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October 2012

Geoscience Trivia

  1. What 1989 M7.1 earthquake is also known as "the World Series earthquake"?
    The Loma Prieta earthquake (California, USA). Note: 7.1 refers to the surface-wave magnitude. The USGS also reports this as an M6.9 earthquake.

  2. What is the name given for the period of rapid cooling in Earth's northern hemisphere from ~12,900 to ~11,600 years ago?
    Younger Dryas (Bonus: Why is it called "Dryas"?)

  3. What is D-double prime? (D′′)
    It depends on whom you ask. It could be "A highly mobile layer of Earth's interior at the boundary between the lower mantle and outer core" (A History of Earth, by Douglas Palmer, p. 49), the lowest part of Earth's mantle (Glossary of Geology, 5th edition, p. 163), or the "Bullen layer," the "Dahm-Bullen layer," or the "Dahm layer" (B.E. Chao, Eos, 2000).

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