columbia River Flood-Basalt Province
Editors: Stephen P. Reidel and Peter R. Hooper

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The Columbia River basalt (CRB) in the Pacific Northwest is the youngest continental flood-basalt province on Earth. Because of its pristine state and accessibility, it has become the most extensively studied area to have hosted continental flood-basalt volcanism. Twenty-five papers cover many aspects of what is known about the volcanic and tectonic evolution of the province. The first chapters discuss the volcanic stratigraphy; topics include the age, areal extent, and volume of flows; detailed stratigraphy of volcanic units; chemical variation within flows; internal flow features; emplacement mechanisms; and the nature of sedimentary units coeval with the eruptions. Later chapters discuss the tectonic evolution of the province, emphasizing the synvolcanic structural development of the province as well as pre-CRB and post-CRB events and a structural analysis of folds within the Yakima fold belt. Final chapters of papers discuss the petro-genesis of the flows; topics include the nature of the mantle source, pre-eruptive and post-eruptive processes, and the cause of the flood-belt volcanism.
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February 14, 1990
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