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2012 GSA Annual Meeting & Exposition:
Geosciences: Investing in the Future

Charlotte, North Carolina, USA • 4–7 November 2012
Now Accepting Abstracts — Deadline: 14 Aug.
Reserve Your Event Space — Deadline: 5 June.

And don't forget...
6 Nov. is U.S. Election Day, so please make arrangements for an absentee ballot if you'll be coming in from out of town.
For those of you outside the U.S., it's a good idea to find out now if you need to apply for an international travel visa.
Presentation Handouts from Past Meetings Online
Speakers from all GSA meetings are given the opportunity to upload their talks, handouts, and/or slides to the GSA website. Access to the uploaded files is free and easy:
1. Go to "All Past Meetings";
2. Find the meeting you are interested in and select "Search Abstracts";
3. On the next page, click on the link near the bottom (under the searchable days): "View Uploaded Presentations";
4. Open the abstract you are interested in, and select the item(s) under "Handouts." Due to their size, these files may take some time to load.

2012 SECTION MEETINGS — Two left this spring!
23–24 April, Dayton, Ohio
[ register | view technical program ]

Town Hall Meeting*
Sunday, 22 April, 56 p.m.
Dayton Convention Center, Room 305
All attendees are invited to discuss GSA's future. This event runs just before the Welcoming Reception and includes a complimentary beverage and cash bar.
Rocky Mountain
9–11 May, Albuquerque, New Mexico
[ register | view technical program ]

Town Hall Meeting*
Wednesday, 9 May, 5:30–6:30 p.m.
Hotel Albuquerque, Room A&B
All attendees are invited to this event to discuss the Society's future. Moderated by a GSA Exec. Board member. A complimentary beverage and snacks will be served.
8–9 March, Alpine, Texas
[ browse technical program ]
18–20 March, Hartford, Connecticut
[ browse technical program ]
29–31 March, Querétaro, Mexico
[ browse technical program ]
1–2 April, Asheville, North Carolina
[ browse technical program ]
*Town Hall Meeting comments are now being accepted online.
All Section Meetings feature both Shlemon and Mann mentor program luncheons.
GSA History & Philosophy of Geology Division Student Award
NEW deadline: 1 May
This award recognizes excellence in student research and writing on (1) the history or philosophy of geology; (2) a literature review of ideas for a technical work, thesis, or dissertation; or (3) some imaginative aspect of the history or philosophy of geology not previously explored.
[ learn more ]

Research Grants
The results of the 2012 GSA graduate student research grant program were sent by e-mail to applicants on Wednesday, 4 April. If you applied and have not received an e-mail, please contact GSA Grants, Awards & Recognition, .
NEW in the GSA Bookstore
Memoir 208
Exploring the Earth's Crust — History and Results of Controlled-Source Seismology
By Claus Prodehl and Walter D. Mooney
This worldwide history of seismological studies of Earth's crust using controlled sources spans decades and includes an extensive collection of data on an accompanying DVD.

Field Guide 27
On and around the Cincinnati Arch and Niagara Escarpment: Geological Field Trips in Ohio and Kentucky for the GSA North-Central Section Meeting, Dayton, Ohio, 2012
Edited by Michael R. Sandy and Daniel Goldman
The mix of papers in this volume ranges from stratigraphy to stream study and from building stones to bourbon!

GSA Today Archive Updated
GSA Today began publishing in 1991, but until now, the first five years of science articles were not available online. Originally published in a tabloid format, these large-size articles have been scanned into PDFs and posted in GSA Today's online archive. All GSA Presidential Address articles published in GSA Today and all "Geologic Past" articles are also up to date.
[ archive | Presidential Addresses | Geologic Past ]
GSA Testifies in Support of USGS, NSF
Soon after the release of the Obama Administration's Fiscal Year 2013 (FY 2013) budget request, GSA played an active role in advocating for geoscience research by testifying three times in 24 hours. GSA President John Geissman, GSA Treasurer Jonathan Price, and GSA Fellow Harvey Thorleifson each spoke in support of the critical role the USGS plays in understanding and documenting mineral and energy resources, researching and monitoring potential natural hazards, and determining and assessing water availability and quality. Within the same time-frame, GSA Director of Geoscience Policy Kasey White testified at two hearings, one in support of the NSF, and the other also in support of the USGS.
[ learn more ]
GeoCorps™ America Fall/Winter 2012–2013
The upcoming GeoCorps America fall/winter season runs from September 2012 through May 2013. All fall/winter 2012–2013 GeoCorps positions will be posted on the GeoCorps website and open for applications starting 1 May. The application deadline is 2 July.
[ learn more ]

Watch this video about recent GeoCorps work in the western United States:
[ GSA YouTube video ]
GSA Leaders, Past & Present
If you haven't visited the GSA Leaders web page lately, now's a good time to take a look. In preparation for the celebration of GSA's 125th Anniversary next year, we are taking the time to make some updates. The page now includes links to available Presidential Addresses, "Rock Stars" articles featuring past GSA Presidents, and a few memorials.
[ learn more ]

