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Call for Proposals

An email blast asking for proposals is sent out immediately once the previous year section meeting has ended. You provide the text to Nancy Wright for this email. Below is one example:

GSA Southeastern Section 64th Annual Meeting
19–20 March 2015 Chattanoogan Hotel and Conference Center
Chattanooga, TN, USA

We are excited to announce that the 2015 Southeastern GSA meeting will be held in the beautiful city of Chattanooga, Tennessee. The Organizing Committee is now accepting proposals for Theme Sessions, Symposia, Workshops and/or Short courses for the 19–20 March meeting. Our field trip organizers have quite a few field trips already lined up. However, if you have a proposed field trip that is ready to go, we welcome your proposal.

Symposia and Theme Session proposals can be submitted to Amy Brock-Hon or Mark Steltenpohl. Workshop, Short courses, and Field trip proposals can be sumitted to Ann Holmes, Michael Gibson, or Chuck Trupe. Proposal submission deadline is 20 May 2014.

Proposal submissions must include:

  • Title of session
  • Principal Organizer (name, affiliation, and email)
  • Co-organizers (names, affiliations, and emails)
  • Identify proposal as theme session, symposia, field trip, short course, or workshop
  • Preference for format (oral or poster) if applicable
  • A short description (50 words or less)

We look forward to seeing you in Chattanooga at the 2015 GSA Southeastern Section Meeting!

Download the Meeting Flyer

Registration is Open

An email blast announcing the opening of registration is sent out approximately three months before your meeting.

Join Us 23-25 March in Lancaster, Pennsylvania for the 2014 GSA Northeastern Section Meeting!

Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA, is the location for the 2014 GSA Northeastern Section Meeting. The meeting is being held at the new Lancaster County Convention Center and Marriott Hotel at Penn Square in the heart of historic downtown Lancaster, steps away from the oldest operating farmer's market in the country. Situated between the classic Valley and Ridge province of the Appalachians and the geologically complex Piedmont, Lancaster is close to the Susquehanna River, which drains into Chesapeake Bay. Lancaster has lately become an important focus for studying the effects of climate change and human influence on its verdant and productive landscape.

Register Today!

Be sure to arrive in time for the Welcoming Reception on Saturday, 22 March at 6:30 - 8:30 p.m.! Click here to register securely online. The early registration deadline is Tuesday, 18 February, just a few days away. As always, all speakers must register for the meeting. Field trip participants must also register, but special registration rates apply for people attending only those events. (Please note: The cancellation deadline is Tuesday, 24 February.)


A block of rooms has been reserved for meeting attendees at The Marriott Hotel at Penn Square. The reservation deadline is Friday, 28 February; check the website for details.

Additional Information

The Student Travel Grant deadline is Tuesday, 18 February 2014.

We hope to see you in Lancaster!

Call for Abstracts and a Registration Reminder

About one week prior to your abstracts deadline, a message is sent to GSA members in your section, reminding them of the approaching deadline, plus another reminder to register. Below is a sample of the message.

Have You Submitted Your Abstract to the GSA South-Central Section Meeting?

The abstracts deadline is fast approaching for the GSA South-Central Section Meeting in Fayetteville, Arkansas (17–18 March 2014). Be sure to submit your abstract by 3 December (11:59 p.m. Pacific Time)—the system automatically shuts down at that time, and no more abstracts can be processed.

Registration for this meeting will open the first week of December 2013. Please visit the registration website for the most up to date information.

We hope to see you in Fayetteville!

Sample of Notices Sent to Theme and Symposia Session Chairs

Here is a sample of the information sent to theme and symposia chairs/organizers one month prior to the abstracts deadline. This link gives them the capability to view abstracts being submitted, making sure all expected abstracts are received by the deadline date. It is their responsibility to be sure all abstracts are submitted prior to, or on, the published abstracts deadline.

