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Precambrian: Conterminous U.S.

Editors: John C. Reed Jr., Marion E. Bickford, R.S. Houston, Paul Karl Link, D.W. Rankin, Paul K. Sims, and W. Randall Van Schmus
Published as part of the Decade of North American Geology (DNAG) Geology of North America series, this wide-ranging discussion of Precambrian rocks includes contributions from a diverse array of authors actively engaged in investigations of various aspects of U.S. Precambrian geology. Summary discussions by the editors of the five major chapters place these contributions in a logical regional framework. A concluding chapter explores Archean crustal processes from the point of view of lunar and planetary analogies, discusses the significance of Sm crustal provinces, and provides an overview of the development of the southern parts of Laurentia. Accompanying plates include a newly compiled map of the Precambrian rocks of the conterminous U.S., maps showing relationships of the Precambrian geology to magnetic anomalies and to isostatic residual gravity, and a new correlation chart for U.S. Precambrian rocks.
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January 01, 1993
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