Top Story: How does the GSA media relations program benefit members?


   The "sampling of GSA in the news" articles that appear each month in GSA Connection and on the GSA journals Web pages are ongoing evidence of the effective media relations program GSA carries out on behalf of its members. Communicating member research via both scientific and general press outlets is one way that GSA fulfills its mission to promote geosciences in the service of society.

   Smart organizations understand that the benefits of positive public relations are substantial and far reaching. Traditional news media, along with the evolving blogosphere and Web 2.0 communications tools, enable important dialogue between scientists and the general public, which leads over time to a greater understanding of the role the earth sciences play in solving societal challenges. That's the big picture.

   GSA’s media relations program is a cost-effective use of resources because it reaches large audiences without the expense of traditional advertising. Moreover, media relations programs carry a credibility factor unmatched by any other promotional strategy. The public has a subtle but very real perception that mention in a newspaper or on television equates to importance. Studies have shown that information about an organization received from third-parties has seven to nine times the credibility of the same information received from the organization itself.

   Media coverage of GSA journal articles, books, and meeting presentations brings visibility and credibility to authors and to the Society as a distinguished body of colleagues. Regular reporting of our science legitimizes GSA's work and enhances our reputation and sends the message that GSA’s members and programs are worthy of "a serious look."


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