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International Secretary

In addition to the International Section whose office bearers are elected by members and fellows of GSA, the Society has an International Secretary who reports directly to Council. The Secretary is currently Mark Cloos who is located at the University of Texas - Austin in Austin, Texas. He was appointed in July 2007.

The International Secretary is ex-officio a member of the Executive Committee of the International Section. The current goal of the International Secretary is to establish working liasons with learned societies in the earth sciences throughout the world, and to develop reciprocal programs for the exchange of young scientists at meetings.

Until the International Secretary has established a formal program for those seeking funds, GSA members are encouraged to bring people from overseas to symposia etc, and inform them that the International Congress (Drake Memorial) fund does exist to bring scientists 35 years of age and younger to GSA meetings. Additionally, the GSA (through the International Section and Secretariat) will consider applications to use this fund. Permanent guidelines are in the process of being established.

Questions to the International Secretary can be addressed to
Mark Cloos, .

GSA International Secretariat

In 2008, GSA Council approved the creation of a part-time International Secretariat position at GSA Headquarters in Boulder. As GSA grows as a Society in the global arena, the GSA International Secretariat is the key contact for all strategic international initiatives.

Questions to the GSA International Secretariat can be addressed to
Wesley Hill, .