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The Geoscience Handbook, AGI Data Sheets 4th Edition

300 pages, 5" x 8" spiral bound
Compilers: J. Douglas Walker and Harvey A. Cohen
The American Geosciences Institute is revising and publishing an updated edition of the handbook. Please contact if you would like us to email you when the revised edition is available through the GSA Store. (This will probably be in early January 2016 or later.)

One of the best-kept secrets in geology is this handy compilation of geological information. The essential reference for geoscientists in the field, office, or lab, The Geoscience Handbook provides quick reference for the key metrics and concepts, as well as short tutorials on subjects that may not be familiar to all geoscientists. The Handbook covers diverse subjects, from geophysics to geologic map symbols to GPS usage, and everything in between! Newly updated for 2006, The Geoscience Handbook is now a larger, but still portable, format for easier reading. Also now in full color, the Handbook uses color photos when possible to better illustrate geology in the real world.
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