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Frequently Asked Questions

A symposium is considered to be more of a "hot Topic" session. All the abstracts and speakers are invited by the session chairs. It's considered 100% invited speakers so no PINs are needed. No volunteered abstracts are submitted to that session.

A theme session is a session which focuses on a particular topic or theme. For section meetings, theme sessions do not have invited talks. The abstracts are all considered volunteered.

Field Trips are half day to five day long trips organized by a volunteer leader to teach colleagues and peers about ground-breaking research in the meeting region. The trips should be educational and interesting, but to ensure a successful and excellent excursion, they should also be fun.

Short Courses and/or Workshops cover any topic falling under the broad umbrella of geology and its allied disciplines. The aim of the program is to help develop professional, teaching, or research skills at all levels. These courses are typically a half day to two days, and are taught by established professionals who provide the benefit of their experience to course participants.