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Abstract deadline: 9 December

Please submit your abstract online.
Abstract submission fee: US$10 for students and US$15 for all others.
If you cannot submit an abstract online, please contact Heather Clark, +1-303-357-1018, .


S1. Contributions to New England Stratigraphy & Structure: In Honor of Robert Moench and Douglas Rankin.
Greg Walsh, USGS,; Wally Bothner, Univ. of New Hampshire,; Mark Van Baalen, Harvard Univ.,

S2. Coastal and Glacial Processes from Alaska to New England: In Honor of Jon Boothroyd.
Bryan Oakley, Eastern Connecticut State Univ.,; Mark Borrelli, Center for Coastal Studies,

S3. Climate Change in Space & Time: An Update.
P. Thompson Davis, Bentley Univ.,; Jeremy Skakun, Boston College,

S4. Contributions of Cosmogenic-Nuclide Geochronology to Glacial Geology and Geochronology in Northeastern North America—and Vice Versa.
Greg Balco, Berkeley Geochronology Center,; John Gosse, Dalhousie Geochronology Centre,

Theme Sessions

T1. Updating the Orogen: Along-Strike Tectonic Correlations and Comparisons in the Northeastern Appalachians. Jon Kim, Vermont Geological Survey,; Craig Dietsch, Univ. of Cincinnati,

T2. Northeastern North American Volcanic Successions and Their Tectonic Context. Sheila Seaman, Univ. of Massachusetts,; Christopher Koteas, Norwich Univ.,

T3. Terrane Forensics—Where Did They Come From and Which Are Related? Sandra Barr, Acadia Univ.,; Scott Samson, Syracuse Univ.,

T4. Ages and Origins of Intrusive Rocks in the New England Appalachians. Dyk Eusden, Bates College,; Dwight Bradley, USGS,

T5. The Role of Interacting Processes in Deformation. Jeff Marsh, Queens College,; Chris Gerbi, Univ. of Maine,; Scott Johnson, Univ. of Maine,

T6. Retracing the Steps of Northeastern United States Geologists in the Past 50 Years. Jeri Jones, Jones Geological Services,

T7. Hartford Basin through Time. Stephen Nathan, Eastern Connecticut State Univ.,; Peter Drzewiecki, Eastern Connecticut State Univ.,

T8. Advances in Pleistocene Geology: Northeastern U.S. and Eastern Canada. Serge Occhietti, Université du Québec à Montréal,; George Springston, Norwich Univ.,; Woodrow Thompson, Maine Geological Survey,

T9. New Perspectives on Paleoclimate from Advances in Glacial Geology. Meredith Kelly, Dartmouth College,; Alice Doughty, Dartmouth College,; Margaret Jackson, Dartmouth College,

T10.Holocene Paleoclimate Perspectives on Present-Day Arctic Change. Erich Osterberg, Dartmouth College,; Karl Kreutz, Univ. of Maine,; Lisa Doner, Plymouth State Univ.,

T11. Limnological Records in Past, Present, and Future Climates. Lisa Doner, Plymouth State Univ.,; Julia Daly, Univ. of Maine,; Bradford Hubeny, Salem State Univ.,

T12. Pleistocene to Anthropocene Landscape Evolution in the Northeastern U.S. Will Ouimet, Univ. of Connecticut,; Noah Snyder, Boston College,

T13. Using Ground-Penetrating Radar to Investigate
Near-Surface Geology and Sedimentary Records of Environmental Change.
Steven Arcone, U.S. Army Cold Regions Research & Engineering Laboratory,; James Hyatt, Eastern Connecticut State Univ.,

T14. Archeological Advances in the Northeastern U.S. and Adjacent Canada. Steve Pollock, Univ. of Southern Maine,

T15. Applied Geology in New England: Case Histories of Problems Solved. Richard Lane, New Hampshire Dept. of Transportation,; Krystle Pelham, New Hampshire Dept. of Transportation, kpelhamat

T16. Coastal and Nearshore Environments of the Northeast. Dan Belknap, Univ. of Maine,; Joe Kelly, Univ. of Maine,

T17. Ecohydrology Science and Sustainability. Sean Smith, Univ. of Maine,; Andrew Reeve, Univ. of Maine,; Ciaran Harman, Johns Hopkins Univ.,

T18. Fossils in New England: Recent Discoveries and Reinterpretations. William Clyde, Univ. of New Hampshire,

T19. The New England Continental Shelf. Larry Ward, Univ. of New Hampshire,

T20.     Evolution of Minerals in Diverse Environments: Geobiological and Geochemical Aspects. Dawn Cardace, Univ. of Rhode Island,; Amanda Olsen, Univ. of Maine,

T21. Life Cycle of Produced Water from Hydraulic Fracturing of Marcellus and Utica Shales. Devon Renock, Dartmouth College,; Nathaniel Warner, Dartmouth College,

T22. State and Fate of Urban Watersheds in the Northeast. Jonathan Gourley, Trinity College,; Suzanne O’Connell, Wesleyan Univ.,

T23. Morphological and Hydrological Responses of Salt Marshes to Anthropogenic and Natural Stressors. Beverly Johnson, Bates College,; Kristin Wilson, National Estuarine Research Reserve,

T24. Groundwater in the Shallow Coastal Aquifers of the Northeast. Denis LeBlanc, USGS,

T25. River Restoration in New England. Frank Magilligan, Dartmouth College,; Carl Renshaw, Dartmouth College,; Anne Lightbody, Univ. of New Hampshire,

T26. Advances in Topobathymetric Mapping, Models, and Applications. John Brock, USGS,; C. Wayne Wright, USGS,

T27. Potential for Geothermal Energy in New England. Matt Davis, Univ. of New Hampshire,; Rick Chormann, New Hampshire State Geologist,; Steve Mabee, Massachusetts State Geologist,

T28. Disruptive Technology and Geoscience Education. Declan DePaor, Old Dominion Univ.,; Steve Whitmeyer, James Madison Univ.,; Callan Bentley, Northern Virginia Community College,

T29. Innovative and Multidisciplinary Approaches to Geoscience Education. Jennifer Hanselman, Westfield State Univ.,; Jennifer Sliko, Penn State Univ.–Harrisburg,

T30. Application of Digital Terrain Analysis in Geology, Hydrology, and Geoarchaeology. Rick Chormann, New Hampshire State Geologist,; John Lindsay, Guelph Univ.,

T31. Hydropedology at Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest: Landscape Patterns and Hydrologic Processes. Scott Bailey, U.S. Forest Service,

T32. Pegmatite Processes and Problems. Paul Tomascak, Suny-Oswego,; Marin Lupulescu, New York State Museum,



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