New Editors for GSA Journals


Patience Cowie

Patience Cowie is professor of geodynamics at the School of GeoSciences, University of Edinburgh. Her research is concerned with the mechanics of fault and fracture development in the elastic-brittle part of the lithosphere and includes studies of continental rifts and mid-ocean ridges. She is interested in the rates of fault growth and systematic variations in space and time due to fault interaction, and the implications of rate variations for seismic hazard assessment, geomorphic processes, and sedimentation patterns in active tectonic settings. Cowie has held several editorial positions, including with the Journal of Structural Geology, the Journal of Geophysical Research, and Basin Research.

Sandra Wyld

Sandra Wyld is an associate professor in the Dept. of Geology, University of Georgia–Athens. She is one of the department’s undergraduate advisors and teaches classes on structural geology, continental tectonics, and regional geology of global orogenic systems. Wyld’s research interests focus on the structural and tectonic evolution of convergent plate margins, particularly on how convergent margins grow over time and how the structural evolution of these margins can be related to plate tectonic interactions. Her current areas of study are the western North American Cordillera and in the Leeward Antilles of the southern Caribbean.


GSA Bulletin

Christian Koeberl

Christian Koeberl is head of the Dept. of Lithospheric Research at the University of Vienna and is a full member of the Austrian Academy of Sciences. His main research interest is meteorite impact craters and processes, combining geology, geochemistry, petrology, mineralogy, stratigraphy, and other disciplines. He is a member of the International Continental Scientific Drilling Program (ICDP) Science Advisory Group. Koeberl has published more than 320 peer-reviewed research papers and has written or edited 12 books (including several GSA Special Papers). He has been an associate editor for several journals, including GSA Bulletin, and also has served on the editorial board of Geology.

Nancy Riggs

Nancy Riggs is a professor of geology at Northern Arizona University. Her research interests are in volcanic processes, including dome construction and destruction, cinder cone processes, volcanic effects on sedimentation, and the relation between volcanism and tectonics, as well as geology education, and she has also studied the use of detrital zircons in volcanic arc reconstruction and to trace terrane migration. Riggs is a strong advocate for undergraduate women in geosciences. She has served as an associate editor for GSA Bulletin since 1996, and she is on the Geology editorial board.


Dennis Harry

Dennis Harry is the Edward M. Warner Professor of Geophysics in the Dept. of Geosciences at Colorado State University. His research activities focus on numerical modeling of tectonic and magmatic processes involved in continental extension, geophysical imaging and geodynamic modeling of extensional and foreland sedimentary basins, and near-surface geophysical characterization of clastic aquifer systems. Harry has served as an associate editor for Geosphere since 2004.