1. Sedimentation, Tectonics, and Landscape Evolution of the Albuquerque and Española Basins
Sun.–Tues., 6–8 May
2. Geology of Mount Taylor, a Large Composite Volcano, West-Central New Mexico.
Mon.–Tues., 7–8 May; departs Mon., 7 May, 8 a.m.; returns Tues., 8 May, 6 p.m.
US$130; includes lunches and transportation. Lodging is additional. Min.: 10. Max.: 30.
Larry Crumpler, New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science
Fraser Goff, University of New Mexico
This trip examines the evolving stratigraphy and structure of a compositionally diverse Pleistocene composite volcano from its base to the current summit, complemented by petrologic and geochronologic data.
3. Dinosaurs That Did Not Die: Field Examination of the Dinosaur-Bearing, Paleocene, Ojo Alamo Sandstone, San Juan Basin, New Mexico.
Mon.–Tues., 7–8 May
4. Water Quality, Hydrology, and Biogeochemistry of the Valles Caldera.
Tues., 8 May, 7:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m.
US$60; includes lunch and transportation. Min.: 15. Max.: 30.
Cliff Dahm, Lauren Sherson, University of New Mexico
Robert Parmenter, Valles Caldera National Preserve
Visit an intensive field sampling site for studying continuous surface-water chemistry, groundwater and surface-water interactions, and food web of a river ecosystem, including impacts of the 2011 Las Conchas fire, the largest recorded wildfire in New Mexico history.


5. A Midcrustal Transect across the Yavapai-Mazatzal Transition Zone: Investigating the Timing and Nature of Paleoproterozoic-Mesoproterozoic Sedimentation, Deformation, and Regional Metamorphism in North-Central New Mexico.
Fri.–Mon., 11–14 May; departs Fri., 11 May, 5:30 p.m.; returns Mon., 14 May, 5 p.m.
US$235; includes lunches, transportation, and one night lodging. Extra lodging is additional.
Min.: 20. Max.: 30.
Christopher Daniel, Bucknell University
Karl Karlstrom, University of New Mexico
Lincoln Hollister, Princeton University
This trip will examine metamorphic-mineral assemblages (including kyanite-sillimanite-andalusite “triple-point” rocks) and relative timing of deformation in the context of detailed P-T-t-D data with implications for the tectonic history of Laurentia.
6. Shatter Cones and Possible Impact Breccias Associated with the Santa Fe Impact Structure.
Sat., 12 May, 7:45 a.m.–6 p.m.
US$65; includes lunch and transportation. Min.: 10. Max.: 24.
Shawn Wright, Horton Newsom, University of New Mexico
Tim McElvain
Examine (and collect) shatter cones and compare potential impact breccias to fault breccia.
7. Volcanic, Structural, and Geothermal Evolution of the Valles Caldera.
Sat.–Sun., 12–13 May
8. Albuquerque Volcanoes: A Fissure-Type Eruption at the Center of the Rio Grande Rift.
Sat., 12 May


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