You can now log on to your session for the GSA South-Central Section Meeting in College Station, Texas, titled "[[Session_Title]]," at:
ID: [[Session_id]]
Password: [[Session_Password]]

This is a secure access site for you and any co-advocates you may have. Once inside this page, please hit the ARRANGE PROGRAM link found in the left-hand panel to view the abstracts submitted to your session. It is your responsibility to be sure all invited talks are submitted on time. The abstracts deadline is midnight (Pacific Time), December 16. ABSOLUTELY no abstracts will be accepted after that time. Shortly after December 16, you’ll receive more information on how to organize your session. If you have any difficulty accessing your site, please contact Nancy Wright (

Christopher Mathewson
Technical Program Committee Chair

Immediately after the abstracts deadline, organizing instructions are sent to the symposia and theme session chairs. These organizers may be given up to two weeks to arrange their sessions. Once this process is complete, the Technical Program Chair has one week to finalize the entire technical program, which includes organizing discipline sessions and assigning rooms. GSA is responsible for sending this message out. Information in the message will be updated to fit your meeting. The message will be sent under the name and email address of your Technical Program Chair.

Dear [[Person_FirstName]] [[Person_LastName]],

Your session for the Southeastern and South-Central Sections meeting, titled [[Session_Title]], is now ready for you to organize. You can access your session at
ID: [[Session_id]]
Password: [[Session_Password]]
(If you receive more than one of these messages, that means you have more than one session to organize. Each message received has a different URL. Please make note of each one.)

When you go to this page, you will have access to the abstracts submitted to your session. On this page is where you will organize your session by selecting the ARRANGE PROGRAM link on the left-hand side of your screen.

To the right of the screen are the abstract titles. There are two ways you can accept abstracts :
1. You can simply mark the Accept box next to the titles, or
2. You can read and review the entire abstract. If you click on the title, you are taken to the abstract review page. From here you can view the abstract, and accept or reject the abstract. On this page, you also have the ability to make any comments you wish. If you feel this abstract is newsworthy (i.e., of potential interest to the science-reading general public), please tell us why in the box provided. Christa Stratton, GSA Director of Communications, will be working on media relations for this meeting. If you have any topics or issues to discuss with her, we encourage you to contact her at

Additionally, in the left-hand panel is a link titled Non-Paper Events. This is where you add Introductions, breaks, etc., simply by putting a check mark in front of the event. Please note that BREAKS are not automatically included in your session time. You must place them in yourself. Once you have marked the event(s), choose the Update button at the bottom of the screen. Any further instructions will appear on the next page.

Once you've accepted your list of abstracts and non-paper events, you will need to organize the presentation order. This can be done by simply marking 1, 2, 3, etc., in the column titled Order Within Group. (This box only opens up once the abstract has been accepted.) At this time, please don't worry about adding a "Start Time" to each abstract. PLEASE NOTE: All talks are to be scheduled for 20 minutes each. Also, schedule all breaks for 20 minutes, so that the various sessions stay synchronized.

You should transfer any abstracts that you do not accept to the "Abstracts Pool." To do this,

  • click the "Arrange Session" link in the session control panel
  • then check the "Move" box in front of each abstract title that you wish to move
  • then select "Abstracts Pool" from the list of available 'Sessions'
  • then click the "Update" button

Please follow those same procedures when moving papers from your Part I session (which houses all your abstracts) into either your Poster session, or your Part 2 session. If you received two of these messages, you have an additional session to organize. If you received one of these messages, you have do not have an additional Poster or Part 2 session to organize.

Finally, if you have an oral session, and you have received papers requesting a poster, please get in touch with these submitters and make sure they intend to give an oral presentation. If they agree, then there is nothing more you need to do as the system will automatically give it an oral timeslot. If they want to present a poster, then please move them out of your session in the Abstracts Pool to be considered for a discipline session.

When you have your session in place, please contact one of us listed below. Deadline to have your session completed is 7 March 2006.

