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Landslides and Engineering Geology, Seattle, Wash.

Full Title: Landslides and Engineering Geology of the Seattle, Washington, Area
Editors: Rex L. Baum, Jonathan W. Godt, and Lynn M. Highland
Reviews in Engineering Geology, volume 20

This volume brings together case studies and summary papers describing the application of state-of-the-art engineering geologic methods to landslide hazard analysis for the Seattle, Washington, area. An introductory chapter provides a thorough description of the Quaternary and bedrock geology of Seattle. Nine additional chapters review the history of landslide mapping in Seattle, present case studies of individual landslides, describe the results of spatial assessments of landslide hazard, discuss hydrologic controls on landsliding, and outline an early warning system for rainfall-induced landslides.

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October 02, 2008
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Product Categories: F. Reviews in Engineering Geology
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