Learn More about GSA through Our New Facebook Timeline
From 1888 through the present, GSA's new timeline gives you the facts, figures, and faces of those involved in making The Geological Society of America a leader in geoscience. Scroll through the years to learn more about GSA, the science it publishes, and its rich online community of more than 10,000 fans.
[ go to GSA's Facebook page ]
USGS: "Science or Soundbite? Shale Gas, Hydraulic Fracturing, and Induced Earthquakes"
USGS Public Lecture Series presentation with Doug Duncan, associate coordinator for the USGS Energy Resources Program; USGS hydrologist Dennis Risser; and Bill Leith, associate coordinator for the USGS Hazards Program (4 Apr. 2012).
[ listen & view slides ]

Contribute to The Alfred Russel Wallace Page
2013 marks the 100th Anniversary of Wallace's death, and some dozen book projects and conferences are in preparation/planning. The Wallace website is seeking contributions of 250–350-words featuring your slant on why a particular Wallace article remains of interest. Learn more at the Alfred Russel Wallace website or contact curator Charles H. Smith, , of Western Kentucky University.

USGS Offers $7 Million in Earthquake Research Grants
According to USGS Director Marcia McNutt, these grants have a distinguished history supporting excellent projects and people as an investment toward reducing earthquake hazards. Applications due 17 May.
[ learn more ]
"Methane seeps as ammonite habitats in the U.S. Western Interior Seaway revealed by isotopic analyses of well-preserved shell material," a Geology paper by Neil H. Landman and colleagues posted ahead of print on 10 Apr., is featured in a 14 Apr. LiveScience article.
[ Landman et al. abstract | LiveScience ]

Geology work by Jean-François Moyen and Jeroen van Hunen, "Short-term episodicity of Archaean plate tectonics" (posted online 26 Mar.) is covered in a 9 April ScienceNews article.
[ Moyen & van Hunen abstract | ScienceNews ]

The study "Widespread weathered glass on the surface of Mars" by Briony Horgan and James F. Bell III (Geology posted online 26 Mar.) is discussed in a 28 March Daily Galaxy blog post and on ABC Science on 2 Apr. (which was picked up by Discovery News). The paper was also featured on Huff Post Science on 16 Apr.
[ Horgan and Bell abstract | Daily Galaxy | ABC Science | Huff Post ]

"World's largest extrusive body of sand?" by Helge Løseth and colleagues (Geology posted online 19 Mar.) has generated media interested both in the U.S. (AAAS ScienceNow) and the Netherlands ( and is nicely illustrated in a 27 Mar. Our Amazing Planet article (which was rerun on Discovery News on 28 Mar. and on 29 Mar. in Mother Nature News). On 29 Mar., Huff Post Green also posted an article based on this study.
[ Løseth et al. abstract | ScienceNow | | Our Amazing Planet | Huff Post ]

"The oldest evidence of bioturbation on Earth" (Geology posted online 19 Mar.) by Vladimir Rogov and colleagues from the Institute of Petroleum Geology and Geophysics in Novosibirsk, Russia, is covered in a 27 Mar. ScienceNews article.
[ Rogov et al. abstract | ScienceNews ]

A new Geology report by Kenneth G. Miller of Rutgers University and colleagues, "High tide of the warm Pliocene: Implications of global sea level for Antarctic deglaciation" (posted online 19 Mar.), was picked up by National Geographic France on 20 Mar. and LiveScience on 21 Mar.
[ Miller et al. abstract | National Geographic France | LiveScience ]

Geology science (posted online 28 Feb.) by Thorsten J. Nagel of Universität Bonn and colleagues, "Generation of Eoarchean tonalite-trondhjemite-granodiorite series from thickened mafic arc crust," is detailed in a 20 Mar. Our Amazing Planet article.
[ Nagel et al. abstract | Our Amazing Planet ]

More Geology science posted online ahead of print (2 Mar.) received coverage in Our Amazing Planet. This one, by Tom Cowton and colleagues, discusses "Rapid erosion beneath the Greenland ice sheet."
[ Cowton et al. abstract | Our Amazing Planet ]

GSA's Northeastern Section Meeting (18–20 March) made news even before the meeting with a 13 Mar. Hartford Courant story, "Dinosaur State Park Makes Case For Unearthing 1,500 More Fossil Tracks." Authors Hugo Thomas and colleagues presented their research on Sunday, 18 Mar., in the "News from the Newark Supergroup" poster session. The presentation was also highlighted in a 19 Mar. UPI post and on McClatchy/Tribune information services.
[ Thomas et al. presentation abstract | Hartford Courant | UPI ]

Another great story out of the Northeastern Section Meeting comes from a 21 Mar. Hartford Courant opinion piece, "Not-So-Mad Scientists On The Loose In Hartford."

The Geology article by Erica C. Clites and colleagues, "The advent of hard-part structural support among the Ediacara biota: Ediacaran harbinger of a Cambrian mode of body construction" (posted online ahead of print on 14 Feb.), highlighted last month in LiveScience, is featured in a 20 Mar. The Press-Enterprise (Riverside, California) report.
[ Clites et al. abstract | The Press-Enterprise ]
  1. California was the first state to officially designate a "state rock." What is it?
  2. What is the length of the rupture associated with the 18 April 1906 Great San Francisco Earthquake?
  3. One of the greatest known fossil repositories in California features many examples of California's state fossil, the saber-toothed cat. Where is it?

check your answers

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