Thank you very much.
Allen Stork,
2006 Rocky Mountain Technical Program Chair

Sample of Acceptance Notices

Abstract Acceptance Notice for GSA Northeastern Section Meeting

Ref: Abstract No: [[Paper_id]]
Title: [[Paper_Title]]
Congratulations! This abstract for which you are an author has been accepted for presentation as indicated below. Your abstract will be published in GSA Abstracts with Programs [[Program_Volume]].
Here are the details regarding this abstract :

  • Type of Session: [[Session_Type]]
  • In session number [[Session_FinalNumber]] titled “T[[Session_Number]]. [[Session_Title]]”
  • Date: [[Slot_Date]]
  • Location: [[Slot_Property_Name]], [[Slot_Room_Name]]
  • Session Start Time: [[Slot_StartTime]]
  • Presentation Start Time: [[Paper_Session_Assignment_childTime]]

The format, time, and place slotted for this abstract is final and cannot be changed.
You can view the Technical Program Schedule for the Northeastern Section Meeting at
Each speaker must bring his or her PowerPoint or PDF presentation on a USB compatible flash drive (a.k.a. thumb drive or memory stick) or a CD-ROM disk to the Speaker Ready Room for checking and uploading to their session’s folder according to the deadlines below:

For Presentation: Upload Not Later Than:

Sunday, 23 March, AM

8:30 p.m., Saturday, 22 March

Sunday, 23 March, PM

10 a.m., Sunday, 23 March

Monday, 24 March, AM

5 p.m., Sunday, 23 March

Monday, 24 March, PM

10 a.m., Monday, 24 March

Tuesday, 25 March, AM

5 p.m., Monday, 24 March

Please visit for information on preparing your presentation and the Speaker Ready Room hours.
Don’t forget to register for the meeting! On-line registration is available at Early registration rates end 18 February 2014, after which standard prices apply.
If you have any questions, please contact one of the chairs listed below.

Chris Williams,
Dru Germanoski,
Zeshan Ismat,
2014NEGSA Technical Program Co-Chairs

Uploading of Presentations

An email is sent immediately after the meeting to all presenters of the meeting to see if they would like to upload their presentation. The file uploaded will be available to anyone to view, for as long as we have their abstract posted online. As of now, we still have all abstracts posted from year 2001 to present.

Boost your GSA 2014 Rocky Mountain/Cordilleran Section Abstract!

We hope you enjoyed the GSA Rocky Mountain/Cordilleran Section meeting. 

GSA is pleased to offer speakers from the meeting the opportunity to upload presentations for viewing on the GSA Web site! Posting your presentation is a great way to share your information to thousands of possible viewers. Presentations will remain linked to your searchable abstract indefinitely.

Posting your presentation is easy. Accepted formats include Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, RTF, PDF (best option), and HTML. You can post and modify your presentation anytime between now and 21 July 2014. To take advantage of this feature, please go to:

  • Enter your Abstract ID: xxxxx and Password: xxxxxx. Then click the “Login” button.
  • In the small left frame, select the link titled “Speakers Corner” to access the upload page.

You may post up to 4 files related to your abstract. An uploaded file must not exceed 50 MB in size. And best of all, there is no charge for this feature.

Another good feature! If you misplaced your abstracts submission fee receipt, you can print out one from this same login information.

To see an example of uploaded presentations from the 2013 Rocky Mountain Section meeting, go here:

Thank you very much for your interest in participating during thismeeting.

Meeting Survey

The following sample transmittal letter and survey template represent a “Satisfaction Survey” that GSA Headquarters has prepared to gather feedback for section leaders about their spring meetings. You may request to use this survey if you would like to gather information from your recent meeting attendees. Nancy Wright will work with you on any custom edits you may need, and she will also send you the results about two weeks after the survey has ended:

Feedback Requested--GSA 2014 North-Central Section Meeting, Lincoln, Nebraska

Dear Nancy Wright,

Thank you very much for attending the GSA 2014 North-Central Section Meeting in Lincoln. We hope you found this meeting valuable and your time well spent.

The 2014 North-Central Section Meeting planners, in conjunction with the GSA headquarters staff, invite you to evaluate your recent meeting experience via the survey link below. Your opinions are important as we strive to continuously improve our service to you—and make each GSA section meeting a "must attend" scientific exchange.

Access the survey at:

Note: if the link does not take you to the survey site, please cut and paste the URL into your browser. The survey will be live through 11:59 p.m. (Pacific Time), 19 May. There are approximately 13 questions and it should take about 3–5 minutes of your time.

Thank you for your participation!
North-Central Section Meeting Committee
The Geological Society of America