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Proterozoic Tectonic Evolution of the Grenville Orogen in...

Full Title: Proterozoic Tectonic Evolution of the Grenville Orogen in North America
Editors: Richard P. Tollo, James McLelland, Louise Corriveau, and Mervin J. Bartholomew
The geological evolution of the Grenville orogenic belt represents one of the most widespread episodes of crustal modification in Earth’s history. The 39 papers in this volume offer a system-wide perspective on rocks and processes of the Mesoproterozoic Grenville orogen and Appalachian inliers and include many multidisciplinary studies presenting results from integrated petrologic, geochemical, and geochronologic investigations. The volume includes contributions concerning the Grenvillian geology of Canada, the United States, and Mexico, focusing on both the tectonic evolution of the orogen and on innovative approaches to deciphering the igneous, metamorphic, structural, and metallogenic history of Mesoproterozoic assembly and Neoproterozoic rifting. The timing and regional correlation of events and processes is emphasized in order to bridge knowledge gaps within the orogen and to better understand the geodynamic framework.
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July 02, 2004
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