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The Arctic Ocean Region

Editors: Arthur Grantz, L. Johnson, and J.F. Sweeney
Published as part of the Decade of North American Geology (DNAG) Geology of North America series, this volume summarizes and analyzes our current knowledge of the bathymetry, seismicity, regional geophysics, regional geology, and tectonic development of the Arctic Ocean basin and its margins, including the hydrocarbon, gas hydrate, and mineral resource potential. Core data are preceded by a history of scientific exploration of the Arctic Ocean region, followed by review and analysis of the paleomagnetic and plate-tectonic constraints on the plethora of hypotheses concerning the origin of the Arctic basin. The paleoenvironmental history of the Arctic Ocean basin is examined, as are the structure and dynamics of the permanent Arctic sea ice cover and its influence on Arctic climate and the stratigraphic record. Data are included on the Quaternary geology and neotectonics of the Beaufort shelf and adjacent coastal plain. The late Mesozoic and Cenozoic paleoenvironment of the Arctic Ocean basin is discussed.
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January 01, 1990
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