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History of the Redwall Limestone Northern Arizona

Full Title: History of the Redwall Limestone of Northern Arizona
Authors: Edwin D. McKee and Raymond C. Gutschick. Chapters on paleontology of the Redwall Limestone by Betty Skipp, William J. Sando, Helen Duncan, Ellis L. Yochelson, W.M. Furnish, Donald B. Macurda Jr., and James C. Brower

The Grand Canyon of Arizona has long been famous as an ideal place in which to see and understand many of the basic principles of geology—especially those dealing with stratigraphy and sedimentology. More than three decades ago, a plan was set up by Dr. McKee and several colleagues to make detailed studies of the principal sedimentary rocks. Studies included the Kaibab and Toroweap Formations (1938), the Cambrian history (1945), and the Moenkopi (1954). This memoir on the Redwall Limestone is another in a series of definitive investigations of the principal formations. A special feature is the inclusion of significant information on the extensive and varied fauna in the Redwall Limestone by a group of paleontologists, each of whom reports on his or her field of specialization.
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May 01, 1969
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0-8137-1 114-2
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