New Video Highlights the Importance of Geoscience Careers


In the spring of 2008, GSA accepted an invitation from the National Environmental Report (NER) project to participate in an educational television series. A three- to five–minute video was produced to target the environment industry and consumers, highlighting issues that impact the environment and how organizations like GSA are playing a key role in finding solutions.


GSA was selected as a guest organization because of our contributions to earth science and technology. The series was distributed to national and international networks with over 100 million daily viewers, including public television stations in all 50 states, networks such as CNN, The Learning Channel, MSNBC, Fox News, and Discovery Channel, and international networks with global satellite capabilities that reach over 200 cities in 127 countries, speaking 56 languages.

What Does it Mean for GSA?

One important outcome of this partnership was the delivery of a nine-minute network-quality custom corporate documentary for GSA, derived from the research and interview process and on-location video footage. Core messages center on (1) the importance of the geosciences in addressing society’s most critical environmental issues, including climate change, the demand for energy resources, clean air and water, and natural hazards mitigation; and (2) that geoscience career opportunities are growing in industry, education, government, and consulting, and innovative thinkers are needed more than ever as earth-science issues become increasingly entwined with political and economic concerns.

What You Can Do

The news-oriented documentary segment, as well as a shortened 2-minute “commercial” about GSA, exists in DVD format or streaming video for Web site viewing. This material is freely available to showcase GSA for educational and promotional purposes. Showing one or both of these videos provides an exceptional opportunity for GSA members to teach students, policy makers, legislators, prospective members and donors, and others about the value of geoscience to society and the important work of The Geological Society of America in supporting the science and the profession. Please contact if you have questions or would like to obtain a DVD.

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