Special AM Edition
Annual Meeting Safety Tips

  • In the convention center, call central security at extension 6090 on a house phone in case of an emergency. Do not dial 911.
  • Write the name and phone number of an emergency contact on the back of your badge. Should you become incapacitated, this will facilitate getting the help you need.
  • When you are outside the convention center or headquarters hotel, stow your badge. Folks on the street do not need to know your name and that you are from out of town.
  • Try to find other meeting attendees to walk with you, especially at night.
  • Take a cab if you do not feel confident walking or using public transportation. The taxi lay-by is located on South College Street, just outside the convention center. The number for yellow cab is 704-444-4444.
  • Fire safety includes awareness of all exits in your vicinity; note that elevators are not fire exits.
  • If possible, leave the building immediately (do not stop for personal items) should a fire alarm sound.
  • In your hotel, do not leave your room if your door feels warm; stay low to the floor and cover your mouth and nose with a wet cloth.
  • If your hotel phones are not working, use your cell phone or computer to advise someone that you are trapped in your room.
  • Street safety: If you are accosted, comply with attacker demands as calmly as possible, get a good description of your attacker, and call police as soon after the incident as possible.

If your safety has been threatened or you witness any incident that seems out of the ordinary, please notify GSA Senior Director of Meetings Melissa Cummiskey in the Annual Meeting office, Charlotte Convention Center, Room 104, +1-704-339-6201, as soon as possible.