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A Paradox of Power

Full Title: A Paradox of Power: Voices of Warning and Reason in the Geosciences
Editors: Charles W. Welby and Monica E. Gowan
Reviews in Engineering Geology, volume 12

The 13 papers in this volume illustrate issues and opportunities confronting geologists as they bring their knowledge and understanding to bear in matters related to public health and welfare. Public decisions and decision-making processes in the face of geologic complexity and uncertainty are the subject of the first group of papers. In the second group, several "voice of warning" papers illustrate the use of geologic knowledge and research to warn the public of health hazards derived from geologic materials and processes. A third group of papers, in the "voice of reason" section, describes use of geologic knowledge to help lower the costs of mitigation and avoidance of geologic hazards. Finally, ethical and philosophical questions confronting geoscientists are discussed and issues of "truth" as related to the legal process and questions about the adequacy of information in making decisions about long-term radioactive waste disposal are discussed.

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January 01, 1998
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Product Categories: F. Reviews in Engineering Geology
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