GSA Connection

January 2013

GSA Geoscience Trivia

  1. Who was GSA's president in 1963?
    Harry Hammond Hess

  2. To what was Donald U. Wise referring in his 1963 GSA Bulletin article, "An Outrageous Hypothesis for the Tectonic Pattern of the North American Cordillera"?
    The theory of continental drift or plate tectonics. Quote: "A proposal of crustal displacement sufficient to offset the entire Cordillera by several hundred miles now seems only slightly preposterous" (p. 358, referring to S.W. Carey's 1958 paper, " The tectonic approach to continental drift"). Read the 1963 GSA Bulletin abstract.

  3. Who was the first editor of GSA Bulletin?
    William James (W J) McGee (see Fairchild, H.L., 1932: Geological Society of America 1888–1930)

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